in 2006 we received reports
of the first healings by satellite
from california and new jersey
the television interview of sister raquel
was aired globally via satellite cable
from the philippines
the woman who was healed
vIsited sister raquel all the way from california
just to tell her the good news
praying with sister and
touching the television screen
was enough for Doctor Jesus
to heal her across thousands of miles
all her pains disappeared
what is a mere three thousand miles
when He has scattered billions of galaxies
across billions of light years?
nothing is impossible
for the Creator of universe
the ministry is reaching out
to those who need healing worldwide
through the youtube, internet,
and satellite broadcast
healing of the body like cancer
and healing of the spirit
wracked by confusion and despair
on the first day of the radio healing program
on february 18, 2009
calls poured in with expressed gratitude
for being healed on the air
by merely touching their radios
and holding each others hands as a family
as they prayed with sister
many were from remote villages
beyond the reach of television
or even electricity
some could not even afford
to go to the town hospital
so the Lord brought His hospital to them
the Lord is so kind and merciful
and nothing is impossible for Him
He has snuffed out incurable leukemia
at the blink of an eye
doctors have been shocked that
malignant cysts have suddenly disappeared
the medical results before and after
have amazed the best medical specialists
broken bones have been fused
jennifer had psoriasis all over her body
only her eyes did not have wounds
she had sleepless nights
when lying or sitting was painful
she wanted to die
because she prayer for healing
the wounds disappeared
jennifer got a second life
truly, He is Lord of cyberspace and outer space,
His healing energy runs through
radio waves and satellite systems
His mercy knows no bounds
for those who have faith and who ask Him
the ministry is also reaching out
to the millions of overseas filipino workers (OFW)
whose lives are in constant assault
who need so much spiritual strength
in their work away from home and family
enduring loneliness and harsh working conditions
participate in the healing ministry
send this blog site to the people who are sick
whether of body or of heart
give hope to those in despair
send it to e-groups and websites
proclaim the mercy of the Lord
from the rooftops of cyberspace
I have come as Light into the world
that whoever believes in Me
may not remain in darkness
john 12:46
the opposite of love
is not so much hate
but indifference
numbness to the pain and poverty
of others around you
is the greatest sin of omission
a nameless parish priest
you must experience darkness
to understand the Light
one defines the other
sanctifying your daily pains
by offering them to the Lord
is a powerful form of prayer
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