prayer24 – I AM THE VINE

I am the vine you are the branches
whoever is with Me, I am with him
together we bear much fruit
without Me you can do nothing
if you are not connected to Him
you are nothing
you are a branch removed
ready for the fire
life is meaningless and absurd
even with your empire
your power your glory
your successes are failures
life is meaningful only in Him
even in your poverty
your pains your tribulations
your failures are successes
in the frenzy of our youth
we fail to see this
only when life begins to fade away
do we begin to understand
john 15 / eastwind
let us pray the memorare
remember of o most gracious Virgin Mary
that never was it known
that anyone who fled to your protection
implored your help or sought your intercession
was left unaided
inspired by this confidence
i fly unto you o Virgin of Virgins, my mother
despise not my petition
but in your mercy, hear and answer me
healing story
ruby is a housemaid
who had no opportunity to go to school
she has an eight year old daughter jennifer
who has a congenital hole in her heart
jennifer becomes tired and catches her breath
after walking only three steps
she often palpitates and is always inactive
at the heart center, the doctor says
ruby has to raise 250,000 pesos
for an operation
ruby bows her head
and walks away in tears
hearing about sister raquel
they visit her at the novaliches healing center
sister touches the child
who complains that her hands are so hot
not knowing that Doctor Jesus
is now operating on her
after 15 minutes
she feels a sudden well-being
sister tells her to walk
after five steps, she feels no tiredness
after ten more steps, the same
she is healed instantly
her appetite improves
she sleeps well and gains weight
even after being healed
she asks her mother many times
for them to visit sister raquel
they often go by jeepney
she never feels tired from commuting
Jesus the doctor and healer
is merciful and kind
He will also heal you
just talk to Him and ask Him
as told by sister Raquel
give away all your oxen
burn your home and farm
and come follow Me
never look back
sever all attachments with the world
if you are to serve Me
Lord, let me be a vessel
of Your Divine Will
and fill me to the brim
all the Lord asks for is so easy
that you submit your will to His
then all things shall be given to you
at His appointed hour
Divine Will cannot act without your will
they go together like hand and glove
Lord Your are the wind
i am the sail
i go nowhere without You
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