prayer26 – PAIN AS PRAYER

pain makes you human
prayer makes you divine
when you pray while in pain
your spirit grows strong
until you can withstand
the greatest pain ever
pain is thus a form of prayer
pain and prayer are the way the Lord
molds you into His image
when destinies meet
it is never an accident
there are God-sent angels
all around doing the ground work
they have band-aids ready when we stumble
the final ingredient is simply
our freewill to embrace God’s will
together they are invincible
we act not so much for our own sake
but more for the chaotic world we need to serve
that we may cook up a breeze
to stop the raging storm
a touch of gentleness to weaken the hatred
to render sages confused
by smiles of school children
once in ancient china
a woman carried two pots
to fetch water from a distant well
one of the pots was cracked and leaked
so that by the time she got home
the cracked pot yielded only half
for a year the woman did this daily
the better pot complained
and asked that the cracked pot to be replaced
the cracked pot pleaded
for the woman to spare her
and she did for a reason
she pointed out that one side of the road
from the well to her house
was full of beautiful flowers
that was because she placed flowering plants
on that side so that the cracked pot’s leak
could water them
she told the pots that
her house is now full of flowers which
made her and all who saw them so happy
she said the cracked pot was a better one
for bringing happiness to a world
which was becoming sadder and sadder
cracks within us
somehow have spiritual value
if we just try to discover their purpose
God gave us cracks in places
and made us whole in places
for a purpose not easy to understand
lifted and rewritten
from a powerpoint by benny a. setiawan
with photos m.f. doddy abdurachman
download the powerpoint from a separate post
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