When I was anchoring the radio program for the healing ministry, the people around Sister Raquel, this bunch of people whose joy and warmth were so contagious, asked me to mention their names on the air. They said they would be absolutely thrilled to hear their names mentioned on the air.
So I told them to list their names on a piece of paper. I called them the APOSTOLES DELA VIRGEN MARIA. They were a mix of young and old, of rich and poor, but they were not aware of those differences. All they knew were they were together helping in the ministry. They were a rowdy noisy group at times, like children, and quiet and prayerful at other times like cloistered monks.
There were about ten of them, the inner core who were helping Sister Raquel every time there was a healing session. I found out later they were all healed of terminal diseases by the Lord, no exception, every single one of them. It was an amazing discovery.
Then did I realize how wise the Lord was to bring people to Him. He would make them terribly sick until they were on the verge of despair. Then He would heal them but only after they made even just a soft whisper of a prayer, begging for healing. And when they were healed, their loyalty to Him was total and their faith forever immovable. From terminal sickness to restored health, from total darkness to blinding light, from despair to hope. It was a radical change like being hit by a lightning bolt.
One admitted how cranky she was to employees before and now they all love her. Another said their family had never been so close as before. Still another said he spends less time making money and more time for others’ needs. Indifference changed to commitment, selfishness to helpfulness. Still another said how life has become brighter and full of joy. Most admitted they have somehow achieved an indescribable sense of inner peace, which is hard to come by today in our frenzied world. That is what you get for a life in the Lord – peace and joy.
Their loyalty to Sister Raquel was on a mundane operational level – the registration, the paraphernalias for mass, the food, maintenance work on the compound, the coordination for the singers, the flowers and so on.
But I could see, underneath all that, their loyalty to the Lord who healed them, a loyalty so intense and on a spiritual level – the quiet moments after holy communion, the meditative silent conversations with Him, the bringing of sick friends to the ministry, spreading His word through smiles and helpfulness. Indeed I envied their sense of joy and simplicity.
And so the Lord whispers to us in our moment of prayer –
I make you blind so you can see
I bring you darkness so you can seek My light
I burn your home so you can seek My shelter
I make you sick so you can discover My healing
I make you wander in the desert so you can find My path
first I sanctify you by letting you share My cross
then I make all things beautiful
in My time and in My way
for I am the Lord your God and I love you
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