NEW DISASTER PREDICTIONS after sendai tsunami – fukushima meltdown

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NEW DISASTER PREDICTIONS after sendai tsunami – fukushima meltdown
NEW DEVELOPMENTS (9 April 2011) – traces of radioactivity found in spinach in 3 provinces in China; traces of radioactive iodine and caesium particles found in rain in South Korea; radioactive-contaminated fish found in Ibaraki Prefecture. Cover up of safety problems in nuclear plants in France and Japan years ago have been exposed recently.
On March 24, 2011, the IAEA issued a statement that the Fukishima meltdown of four reactors may spread to all six and that the situation has become ‘serious’. On April 12, Takashi Kurita of TEPCO, operator of the Fukushima plant, admitted that Fukushima ‘might eventually exceed the amount emitted by Chernobyl.” (Yahoo News.) Chernobyl had a full meltdown of one reactor, the first and worst in history. Fukushima has partial meltdowns of four reactors, as of April 14m but the possibility of full meltdowns cannot be discounted.
On April 3, 2011, one reactor developed a 20 mm. crack. oozing contaminated liquid out into the open sea. A possible long term effect is fish from the Pacific Ocean may no longer be fit for human consumption, and may trigger regional famines. Once transformed into clouds, these contaminants my be scattered by typhoons all over Southeast Asia. The Philippines, a ‘typhoon corridor’ with an average of 20 typhoons a year, is a potential recipient of ‘nuclear rain’. A full meltdown of even just two Fukushima reactors may spawn a hemispherical disaster area.
It takes uranium about 40 years to decay, and plutonium hundreds of thousands of years, so contamination of the Pacific is a semi-permanent virtually-irreversible catastrophe. We may have to check our food and water for contamination everyday for the rest of our lives.
Visionary Pedro Regis from Our Lady of Peace in Anguera, Bahia, Brazil
(March 20, 2010) “A megaquake will shake Japan and My poor children will weep and lament. Greater pain never existed.
(February 19, 2011)Luzon will live the agony on one condemned. Pray. Pray. Pray. I don’t want to obligate you, but what I say should be taken seriously.”
Our Lady of Grace spoke through Sister Eva Maamo in a trance
(Circa 2002) “I can no longer hold back the hand of my son. Pray, pray, pray.”
Echoing the Third Secret of Fatima, a Filipino Catholic nun visionary saw –
(September 2010)simultaneous global earthquakes’, destruction in Chicago, New York City, Luzon in the Philippines, Australia, Alaska; parts of California may disappear.
The Russian Institute of Physics of the Earth warns of –
(March 22, 2011) ‘mega-quakes’ in the US, Mexico, Central and South American west coasts, and Asia.”
Please pass and say this everyday.
Jesus, Lord of mercy, we prostrate ourselves before You. We begin with an act of contrition for our sins against Your Sacred Heart, and against each other, which has brought disasters upon us. Forgive us our sins, Lord, and spare us. Turn Your wrath into mercy. In return, we resolve to return to your fold, to be more gentle and kind, to help the poor and the sick, to forgive and renew relationships, and most of all to pray constantly. We consecrate ourselves You. Mother Mary, your Son could not refuse you at the wedding at Cana. Intercede for us. This we pray In Jesus’ name, Amen.
Say one Hail Mary and one Glory Be.
What to do in a place affected by radiation –
· evacuate immediately and quickly away from ground zero;
· cover all parts of the skin, wear long sleeve, long pants;
· cover hair with hat or hood, cover eyes with sun glasses
· cover mouth and nose with a mask;
· avoid eating and drinking in contaminated areas; wait until you are in a safe zone;
· get regular critical information, such as evacuation and disaster developments, location of evacuation and treatment centers, what food and water sources are radiation-contaminated;
· in a fall out zone (radiation from the sky), stay away from rain, stay indoors;
· upon leaving affected area, decontaminate quickly by taking a shower and changing clothes;
· the intensity of radiation and the time of exposure determine how serious the effects are;
· do not return to radiation-affected areas as clean up may take years; wait for clearance.
Effects of radiation on humans –
· destruction of organic tissue, especially lining of digestive tract;
· destruction of white blood cells and immunity system, causing vulnerability to diseases;
· reduction of platelets, causing hemorrhaging;
· not immediately but later, all types of cancer – lungs, breasts, thyroid, especially leukemia or cancer of the blood;
· premature aging;
· eye cataracts;
· malformation of fetus or offspring, damage to reproductive system, and to sperm and egg cells;
· emotional stress; changing social values and attitudes;
· symptoms are unpredictable, they can be absent or delayed, sudden or protracted;
· nausea, vomiting, headache, fever, diarrhea, bleeding gums.
Treatment of radiation sickness –
· no known absolute cure or treatment;
· no known exact measurement of levels of exposure and seriousness of effects;
· decontamination – shower with soap, change of clothes;
· blood transfusion to increase platelets and white blood corpuscles;
· bone marrow transplants to restore white blood cells production;
· potassium iodide to restore thyroid damage;
· prussian blue dye to reduce radiation in cells by binding with radioactive elements which are excreted as solid waste;
· granulocte to induce white blood cells production.
How to prepare for a massive earthquake?
· the following may disappear during a massive earthquake – internet-cellphone-telephone connections, communications and news, electricity, food, drinking water, public transportation, gasoline, medicine, hospital emergency services, shelter facilities;
· guard against increased violence and thievery due to despair and heightened survival instincts;
· store beforehand, moderately not greedily, canned goods, noodle soup, rice, drinking water;
· migrate to relatives or friends in the rural areas where food is more abundant and there are less people fighting for food; stay away from crowded cities, avoid refugee camps if you have other options;
· have enough basic medicine, especially antibiotic, anti-fever, anti-infection, anti-diarrhea, pain killer, water-disinfectant tablets if available, first aid kit;
· a bicycle or a motorbike are handier than a car, ensure gasoline for motorbikes in safe containers outside the house;
· a battery operated radio is good for news updates and warnings; have spare batteries;
· store wood for cooking in case gas runs out, have an extra tank of gas; have basic utensils for cooking and eating;
· prepare for sudden obligatory evacuation, if any – what to bring, have a mode of transport (wheeled cart) to bring basic things;
· have a simple portable cheap lighting system consisting of kerosene lamps, candles, matches, flashlight, spare kerosene, spare matches and batteries;
· acquire portable shelter facilities if any, tents, large plastics; have basic rain gear such as raincoats, umbrellas;
· pray a lot and often together.
What to do during an earthquake.
· get out of the house quickly and shout to other household members to do the same;
· stay beside rather than under heavy cabinets and furniture, if there is no time to get out, especially from upper floors;
· attempt to save only people, not things;
· stay away from electric posts and wires;
· do not panic, have quick reflex and presence of mind; be courages and helpful to others in need;
· say a Hail Mary as a family or individually during the earthquake.
What to do after an earthquake.
· roll call of house members;
· put off general switch instantly to avoid fire, if you can;
· consolidate items described above under preparations;
· move cars away from houses;
· conduct rescue and investigation of immediate neighborhood;
· find out extent and intensity of damage in the neighborhood or city;
· attain disaster and evacuation information and guide; find out the nearest evacuation center or health center;
· secure your home from thieves;
· pray a lot and together as a family.
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