archive10 – HEALTH TIPS

*************************************** ARCHIVE 10 HEALTH TIPS *************************************** – THIS IS A NEW ARCHIVE CATEGORY ON HEALTH ISSUES WHICH IS GETTING TO BE IN DEMAND – JUST CLICK ON ANY TITLE AT RANDOM Send the link of your choiced anecdotes to friends – health tip 03 – ANTI-CANCER ANTI-URIC DIET health tip 02 – UNCLOGGING THE HEARTContinue reading “archive10 – HEALTH TIPS”


prayer64 – PRAYER BEFORE THE CRUCIFIX – foodforthesoul – the greatest thing you can do for dead relatives and friends is to get a plenary indulgence for them for which they go straight to heaven – plenary indulgence atones for punishment for sins they committed during life even if their sins were forgiven these areContinue reading “prayer64 – PRAYER BEFORE THE CRUCIFIX”