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The IAEA is to blame for renewed tensions in the Middle East through false alarms. Ever since Yukiya Amano became director, the IAEA has been reporting ‘suspicions’ rather than evidence on Iran’s nuclear program, triggering undue panic and anger.
After the last misleading IAEA report, Israel threatened to attack Iran’s plutonium plant. Iran threatened to take out Israel’s nuclear arsenal in the Negev Desert, if attacked. Also, Obama announced plans to expand its Defend Shield in Poland and Turkey, to contain Iran. Russia retaliates with plans to put missiles in its western border. France and Britain are thinking of new undue sanctions.
All this is because of a misleading IAEA report. The IAEA, a purported UN agency for peace, is inducing escalation and war in the Middle East through false alarms.
“Iran’s progress has been mostly in the form of research, rather than any actual infrastructure. The (IAEA) report, which suggested that Iran could have the capacity to develop nuclear weapons, actually revealed little new information about the nuclear program. The report was mainly based on information already known to Western intelligence agencies. It did not reveal the sort of new evidence of immediate danger …” (The Christian Science Monitor).
It was the language of the IAEA report rather than new evidence that resulted in a series of threats and counter-threats between the US and Russia, and between Israel and Iran.
Israel threatened to take down Iran’s plutonium enrichment plant in Parchin near Teheran, which are actually open and not clandestine, and which were declared earlier as peaceful energy projects. In reaction, Iran, if attacked, threatened to target a NATO defense shield in Kurecic, Turkey, 700 km. from the Iranian border, which aim to protect Israel from Iranian missiles if war breaks out. Iran further revealed US plans to expand its defense shields to other Arab countries, which would force Iran to seek counter-escalation.
“If Israel fires a missile at our nuclear facilities or vital installations, it should know that Israel’s nuclear centers (in Dimona in the Negev desert) will be the target of our missiles” says a senior Iran military officer. (ISNA news agency). Soon after, Israel quieted down from its threats, perhaps realizing its knee-jerk reaction was because of the insidious IAEA report.
Obama also announced new plans for a defense shield of interceptor missiles in Poland by 2020 and radars in the Czech Republic, in reaction to the IAEA report. Russia announced countered with plans to place Iskander missiles in Kalngrad near the border with Poland and Lithuania, and to upgrade warheads capable of piercing NATO defense shields. The Iskander could also be placed at Russia’s border with Georgia and Turkey. IAEA will cause the next Middle East war.
The IAEA report also triggered sanctions against Iran through the boycott of its oil and petrochemical industries, which is actually a boomerang. Iran will simply shift its sale of energy to the East, and deny it to the West, at a time when the West needs in most. London also cut all ties of British banks with Iran. Teheran, in retaliation, plans to downgrade diplomatic relations with London. These sanctions are useless psyche-war tactics which hurt all sides. The threat to cut off the Iranian Central Bank from the international banking community is another boomerang. This would force Iran clients to make a choice of doing business either with Iran or with the US. In an energy crisis, these clients might prefer Iran.
All this heightened conflicts are the doing of the IAEA which has been crying ‘wolf’ in all its reports ever since Yukiya Amano became its director. Amano, by instilling a war mood across the Middle East, is to blame if new geopolitical upheavals erupt.
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Opinyon Magazine, dec 5, 2011
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