anecdote 25 – depression, a disease worse than cancer / I burn your home so you can seek My shelter

anecdote 25


Two short healing stories
from Sister Raquel


Depression is a disease worse that cancer
A true story


Jessica is 75 and has stage 5 cancer of the brain. She will die anytime soon. She gets bouts of deep depression often. It is not the sickness that bothers her, but the depression. Because depression is contagious, the whole family is also depressed. There are only evenings of quiet tears. No one dares to talk in fear it will become worse.


Jessica knows she will die soon. She is just waiting. Even though she is resigned to it, she asks the Lord, “Please remove my depression, Lord. That is all I ask. Before I die, just give me a few happy moments with my children.”


And so the Lord granted Jessica’s wish. She would go out with the whole family and have fun in the best restaurants. Walang bawal kainin. They eat anything and everything. They would eat to their heart’s content and laugh. They do this feasts three to four times a week. Never is Jessica so happy. And happiness, like depression, is also contagious. Her children become happy because they see a happy mother. In the evenings, quiet tears become calm conversations. From darkness, there is light. From depression there is joy.


Then one day, during a routine check up with her doctor, Jessica is suddenly cancer free. Lord, how good you are that one asks only for happiness, and you give her not only happiness but life itself. Praise to Your goodness, Lord of everything that is.


The Lord burns our homes so we can seek His shelter
A true story


Jack had nothing to do that day. So he decided to go with his sick neighbor to the healing center. He was just curious what it was all about. He was the observer, the fence sitter just out to satisfy his curiosity.


So he followed his neighbor around at the healing center. After his neighbor was prayed over, Sister looked at Jack and said, “You. Come. Your next.” Jack could not say no.


“So what is wrong with you?” Sister asked, as she put her hand on his shoulder.


“Nothing, Sister. I am not sick. I just came to observe. Just curious.”


“But I can feel something on your soulders. Something is wrong with you.”


“Huh, what is wrong with me, Sister?”


“You have no faith. You do not believe.”


Jack became afraid that Sister knew. “How did you know that, Sister?”


“I just felt it. It’s not hard to guess. So what do you say we pray that you have faith?”


Jack was forced to say out of politeness, not wanting to offend Sister, “Nothing to lose, Sister. Okay, we pray.”


That day, Jack began to pray. He was healed of a spiritual vacuum, a kind of disease of the soul that made him cold and indifferent. Now, he was full of energy. He became warmer to people. He looked forward talking to strangers.


So Sister told him when he returned to the healing center, this time without his neighbor, “Jesus makes us sick so we can come to Him. His goal is really to make you closer to Him, for you to have faith if you have none, or stronger faith if it is weak. Just like in your case, Jack.”


My ways are harsh and soothing
My yoke is bitter and sweet
My paths are winding and straight
My Words are of fear and of love
I bring drought before the deluge
pain before deliverance
sickness before healing
hunger before nourishment
for it is in thirsting
that you seek my life-giving water
it is in grieving
that your soul is cleansed
it is in pain
that I draw you close to Me
it is in loneliness
that you seek Me to love
go forth and teach others then
of My cruelty and My kindness
My storm before the lull
My hell and My paradise
it is in suffering
and in grief
that My kingdom
comes to you
i empty your body
so I can fill your soul
I make you poor
so I can enrich you
I burn your home
so you can seek My shelter
I make you sick
so you can seek My healing
I make you lose your way in the desert
so you can find My path
I  bring darkness
so you can seek My light
I give deliverance
only after you carry My cross
I am the Hound of Heaven
in search of lost souls
first I sanctify you
by sharing My cross
then I make all things beautiful for you
in My time and in My way
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