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By Bernie Lopez
eastwind journals
Opinyon Magazine, Feb 20 2012


The plan of Noynoy to pit Americans against Chinese in the Spratleys is a dangerous move. This small nation may be embroiled and sandwiched in a huge battle of giants. In return, we get a few puny second-hand naval vessels and aircrafts from the US as quid pro quo for their military presence in Mindanao in terms of a port for warships, a place for troops, and a station for deadly drones. The Chinese can easily crush these used armaments in the Spratleys. What Noynoy really has in mind is to let America do the fighting for us, as we stand by and watch the conflagaration. This a bad geopolitical strategy.

The best geopolitical move in the Spratelys is to “occupy” like in Wall Street. The more Filipinos are in the Spratleys as fishermen and farmers, the more we establish a presence, which is not necessarily military.


Taiwan is ahead of the Philippines. As we play footsie with the two giants, being polite to both so as not to intimidate, Taiwan has occupied Taiping, the largest island in the Spratley chain, since 2006, putting up a 1,150-meter runway. This is the infrastructure to either a military base or an oil rig or both. Taiwan will soon put up a “tactical navigation system” to help guide flights to its runway. This means they can rapidly occupy Taiping with personnel for military or oil exploration purposes.

The Philippines should build an airport on one of the islands it occupies, to fuel rapid migration, and not depend on long sea voyages to sustain a Filipino population there. A regular flight biweekly, increasing to weekly will be possible once there is critical mass. Once we ‘occupy’, we ‘own’ the place in that it will not be so easy for others to simply drive the Filipinos out or even attempt to wipe them out.

We lack capital and technology to do exploration, unlike the Taiwanese or Koreans. Filipinos mostly want trickle down benefits, as landowner charging rent and laborers with minimum wage rather than as oil extractors. The giants can do the exploring and extracting, and build armies to secure the rigs. It is a good plan to be simply landlords, to simply ‘occupy’ peacefully, no arms, no warships, just plows and fishnets.

We are too slow and lack strategic planning. The way its going, all of them will ‘occupy’ before we do, and we are left with nothing but cheap labor supply. Whoever wins in a conflict in the Spratley, Americans or Chinese, or whoever strikes oil first will leave us with little. I am calling on Noynoy to stop escalating superpower arms in the Spratelys, and just trigger rapid migration.



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