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eastwind journals 28
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Beats Whitney Houston on Youtube hits
Jessica Sanchez, a 16 year old Filipino American from San Diego, California was viewed by 40 million people on television during an American Idol telecast, when she sang ‘I Will Always Love You’.



Just to realize the immensity of it all, that is about a third of the Philippine population. If Jessica appeared say six times during American Idol elimination rounds, that is about 240 million viewers or quarter of a billion, about twice the Philippine population.


The original was sang by the late Whitney Houston, made famous by the  blockbuster movie ‘Bodyguard’ where she co-starred with Kevin Costner. On the Youtube, it took Whitney 24 days to get 6.6 million hits on that song. It took Jessica 12 days to get 5.7 million hits on the same song. Jessica beat Whitney’s record of 275,000 hits per day by almost double at 547,500 hits per day. Judge Jennifer Lopez was raving, almost in tears, watching Jessica sing.


The American audience of 40 million is a one shot deal. The Youtube global audience of 5.7 million is cumulative and still growing.The power of the Youtube is beginning to catch up to the power of Broadcast Media USA in terms of viewership. Size is the name of the media game.


In the blink of an eye, a new star is born, a super-nova of galactic proportions. From anonymity to fame, from total darkness to blinding light, Jessica is catapulted to the stratosphere beyond her own imagination.


Youtubes on Jessica –
Number of hits as of this writing, March 18, 2012.
‘I will always love you’ 5.7 million hits, awarded top 13
‘I surrender’, 5.1 million hits, with footage singing at five years old
‘Prayer’, 2.3 million hits, awarded top 24
‘Love You I Do, 993,000 hits, awarded top 12
American Idol telecast, 390,000 hits, final judgement


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