prayer request bulletin 80 – MARCH 22 2012

we are pleased to announce
that never before have we had
so many answered prayers as in this bulletin
the best preparation to healing
is to cleanse one’s spirit
forgiving others without question
surrendering one’s self to the will of the Lord
if He chooses to heal or not
once your spirit is healed this way
the healing of your body will follow
it is your prayer and your faith
that will make the Lord heal you
return to Him with purity of heart
and He will heal you
anger consumes
forgiveness heals
anger weakens
forgiveness strengthens
Lord, teach me to forgive
I surrender myself to You totally
whatever is your will, I accept
I offer myself to You to be healed
You said ask and it shall be given you
I am asking and praying hard right now Lord
with all my heart and all my soul
heal me if it is Your will
as i prostrate myself here before You
through the intercession of
our blessed Lady, St Joseph
and Mother Ignacia del Espiritu Santo
say an Our Father, Hail Mary
and Glory Be three times.
Say a healing prayer via Youtube with Sister Raquel –
Say a healing prayer via Youtube with Father Suarez –
Dear Sister Raquel,
Praise God, He answered my request., Visa was granted to my husband.  I would like to thank God also for another answered prayer, the last time you were here in our place Roxas City I told you of my breast cysts aspiration, procedure was successful & my biopsy result is negative for malignancy. God is good. Thank you also Sister. May the good Lord continue to bless you.
Thank you very much for all the prayers for Ms. Olivia L. She was missing in saudi arabia but last saturday she contacted her relatives saying that she was safe. thanks be to God. Pls. pray for healing to Mr. Filomeno L for he suffered Lung Cancer Stage 4 right now.. He undergoes chemotheraphy.
Hi Bernie
How do i request for a healing oil? Thank you. PS.  I brought my daughter to Sr. Raquel when she was 7 years old. Her asthma was healed.
Pls include in the next prayer bulletin.
1. Answered prayer. My friend  Gigi B has successfully completed the chemo sessions and now back in her feet and enjoying life. Thank you Jesus Christ!  Thank you Dear Virgin Mary!
2. please include in your prayers to get well soon.
– Chit R. – Breast Cancer
– Nilo P – Skin Ashtma
– Father of Vivian V – Lung Cancer
– Father of Chaela -bed ridden
– my mom, Marcelina A- who came out of the hospital  few weeks ago that she will completely get fully recovered and enjoy life again,as in exercise daily. And hoping her maintenance meds will be cut down from 4 down to 1 or nil at all except vitamins.
 – Please pray for the mother of Ana L who recently passed away to have eternal peace.
– for Caloy A to meet his monthly goals so his finances will improve and able to keep his job and support his family as there are young children waiting for his support. thank you lord for hearing our prayers!
Dear Sister Raquel & Mother Ignacia Healing Ministry,
I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to you Sister Raquel and the Mother Ignacia Healing Ministry and all those who prayed over me  (my prayer request). God is so Good, so Loving and so Great, and the Greatest Healer. I got a message from my doctor that my lab results are stable and I am really happy about this. Sister Raquel and Mother Ignacia Healing Ministry and all those praying over me to please continue to pray for my complete recovery.Praise the Lord for all the goodness and graces and through Mother Mary intercession and all the Angels and Saints our prayers are answered. Trusting and believing with all our hearts everything is possible with GOD.Praise the Lord.Again thank you so much Sister Raquel and the Mother Ignacia Healing Ministry.
Dear Sis Raquel, Bro Bernie & Prayer Warriors,
We want to thank you all for the help and prayers you had given us. After almost 3 years of waiting, me and my husband are finally expecting our very 1st baby. It was such a miracle and a great blessing from our Lord. Thanks be to God and to Mama Mary for her intercession. Please continue to pray for my healthy pregnancy and for the safety and good health of our baby. Thank you and God bless.
Sharon & Vincent
Dear Sister Raquel and Bro Bernie,
Thanks GOD my left heel is now healed and cured.Thank you so much for all the prayers..Please continue to pray for me and my family that we will always have good health and guide us in all our endeavors..GOD bless you more!
Dear Sis Raquel.
I would like to thank God for granting my request through  you for a job for my daughter, through His grace and mercy, she will be  a regular employee next month after her probationary period! Praise God!  Glory to God! You are truly amazing!  I pray  that God will use  her office to be a rich channel of blessings for  a prosperous and peaceful life for my daughter Tiny and  to  finally find the right guy from a distant  land ( just as you have promised in *Isaiah*) that will truly   bless her and her 3 year  old  son; who would deeply love, respect  provide and care for them both  for the rest of their lives.  Heavenly Father send  forth your angels Raphael,Gabriel Michael to guide and protect my daughters and my grandson.  I pray also for my other daughter who is taking up law, may she fulfill her desire to become a lawyer, grant her wisdom knowledge and strength  to do so.May they forever live under your grace!  In Jesus ‘ sweet name.  Amen. thank you po.
Dear Sister Raquel,
A very big thank you to the Lord for answered prayers. Gina C.P. is now cancer free!! Renato T. father of Glenda T. was released from the hospital sometime last week. He had a stroke and now recuperating at home! A big thank you dearest father almighty, Thank you Jesus Christ and Thank you blessed virgin Mary! Always,
Caloy A


Please pray for my former classmate, Chiqui who has brain cancer. May Mother Mary and Jesus Christ  our Divine Healer intercede for Chiqui who is  need of miraculous healing. From,
Dear  Sr. Raquel,
Thank you for your email and prayer request.  It has been placed onto our prayer list and will be prayed for around-the-clock in our Adoration Chapel through February 20. Peace and all good, Sister Ronalda Hophan, FSPA  03 We will pray for your intentions. God bless you.
Please pray that my husband, Joe S may be able to speak and walk again, and be healed, and that all my family may be united in prayer in praising and thanking the Lord for His mercy. My husband had an operation of the brain on nOv. 21, 2009, ans since then, he could not speak and walk . He has been in and out od the hospital. We have been recently discharged from the hospital last Feb.11, after  confinement since Jan. 29. May God protect my children Gam and TP, and their sons Vincent and Michael Noah, Jannie and Nick and Elena, Toni and RJay, Bobbie and Jo and bless all their and our endeavors. May God protect us allfrom harm, after Sendong in Cagayan de Oro, and deliver us all from evil, and unite us in praising and thanking God for His mercy and kindnenss. Amen Praise the Lord!
Dellie S
I was informed on Thursday that I have PDV which could cause a tear in my retina so they would have to do surgery and I could lose my eyesight in the left eye.  I have been under tremendous stress the past 2 years.  My mother had 3 leaking valves in her heart, ganggreen in her toes to the right leg, kidney disease because of the heart issues. We tried to save her by a surgery that their is an incision below the shoulder then piping is dropped down to reroute the blood.  The surgery saved her leg but right after the surgery her  kidneys failed she almost died then many problems happened.  She suffered greatly so my sister and brother plus myself took care of her until she died on 2/5/11 at home with her children and grandchildren at her side.  Then on May 13,2011 my brother who was only 52 years old fell over and died instantly of a heart attack.  I have been in a deep depression which caused trauma with my eye.  I just  can’t seem to find any peace.  Could you please send me some of the healing oil.  God Bless-Carol
Dear prayer warriors,
Pakitulungan nyo po akong manalangin  para sa paggaling ng anak ko na si Eden.Salamat po. God bless
This is  a prayer request for good health for my daughter’s pregnancy who might be having twins but is experiencing some contractions at this very early stage. I also pray for the restoration of the vision of my left eye so that I can continue working for my family. May God in His mercy grant unto us, mu daughter and me His Grace of Healing. Thank you my fellow Prayer Warriors, Brother Bernie and Sister Raquel for your mission of  helping those who are in need. May the Mercy of God be with us all, Amen.
Our prayers for Sandra M for her kindness. May the Lord shower you with His blessings.
Bernie and prayer warriors
Dear Sister Raquel,
Please include in your prayer for my daughter who has thyroid problem and suffering from constipation, to my sons, to find a better  job and  peace in our homes. Thank you very much. May God bless you always. thanks,
Sister Raquel…thank be to God he is using you for healing… na diagnose po ako na may cancer sa brain advance na daw po pero alam ko ang master healer natin ay si Jesus…. kaya po ako ay nag e-mail sa inyo gusto ko po include on your prayers for instant healing para makapaglingkod din po kahit papano sa mga nangangailangan… I NEED HEALING  at di ko po inaangkin ang sakit na ito dahil di ito bigay ng Lord….nandito po akosa Houston Texas at nakita ko po ang inyong healing ministry dito po sa YOU TUBE….. ang name ko po Shirley F. please include me on ur prayers every day for my miraculous healing thanks a lot po May our Dear Lord Jesus always protect you… salamat po ng marami I will update you sa aking kagalingan….please reply….
Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ.
I am Norbert and came across your ministry on the internet. I am seriously ill and request that you include me in your prayer request. I believe there is nothing impossible for God in the name of Jesus Christ. Please do remember me in your prayers for the good Lord to heal me and restore my whole body. Thanks and hope to read from you.
Good day po..
Pki sma po sa prayer nio n sana po maikasal n po kmi ng Boyfriend ko.  Thanks po.
Please pray complete healing for my daughter’s friend Michelle, who had a seizure and was found to have a  tumor and bleeding in her brain.  She is just 18 and will be going to MD Anderson.   Pray my daughter will get her life straight and become close to God and be completely healed by Him and have her baby returned. Pray that I am given custody of my grand baby while my daughter improves her life and that she knows we  love her and keep her safe and protected and well. Pray that my mother and daughter can get along and have an improved relationship.
Dear Sister Raquel.
I’m here again to ask assistance and prayers for our 10 yeard son whose having bad attitude towards us his parents. He don’t like to listen to us , don’t respect us, don’t want to go to school.  We’re so worried if he will continue to grow up with this attitude. It breaks my heart almost tear it into pieces evrytime i imagine what will happen to him.  All i been praying for him to grow up to be a good child of Jesus.   Please Sister Raquel always include him in your prayers . Please heal him with his bad attitude towards us. Please Sister Raquel touch his name by your healing hands ,   His name is Macky Angelo Z…   In Jesus Name,
marites Z
Dear Sr. Raquel and Fellow Prayer Warriors,
  Once again, may I request your prayers for the recovery of my sister-in-law, Elizabeth, from her very rare and life-threatening auto-immune disease, which has reduced her to a living skeleton although her mental faculties are intact. Even in this state, she provides much needed guidance and support to her only child and very young grandchildren. With her internal organs increasingly malfunctioning, her prognosis is very discouraging, but we firmly believe that with God nothing is impossible. Please, please help us pray to Jesus, the Divine Healer, to bless us with a miracle and heal our dear Elizabeth. Many thanks for your prayers, and may Jesus heal us all.
Dear sister Raquel Good day!  Please pray for Elizabeth P and Jing S my auntie and uncle in law who have been diagnosed with cancer.  please pray for them to be healed in jesus name. Thank u!
Please pray for Chiara Marie J.O.-traumatized during childhood. She is rebelling now. She always refuses to listen and follow, does not recognize her faults, and blames her mother for almost everything. She is also very messy and crams always in her activities.  Please help me pray for her. Thank you.
Dear Friend in Christ,
Thank you for entrusting your prayer intentions to us. Please know that we are continuing to remember you and your special intentions for the complete physical, mental and spiritual health for you and your prayer intentions at our times of adoration of the Most Holy Eucharist, during daily Masses and the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. The fruits of the Holy Spirit, such as love, peace, joy and patience, are found when two or three come together in prayer.  These bring true happiness and a stronger faith to help people overcome their difficulties.  The message of mercy is that God loves us * just remember the ABC’s of the Divine Mercy message. Ask for His Mercy.  God wants us to approach Him in prayer constantly, repenting of our sins and asking Him to pour His mercy out upon us and upon the whole world. Be Merciful.  God wants us to receive His mercy and let it flow through us to others just as He does to us. Completely Trust.  God wants us to know that the graces of His mercy are dependent upon our trust. The more we trust in Jesus, the more we will receive. God bless you,  
Fr. Joseph, MIC Director
Please help my husband so that he will be able to close a very big and important account in March or April 2012 and other accounts as well. He needs to close these accounts so that he will be able to support us financially since he is the only breadwinner here in Manila. Please keep us healthy may we have a happy married life.  Help us so that we will be able to help other people as well. Thank you for the blessings that we have received from God.
May I request prayers for the following:
a. Fast recovery of Cardinal Jose who has kidney failure.
b. Good Health for Fr Henry and Noli A.
c. All sick parishioners of Our Lady of Fatima Parish, North Caloocan.
d. All sick who are suffering.
e. All sick who are dying.
 I know God will not heal all of them. Please also pray therefore, that if they are not healed, may they be able to accept their sickness and may have the grace to bear them.   Thank you. 
Dear Sister Raquel and all the members of the Prayer ministry,
  Pls. include me in your prayers. To have peace of mine and heart especially in my work.  Thank you!
Deaf Sister Raquel,
What a great privilege it is to request prayer from the world-over prayer warriors of Mary and God. My specific request is ongoing for all the Intentions of Mother Mary’s Heart for my son Mathew James and myself as well as all her children. We depend upon the Grace of God in and through Mother Mary for all our needs and prayers answers. I would also request of you, the healing oil.  Thank-you for this comforting and graces, your friend
please pray for me! my leg has been damaged since the 8th grade ever since i wrestled with a friend. my friend messed up my knee ever since. i am now in college and just had surgery my senior year of highschool. after my surgery i was holy and good for about six months. then i fell into sin. my mind and my heart cannot take the pain and pressure of the chronic injury that i have in my back (bulging discs), my left shoulder, and my legs have a problem with tendons and bones. i feel like committing sin is my only escape sometimes. i wish so much to be very active, so that i can stay busy, and if i am active i believe also that i can come closer to God. please pray that my soul and body be healed so that i may start a totally new life and be right with God. i dont want to despair or fall into depression. thank you for your prayers
Dearest God, through Jesus and Mother Mary, the help of Mother Ignacia, Please heal my ailments. I am really burdened. I have extreme ear problems and CFS ( chronique fatigue syndrome) which is a multi systemic disease that causes besides extreme fatigue all kinds of symptoms. How i wish to be healed and leave this isolated life behind me. I  will keep praying for all of you, Bless you
Dear Sister Raquel, Bro Bernie and Co Prayer Warriors,
Please help me pray for the following intentions?     1. For my son David to be able to complete all scholastic requirements so that he may graduate this March 31, 2012.     2. Financial healing for our business.     3. Enlightenment and healing of  Mary GT     4. Protect baby Ashley and have a happy family.     5. Complete healing and happy life for Antonio/Ofelia     6.Safe pregnancy of Stefanie E.     7. Special intentions of Josephine, Mark, Pam, Ian and Baby T.Thank you and may God Bless us all. Mo. Ignacia del Nino Jesus, pray for us.
Please help my husband so that he will be able to close a very big account. The commission that he will get from this will help a lot of people. Please always protect us, keep our married life happy and keep us always healthy. Help us to be financially abundant and stable so that we will be able to help others. Thank you for all the blessings that you have given us.
Dear sister,
 I’m Gisha.I am from kerala (India) and  living  in melbourne (Australia)).I am awaiting to get my Nursing Registration of Australia. Please pray for me to get my Austarlian Nursing  Registration without any troubles immedialy. After getting my Nursing Registration only I can work here in Australia as a Nurse and support my family financially. My Husband is with me right now.He is working but the Income is less. I have a one Year old Daughter. She is in India at the moment, after getting a job as a Nurse only I can bring her back to Australia. I missing her terribly. I found your email id from the website.Hope you’re doing well and have a nice day…. Regards
Please pray for the repose of the  soul of Mary W who died  March 16.   Please pray for the physical healing of John W, Joseph F,  Ray B.,  maureen Q, Margaret W. mary ann w. and her upcoming  surgery.
Sis Raquel, pls pray for God’s protection upon my household and my office, as I am experiencing persecution from my office mates.  Please save me from the evil ways of the evil people around me wishing  my downfall by destroying me. Prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies that they may see God is my shield and my ever present help. Put an end to their devilish plans. Also please help my husband to be a good loving husband to me and a loving father to my children. Heal them of their spiritual illnesses and make them pleasing to your eyes. Give us peace , thank you God.  Amen
Good  day  ,
I  was diagnosed to have a MSA or Multiple System Atrophy by St. Luke Medical Center@ Movement Disorder  under  Dr Jamora in 2009 ,  in the Philippines. It was a very rare  neurological disease w/c affected 40 out of 1million people and has no cure , like a Parkinson and Alzheimers disease . it is also a degeneration of nerve cell  and it is a slowly dying disease , until you can not eat and stay in bed because you can not balanced your body any more then die. It has a life span of 8 to 10years maximum andI consumed 5 yrs, .since  2007 , (see internet  for more about MSA or Multiple System Atrophy ) .   I availed my disability benefits on 2010 in GSIS  and it has a duration of 6 months from the date it was discovered  in 2009 and I don’t know why? Who wants to be disabled forever ? I was employed at NAPOCOR in 1980 – 2003 , TransCo in 2003 -2009 and NGCP 2009 – 2010. .I  was resigned caused of my very rare illness  that started to deteriorated me physically and mentally . My wife died last.t Oct. 7, 2011 due to Cervical Cancer as OFW in Canada to support  our   family .  I appeal to your good office to help me to inform the concern about this very rare case , even only my contribution will return before I’ll die . Due to this I lost the right direction for myself and my family , willing to undergo clinical trial and donate any of my organ to anybody than turn  to dust .   Help me ,   
Please pray for me, for my financial healing. Please pray that I will be debt free. I have so many debts.   Thank you Jesus for healing me. Mama Mary please pray for me.  
Hi there can u plse pray for me for my life my style my mind an my job I dnt no were I am going an that I can also start no God becoz I no him but I want to no more an more about him plse
Good day po! puede po ba magrequest ng healing oil para po sa tatay kong maysakit na lung cancer, sya po ay 67 years old lang, mahal na mahal po namin sya at prayers lang ang maitutulong namin sa kanya sa panahon na ito, nawa’y mapagbigyan nyo po ako. Pagpalain kayo ng Poong MAYKAPAL!
Please pray for Jimmy, Ashley’s husband.  She is a woman I work with.  She lives  in Houston.  They just got married last year and she is 6 mos. pregnant.  He  came down with an infection and within 2 days was in the hospital and initially  it was diagnosed as the flu….and rediagnosed as a very aggressive form of  pneumonia.  It became septic (is that how you say it?)…and they found some  infection on his heart.  Pray too that since she was exposed she does not  contract any infection.  Sincerely,
36 My grandbaby has been taken and cps is using delaying tactics, lies and deceptions to keep me from having  her.  They are using the same to get my daughter to do services and find a job (which isn’t likely with her lack of a high school diploma and  severe depression).  I am praying the baby is returned  to my daughter and myself and that we can sell our home and move.  right now they have Jennifer moved out and are still not letting me have my  grandbaby.  Our lawyer has not been aggressive and cps has been  getting everything they want.  we are in desperate need of help.  My daughter  needs God’s healing and to feel His presence and become close to Him.  I need Him more then ever now too. Pray for Jennifer’s total  conversion and healing and the return of her baby.  Pray that the Lord  will grant us and our attorney with wisdom to win this battle and that  we will do the job in raising the baby in a way that is most pleasing to God.  And if we need a different Lawyer, for God to provide the needed funds and the right lawyer to win this case for us.
Dear Eastwind,
 My mother was a teacher here in St. Mary’s Academy (formerly Notre Dame of Midsayap for girls) in Midsayap, North Cotabato. The said school is owned by the RVM sisters. My mother have known Sister Raquel for her healing missions. My mother is already retired and unfortunately instead of using her free time to enjoy the life that God has given to her, she only spends her entire day in bed because she can’t walk nor sit for a longer period of time. She was diagnosed to have cervical cancer. The doctor’s advice was for her to undergo an operation, however, she was also a diabetic. Up to now, she can’t be operated due to complications. All we have right now is prayer and faith, that God will heal her. Then we remember Sister Raquel and how God inspired her to heal people in His name. I have searched the net for her and fortunately I found  this website dedicated for her. Can we still request for healing oil, and for your prayers for her fast recovery? please? We so wanted to visit their place in Quezon City, however we are still trying to save some money for the plane tickets and allowance. I want to thank you in advance for your prayers. Someday, God will help me find a way, so that I can all personally thank you.  Thank you!  May God bless you!  In Jesus name,
my name is jacqueline of monetta sc i would like for you to pray that my blood work come back good and that i be healed of hepatitis c and diabetes and psorarisis thank you and may God bless you
Please pray for the emotional healing of our family and the restoration of our marriage.  Please pray for my husband, Ralph, that Lord may soften his heart and come back to rebuild our family.
Dear Sr. Raquel,
Thank you for your healing ministry and for helping so many people. Today, I ask for healing for my niece Lydia who is 30 years old this year and has 3 little girls ranging from 8years to 3 years old and she is suffering with Cron’s disease. She is quite ill and finds it hard to care for her kids and she lives in Ireland. I would like for a miracle to happen in her life and God blesses her with good health so she can continue to be a good mother to her 3 lovely kids and a good wife to her wonderful husband. Thank you and God bless you.
Hello Sr. Raquel, it’s me again, asking for a miracle in my life. I have been watching you on You Tube and seeing all the wonderful work you do in healing and I know it is not you but the work of GOD  working through you and you are so blessed to be able to have that privilege. God bless you with continuing this amazing work. I would like to ask for healing today for myself and also for my family. I suffer with High Blood Pressure and from a accident many years ago I have a lump on my upper left back which now seems to bother me as I get older and it also scares me. My daughter, Andrea is over weight and suffers with health issues due to  being over weight, she suffers with cramps in her stomach and depression to some extent and  so she is on drugs and I am afraid for her now and she has also stopped going to church. She trust in God and believes in the power of prayer but she just does not go to church and it bothers me and I would like her to return to God as well. My son, Stephen, he suffers with headaches and also does drugs and he too has stopped going to church, I would like for him as well to return to church and be blessed. My husband, Allan, he hurt his back when he was a young man of 20 years of age while welding at work, he is a hard working man and is a good man but the pain he suffers from that injury bothers him now that he is 55 years old and he just needs to be healed and blessed in his business. Please do pray for my broken family and for a miracle because I know God is merciful and forgiving and He will surely come to help us and I trust in God and I am a big believer in miracles. I need to be healed and I need to spread the good news about healing and God and I am doing just that with everyone I come in contact with. Thank you dearest sister and please do be in touch with me and help me. I know God will work  for my family and me through you and that is why I found you on the inter net and I am happy that God through the inter net put me in touch with you. God bless again.
Dear prayer warriors,
 I humbly ask your help to please pray for my parents. My mom was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, and is currently undergoing chemotherapy.  We cannot afford much of the treatment, but we are very hopeful that the Lord will take heed of our prayers. She is Elizabeth P, 61y/o, from Kawit Cavite.       Just almost the same month in December, Dad was diagnosed with a heart condition, a coronary artery disease and cardiac dysrythmia, on top of his other illnesses.  An angiogram was done last month. He was advised to undergo  angioplasty, however, we cannot afford the cost of the procedure and decided to defer it till we are able  to get the needed funds. Dad said that the meager resources we have should be given for my mother’s treatment first, and that we lay the rest upon the Lord.  Please pray also for my dad. his name is Oscar P from Kawit, Cavite.Thank you very much! Sincerely,
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