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The Pharmaceutical Industry will hate this article. Why? Simple. It will destroy their business. It is better kept secret, like the Automotive Industry suppressing new technologies on non-petrol fuel that would save energy ten fold. They buy off inventors and investors.
For decades, we were made to believe that antibiotics were the absolute messiah in health. Messiah yes, but absolute no. Antibiotics have saved millions of lives, but its messianic character has produced myths that are only being unearthed today in new bio-research discoveries.
By taking anti-biotic for an infected foot, you ingest this powerful drug that kills other good bacteria in your stomach and intestines, bacteria that help you digest, fight off bad bacteria, and prevent certain types of diseases. It is like using a sledge hammer to kill a fly. The more you take antibiotics, the more you disrupt your internal biological content. By killing good and bad bacteria, you become open to new bacteria rising from the antibiotic rubble that may dominate your biological make up.
Various bacteria are known to cause diabetes, asthma and obesity. In a medical experiment, the bacteria from an obese rat was transferred to a frail rat which in time also became obese. That obesity is mainly acquired genetically is now becoming more and more of a myth. An ‘obesity epidemic’ indeed can be caused by transfer from human to human orally, especially in a family which eats together everyday. Of course, there are other factors such as eating habits, and type of food ingested. But there are now new factors to consider.
The same is true of diabetes and asthma. New findings are attempting to verify that these two common ailments can be cause by certain types of bacteria we ingest. And since there are millions of bacteria species, there can be hundreds of diseases in humans caused by them.
The alternative to antibiotics, on a non-emergency level, or on a case-to-case basis, say ailments which are deadly, or situations where immediate medication is not urgent, are food which enhance good bacteria and kill bad bacteria. We still need antibiotic, but not all the time. An entire science on organics is now emerging to respond to this new or organic medicine, not necessarily coming from the Pharmaceutical Industry.
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