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Kiblawan Mayor Diamante


Kiblawan Mayor Marivic Diamante and military officers admitted at a congressional hearing conducted by Rep. Teddy Baguilat at Koronadal that Glenstrata-SMI is funding the Civilian Armed Forces Geographical Unit (CAFGU) and the military operations in the Tampakan gold mine site, which were implicated by news reports in the ‘Tampakan massacre’. The wife and two sons of Daguil Capion were shot at point-blank range in that massacre. Capion is the B’laan chieftain leading the protest against Glenstrata-SM. The massacre indirectly implicates Glenstrata-SMI in the human rights violation, which can be used to nullify in court their newly-gotten ECC. The fund gives P9,000 per month for operations, P11,000 per month for gas, and P5,000 allowance for CAFGUs, presently 60 in number covering the towns of Kiblawan, Tampakan, and Columbio.


View the  Youtube on  the massacre – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uIyoAFCHRUk. (The first version was censored by Youtube due to the goary crime scene.)


Bernie Lopez


renaissance of the heart


we have molded powerful tools
internet, satellites, robotics
yet we grope in the blinding light
we are smart but lack true wisdom
in our rapid development
in our frenzied technological milestones
we have sharpened our minds
but numbed our hearts
in our haste to progress and enrich materially
we have regressed and impoverished spiritually
we need a renaissance of the heart
a paradigm shift towards the spirit
we think we are moving forward
but in truth we move backward
we need to pause and soul-search
for the true goal close to our heart
we are regressing in our progress
excerpts from the book
“foodforthesoul – finding peace and healing in a frenzied world”
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