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A True Story
By Bernie Lopez


It was a strange evening. When Sister Raquel Reodica, RVM, cancer healer for Jesus, was telling me the story of this ballerina over the phone, she said she could smell the strong scent of dama de noche. But there was no such plant in her residence.


Catherine Li, born of a Filipino mother and Chinese father, was the star ballerina of the Ballet Theater Philippines in 1991. She began dancing the ballet when she was grade four. At the age of 18, when the ballet troupe performed in Moscow, she fell in love with a famous Russian ballet dancer. Soon, romance blossomed into marriage.


Catherine had an accident during a performance. She was descending a staircase and her partner failed to catch her while on a split position. She broke her hip. Local orthopedic experts said she could not do the ballet any more, or do the split for that matter, for the rest of her life. Suddenly, she lost a career, the only thing she lived for. Undaunted, she went abroad for more opinions. They all had the same conclusion.


When she heard of Sister Raquel’s healing power, she sought her desperately. She arrived at 8:30 in the evening at the remote retreat house in Novaliches. Sister Raquel was tired. She told Catherine to come back another day. There were days allotted to healing sessions. Sister Raquel could not possibly be on call 24/7 everyday.


But when Sister Raquel saw the tears in Cathe­rine’s eyes, she decided to give her 30 minutes. That was all that was needed. That evening, they prayed together and never did Catherine shed so much tears. There is a strange thing about healing. It is between Jesus and Catherine. Sister Raquel was a mere fence sitter. Catherine was healed instantly. Her faith was as copious as her tears, and Jesus granted her the gift of healing. That very evening, Catherine tried to dance, and she did before Sister Raquel without music.


Sister Raquel suddenly understood why the Lord brought Catherine to her. Sister Raquel had a scheduled healing session at the Araneta Coliseum on September 8, 1991, the birthday of Mama Mary. It was to be Sister Raquel’s biggest audience at the dome. Without a moment’s hesitation, she asked Catherine if she could dance a ballet number for Mama Mary at the Coliseum. How could Catherine refuse Mama Mary who gave her back her career ins­tantly? The next day, Catherine’s parents were shocked to see her practising.


Catherine recounts to Sister Raquel that, in the middle of her despair, someone told her “You shall dance again.” She dismissed the thought for she knew every expert in the world told her her dancing days were over. But it was those very words that urged Catherine to see Sister Raquel. The Lord works in mysterious ways. He wanted Catherine to grace the biggest healing session He ever had through Sister Raquel.


The Healer and the Actor


In August 1991, there was a big plan to launch a gigantic healing concert at the Araneta Coliseum on the birthday of the Blessed Virgin on September 8. The people helping Sister Raquel were all excited. But there was a big snag. On that day, the coliseum was reserved for another show, produced by television personal­ity German Mo­reno, popularly known as Kuya Germs.


For many days, Sister Raquel and the people around her searched and searched for the telephone number of Moreno in vain, to make an appeal to him to move his show. But he was hard to find. Everyone was getting nervous because the days kept drag­ging on and September 8 was just around the corner. They were almost giving up.


Sister Raquel met with the coliseum management. But they said sorry that they could not help her. She just had to find Kuya Germs herself. Tired, hungry, and almost losing hope, Sister Raquel, accom­panied by a friend, entered a small unknown eatery in San Juan to take a snack after the meeting. At the eatery, they ordered halo-halo.


While waiting for their order, Sister Raquel bowed in prayer, “Lord, what are you doing to us? Why is it so hard to find this guy? This show is for You, isn’t it? This is not for us. It is for Your Mother’s birthday. You better help us find this person. Please, Lord, there must be a way.” (That was the way Sister prayed, talking casually to her ‘father’.)


Sister saw someone at the corner of her eye. At a table opposite theirs, lo and behold, Kuya Germs in this humble eatery. She could not believe it. She asked her companion if what she was seeing was real. There he was, Kuya Germs himself, in a small unknown eatery in a city of millions, a needle in a mountain of hay. It could not be an accident. The hand of God was at work. Kuya Germs was with his production staff.


Sister hesitated to approach the famous Kuya Germs. She mustered enough courage, approached him, and with a smile as big as God’s will, she spoke casually. (Dialogue was reconstructed from the story as told by Sr. Raquel.)


Aren’t you Mr. German Moreno?


(Cordially) Yes, sister, what can I do for you.


You know, Mr. Moreno, I am going straight to the point.


Please do, sister. Go ahead, I am all ears.


Well you see, We’re planning a grand healing concert on the birthday of our Blessed Virgin, but there is a problem.




(Casually) Well, we cannot do it because you have a show on that day at the Araneta Coliseum. Can I ask you to move your show for Our Lady?


Kuya Germs was taken aback by the quick, short and very frank request spoken so nonchalantly, and with a child-like smile, on such an accidental meeting. He was com­pletely shocked.


You are kidding, I suppose, sister.


Nope. Very serious.


Well, you could have it later.


No, Mr. Moreno. It has to be on her birthday. What do you think? This is not for me. It is for Our Lady. It is our birthday gift to her.


Kuya Germs looked at Sister in silence for a moment. Then he and his entire staff could not help but laugh. It was not to ridicule Sister. They simply could not help seeing the humor of it all, a complete stranger coming out of nowhere while he is taking a snack in a restaurant, and asking him to move an entire show he has planned for so many months. There was silence as Sister waited for a reply with a smile, unmoved by the laugh­ter. The face of Kuya Germs turned serious, contorting with pain.


What is all this? What is happening to me? Am I being punished?


I think you are being blessed.


Sister, do you think there is anyone who is willing to defy Mama Mary? What can I do? Tell me, sister, can I go against our Blessed Lady?


I suppose not.


You win, sister. I will move my show. But not for you.


Of course, for Mama Mary, right?


Everyone was silent. In that short five minute encounter, we see the hand of God move a mountain not even a top rate impresario or an influ­ential television director could do, which was to ask Kuya Germs to give up the play date for his show. But it was done by an unknown sister working for the Lord.


In spite of the very short time to mobilize and organize the healing concert, it was a tremendous success. The coliseum was jam-packed. About 17,000 people came even though there were only 15,000 tickets. And so, Catherine danced away. The crowd gave her a violent applause, and she was back in the only thing she cared for in life. The Ballerina danced for the Madonna. It was the greatest gift the Ballerina could give to the Madonna. It was also the greatest gift the Madonna could give to the Madonna.


The gift of healing is for people from all walks of life, farmers or executives. The Lord does not distin­guish between rich or poor, educated or uneducated, artist or law­yer, beautiful or ugly.


Sister Raquel performed group healing on the massive crowd. They all went home happy. The next day, Sister Raquel received hundreds of calls. They were thanking her that they have been healed, many of them with terminal diseases such as cancer. On that fateful birthday of the Virgin, the Lord gave His Mother the perfect gift, thousands healed instant­ly.


If He can move moun­tains, what more a mere show. The Lord works in mysterious ways beyond our imagination. Thank you, Kuya Germs, that you cannot defy the Madonna, but I am sure she has paid you back a hundred fold, right? This is actually the end of the story, but it is stretching itself.


More healing stories


As the smell of dama de noche persisted, there was no stopping Sister Raquel recounting more stories over the tele­phone. Like a machine gun, she fired away. The ink of my pen tried to catch up.


There was Angelita in 1992, a paralytic who could not move both legs. In a year of healing sessions by Sister, she was walking. Today, she has one child. She testified on a GMA7 program about her healing. Sister Raquel said, “Rise in splen­dor, Angel.”


There was Raul Tangco in 1993. He had tumor of the brain. When he was healed, he came to Sister Raquel on her birthday with a cake, as big as his gratitude for his new life. Sister Raquel said, “In praise of His name”.


There was Susan Dorado, wife of a consul general to Africa, who had breast cancer. It dried up completely and her half a dozen doctors were all in awe. Sister Raquel said, “Shout the name of God on the mountain tops.”


Did the smell of flowers bring back memories in stark clarity? Sister Raquel could not stop. There was Steve Osmena, brother of Sergio III. He had four kinds of sicknesses. He was healed, of course. Sister Raquel said, “Lord, I will hold you in my heart for­ever”.


There was this Cebuano ‘ex-communist’, whatever that generic word meant, who, when he was healed of terminal tuber­culosis, started working for the bishop. Sister Raquel said, “I will follow You again, my Lord. Shelter me under your wings.”




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My thoughts are not your thoughts
My ways are not your ways
as high as the heavens are above the earth
so are My ways above your ways
and My thoughts above your thoughts
for just as from the heavens
rain comes down and returns
only after it has quenched the parched earth
giving seed to him who sows
so he can eat bread, so shall My word.


Isaiah 55:1-11


now You have healed me
totally and instantly
Lord of the universe
how can I begin to thank you
i feel no more pain Lord
You have made me whole once more
why is it so easy
to receive your healing grace
Who are You really?
what power and gentleness You have


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