prayer request bulletin 102 – June 15, 2013

June 15, 2013
The very fact that you request for prayers is a form of prayer. It is an expression of faith because it implies you know He listens. Your prayer request will also be more effective if you pray for others by reading thru this bulletin. Praying for others is praying for yourself a hundred fold.


The Mother Ignacia Prayer Warriors, with worldwide on-line members, are praying for each and every request in this bulletin, published regularly at Subscribe as member to get it automatically and to receive all inspirational materials as they are posted. Apologies for late publication. We work in batches in our spare time.
Prayers are timeless and are never too late. If we pray for a successful operation even after the operation, the Lord listens in advance. He knows ahead of time our prayers. We send this bulletin to other prayer groups. The more people pray, the more powerful our prayers.
Print this out, put in your wallet and say this prayer everyday. After the prayer, say 5 Hail Mary’s and do a good deed. Offer this and all your pains as atonement for sins to pre-empt disasters. Say this prayer daily or weekly.


We have seen Your hand, O Lord, manifested in floods, typhoons, earthquakes. These are, like in Noah’s Ark or Sodom and Gomorrah, related to our sins. We ask for Your mercy and forgiveness, Lord, for our sins and the sins of the world. We consecrate ourselves to Your Sacred Heart through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, St. Joseph, and Mother Ignacia del Espiritu Santo. Amen.
We are gathered in Jesus’ name in the internet. He is in our midst, on our keyboards, in our hearts at this very moment. Together, we are his global prayer army. We adore you, O Jesus, for You have redeemed the world. Let us pray.


I surrender myself to you totally, Lord. Whatever is Your will I accept. I offer myself to You for healing. You said, ask and it shall be given to you. I am asking and praying hard right now, Lord, with all my heart and with all my soul. Heal me if it is Your will, as I prostrate myself here before You. Through the intercession of our Blessed Virgin Mary, St Joseph and Mother Ignacia del Espiritu Santo Amen.
with Sister Raquel –
with Father Suarez –


Please pray for the inmates of the Muntinlupa bilibid prison. Their situation is so gruesome. Even as basic as water and soap, they lack, forcing them to not take baths for long periods, quarrels with each other due to the gruesome situation, yet I could see when I visit them twice a month that there are many who have strong faith, perhaps because of so much pain and suffering. Please pray also for my family, and for former classmates in bad health. Finally, prayer warriors, let us pray for each other.
Please pray for my brother Eugene …He has blood disorder/ diabetes/ and now his kidney problem…please Help me pray for his complete healing… He is 65 years old. Please pray for my husband  mike  that God may give him the best of comfort..He had colon cancer seven years ago  and three major operations thereafter…spice surgery/breast surgery and knee surgery….please pray that he can have the best f comfort…can live  a normal one. I have also a special brother who is 60 years old please pray for hi. Too he has asthma. Pleae ray also for my brother James tha he will be able to settle. And can starts new life. And please pray  for me that I will be healthy and strong and be financially stable so I can be able to pay all our debts  that we used to the hospitalization of our eldest brother till his death. Please include n your prayers that all my nieces  and nephews  ESP  rozelle lineth Michael  jennice Lorenze and AJ  be able to attain the. Success  in their lives… Thank you…
will u please pray for healing for me and my wife Linda for peace in our marriage and love and resolution of the problems both financial and personal we have suffered. Thankyou
Dear Sister Raquel:  Please pray for the healing of my 21 year old son who  suffers from debilitating mental illness.  He feels like everyone thinks he smells. This dillusional thinking started in high school when one of the students told him he smelled. It is to the point where he won’t leave the house.  He has been medicated but doesn’t like the side effects.  Please pray for his healing so that he may live a full life.  He was raised Catholic but no longer attends mass.  At his grandfather’s funeral six months back he did experience a sense of “being at home’ at mass and did begin to attend for a while. 
May I request prayers for the following: 
1. Jesus R – cancer. 2. Jesus S – high blood. 3. Jesus II – hernia. 4. Ibe – cancer. 5. Mel – Hi blood. 6. Kath – slipped disc. 7. Nina – tuberculosis, vomits after taking in solid and liquid (still undiagnosed). 8. Gery – head injury. Thank you.
I would like to request a prayer for Ernesto. He is in ICU right now with life support and just had a surgery cut his right hand due to disease he had. I hope he recover from ICU and be healthy again. Amen. Thank you.
Dear Sr. Raquel and prayer warriors,
Please pray for the speedy recovery of Elpie N. Thank you!
Pls Sr. Pray for my father Ernesto A. He has stage 4 lung cancer and was already given few weeks to live. He was refused to be given chemotherapy. We need your prayers. Please. Please. Please.
Please pray for my husband Richard. His heart has been beating out of rhythm for a year and a half now. Pray that his heart return to beating normally again so that he does not have to have surgery. Thank you,
Pray for Joey B., he desperately needs your prayers.  He had much sadness in his life and very discouraged.  Lost everything and now had given up going to mass.  Please pray for him. Needs good people around  him to give him hope and bring him back to God.
Dear Sister Raquel and Prayer Warriors,
Please include Ate Nida and Uncle Auring in your prayers for their physical and mental healing. They are both suffering with dementia. Thank you and God bless you all. Yours in Christ,
Dear Sr. Raquel,
I hope this e-mail finds you well. Please know that I praise God for your ministry and pray that He continues to bless you and all prayer warriors. I also thank Him for all the blessings He has bestowed and continues to bestow upon us. He is truly a good God, and He is bigger than any challenge we may be facing. Sr. Raquel, I am respectfully requesting prayers for the following special intentions:
1. For my Mom (RMA) who will be undergoing surgery after a recent diagnosis of breast cancer (stage 1).  I pray that she will come out of surgery (10 May 2013) safely, especially since she also has other medical (heart) issues that could possibly complicate the procedures. I pray for her speedy recovery and for the Lord to heal her not just physically but emotionally and spiritually, as well. I ask that she will continue to have a strong faith in God’s goodness despite this ordeal that she is going through.
2. For the whole family, especially my Dad (VZA), I ask for strength and acceptance of God’s will. I ask that God bring us all together, to reconnect, and to strengthen our ties especially in this time of adversity.
3. For my only child (JVAO)–who is trying to join in the military but has encountered a ‘road block’ with medical waivers due to allergies diagnosed when he was a young child. I pray that my son will be granted a waiver and be able to move forward in this enlisment process, if this is God’s will for him. Should the military enlistment process not work out in his favor, I ask the good Lord to help him find his true calling and become successful in any of his future endeavours.
4. For me and my own family–I ask for strength, that we may remain positive and be able to continue to provide support (whether it be emotionally or financially) to anyone in need. I also pray for His guidance, that I am making the absolute best decision in accepting this job offer (AZ) and relocating my family despite the tempting offer to stay at my current assignment for another 2 years (which would give us more financial freedom).
All of these I lift up to you, in Jesus powerful name. Thank you Sr. Raquel and the prayer warriors for your prayers. God bless you all for all you do. Sincerely,
Sister Raquel, my cousin’s son-in-law is fighting Stage 4 head & neck cancer.  It is a difficult situation.  Don, the man afflicted with this disease, is the father of two, an 18 year old daughter and 16 year old son.  He is 54 years old, and was baptized Catholic but no longer practices to my knowledge.  My cousin & his family are not ‘church people’ either, but are glad for our prayers. The other relative who is ill is my first cousin Anne Marie.  She has colorectal cancer and has completed three out of six weeks of chemo and radiation.  She will then undergo surgery to remove the tumor.  Anne Marie was raised Catholic and drifted away from the church in her 20’s.  Her daughter was baptized a Catholic too, but neither go to church any longer. Thank you for joining in prayer for these people.  God give them peace and health.
Dear Sr. Raquel & to all my co-prayer warriors,
Please help me in praying to God that my employment pass will be renewed & that I’ll be able to continue working in my present job.  Also, praying that the amount I have saved would be enough to cover the expenses that I need to pay.   I’m also praying for my niece, Lanie and everybody who will be taking up the Licensure exams for nurses next month. Thank you for your prayers and may the Lord bless us all…
Please, support me in prayer for my HEALTH, I’ve been to my doctor – HAVE MYOMAS ON MY UTERUS – and I am very worried Please pray for medicines to work, THAT MYOMAS DISAPPEAR, that God’s Holy Hand touch me and heal me completely! Thank you & May God abundantly BLESS YOU, open every door for you
Dear Sister Rquel
Please pray for Aunt Rani, going for biopsy on 08.05.2013. Sore on side of tongue, that does not want to heal.  Pray for son Cohen, I do not know what the root of his problem is, refuses to go to school.  This is his final year in School. Does not attend mass as well.  Pray for my throat, gums and tongue, Also pain in throat and back when I swallow. God Bless
My friend Charlotte has lung cancer and is undergoing her last dose of chemotherapy this week.  She will then undergo radiation to the brain to eliminate any possible cells that may have traveled there. This is my best friend through trials and tribulations.  Please pray.  Thank you.
Dear Sis. Raquel, greetings with peace of Jesus, Sis. we together with my family, may we simply bow our heads and request for prayer and forgiveness to all our sins and to our sister Gloria R.M., Sister Raquel we have our faith on Jesus , please include our sister in all your prayer same with we are requesting all the prayer warriors of your ministry to offer please  prayer brigade for her. She has cancer stage 3, removal of urine bladder , she is so ill right now and suffers extreme pain, but the magnifiscent name of God is greater than her sickness, may the Lord God touch her and we plead the Blood of Jesus to flow on her body from head to foot in Jesus mighty name amen… thank you Lord, thank you sis. raquel, thank you all prayer warriors.
Magandang araw po, ipinapakisuyo ko po na isama po ninyo sa panalangin ang paggaling ng aking anak na si ALEXIS JAN dahil sa masakit na dalawang paa niya. dahilan ito para huminto sya ng pag aaral. lagi na lang po sya nakahiga. at pumapayat po.  maraming pong salamat mga kapatid.
Dear Sister Raquel and Prayer Warriors:
Please Help  me pray natinik po ang lalamunan ko. Please help me pray na matangal po ito masakit po pag lunok ko. This I pray to our almighty father through his Son Jesus Christ.
Thank you and God bless.
Dear brothers and sisters in Christ!
I am Kashif Paul from Pakistan. I am professional embroidery designer. God make me able to establish embroidery digitizing company. God give me good clients in local market (Sialkot Pakistan). Now I just started international marketing campaign. So please pray God give me more work from international market. Amen in Jesus name. Amen. As well as we are group of Christian youth in (Sialkot) Pakistan. Time to time we organize Church programs. Please pray for us that God send more prosperity from heaven. I will update to you that God is glorious for us. Your brother in Christ!
hello, i need a whole body prayer for me,  im asking God/Jesus to heal my entire body, thanks. Life Is Beautiful!! God Bless You.
Please Pray with all your faith that GOD will Bless me (Phil C.) with a Soul Mate as soon as it is possible with GOD. I’ve never had a girlfriend and been Praying and hoping for one for at least 18 years, I’m 41 years old now…Please also Pray GOD will put it in the hearts of multitudes upon multitudes of people to pray for my prayer requests … Thank You..…
Dear Sister Rachael,
I am Marius F., i am writing you this letter to ask for your help fo the healing of my wife Pini’s Colon Tumor.. she was diagnosed just this past week and the doctor says that it needs to be operated on.. although based on the findings it is not malignant but may lead to cancer if not operated immediately… sister my wife was blessed with inheritance from my late father and she is saving it for our only childs education once she gratuates from high school and my childs medical need for she needs to be operted once she gets to be 18. Please heal Pini of her colon tumor please pray that it shrinks and goes back to norma;l i believe that this can happen for through you Jesus also healed me with my illness when i came to you…as a person who recieved the grace of Jesus i believe that through you my lord jesus will hear our petitions and will grant us mercy. we are only three in the family sister and it is always our hope to live in old age atleast and see with our daughter and grand children. my wife is a good person sister she took care of every one in the family please help my wife to be cured of her colon tumor. i am begging you sister please. Respectfully 
Dear Prayer Warriors of Sister Raquel, please pray for my brother Alex who has been critically ill and bedridden for months now. The doctors have lost hope for his recovery or they think it will take a long, long time. Please ask the Lord, if it is His will, to make him comfortable, not to let him suffer and not make him a burden to his family. Please ask the Lord, if it is His will,  to make him well soon or to take him. Thank you so much. May the Lord bless us all.
pls include my friend, Ledilyn L., she has a brain tumor diagnosed last June 2012. Thank you and God Bless.
Sister Raquel, Pls pray for my hypertension, eye floaters, ear tinnitus, myoma and cyst in
my reproductive. Pls pray that our Lord will remove all… I put my faith and claim my
healing in Jesus name sister. Pls help me pray. Thank you
Dear Sister Raquel and the Prayer Warriors,
I have been diagnosed as HIV+…but I do place my complete trust in the Lord that He will heal me. PLEASE PRAY FOR ME. Thank you.
Dear Sister Raquel, please help me in your prayers, i have been praying for a decade already asking GOD to bless me with a badly needed job for me to earn a living, but sad to say that GOD has not answered my prayers. i really don’t know what to do anymore on how to solve this problems of mine. Please help me. Thank you.
Sister Raquel,
I pray to you that I Gerri W. will be financially blessed so I may be independent and able to provide for my children. I pray that I am healthy and will be successful in what I attempt to achieve whether it’s my writings, paintings or direct sales. I pray to you that I will be able to pay all of my debtors and those who have helped me financially to survive. Please forgive me for praying for a substantial financial blessing but I hope to help those who are in my situation. I want to provide a sanctuary for all of the feral cats who come into my yard before the cold weather sets in this Fall 2013. I pray that both of my son Phillip will get the full amount of aid in loans and grants for his college tuition, also I pray that my daughter Paige will also get grants and loans to accompany her scholarship in college this coming Fall 2013.  I pray that my mother will be happy and I can make her happy by being independent and for once she can enjoy her retirement funds for they go to my bills. I pray that my sister will be healthier and lose weight so she can feel better. Sister I pray to you also that my father Samuel Kenneth W. is in heaven with our Heavenly Father, our Blessed Mother Mary, our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. Please forgive my father, mother, sister, brother, my children and me for our sins. We repent, Amen. Thank you 
Hello Sister Raquel,
I have emailed you for prayer request for my brother Val and I am very thankful for your healing prayers for him.  I visited my brother in North Battleford, Saskatchewan, Canada for almost 2 weeks and when I first arrived there he was in bad shape as he was getting thinner and his face has changed.  Upon seeing me and my sister Jennifer R., his face changed into a usual handsome brother and priest. He has been eating well, he has been going for his chemotherapy sessions and had bone builder infusion for he has pains all over his body. He still cannot sleep well due to body pains, nightmares  and hiccups that interrupt into his sleep. Please continue to pray for miracle healing for Fr. Val B. and that he will be able to function back as a normal person. He has never smoked and so please let God, the Almighty, spare his life and be a survivor of lung cancer in order to continue his kingly mission  here on Earth as a priest in spreading the good news and  that it is the will of God through Mother Ignacia to be totally healed. Many Canadian and Filipino parishioners, Val’s Bishop and other priests have been visiting and praying for  him giving him hope and high spirits. Thank you for all of these very uplifting gestures for my brother Val. Richard is my husband who is also diagnosed with Stage 4 Multiple Myeloma (bone marrow cancer) who has been taking chemotherapy for more than 2 years now and had bone marrow transplant. He is doing fine although still doing chemotherapy and infusion once a month.  Please pray for healing too for my husband. I am continuously praying for all people who are battling cancer and that their pains will dissipate. Thank you very much and more healing power for you Sister. Receive my warmest regards,
dear Sister Raquel and prayer warriors,
we join you in praying collectively for each and everyone’s requests. that the mighty Lord touch our lives in the most profound way, that we recognize His goodness and forgiveness, that we feel His love and comfort, and that we receive Him fully in our lives. please join us in prayer for the healing and the best medical care and follow-up for my 75-year old widowed mom with alzhiemer’s disease, my 19-year old daughter with type 1 diabetes and for me, a 52-year old single mother. medical care costs a lot for a single mom like me who has to give up regular work to look after both of them. mom needs maintenance meds; my daughter needs insulin injections, needles, strips and extra care; and i too need my own maintenance meds. today i surrender all my concerns to the merciful Father who sees our hearts’ desires. Praising Him,
Dear Sister Raquel,
Thank you for this website and the Prayer Warriors praying for those who are sick and those who seeks help in their time of needs. Thank you very much. Sister Raquel I ask for your help and prayers on behalf of my sister Victoria to be healed of her emotional and throat ailments
and that she can find a job to support herself and be close to our family again. I will pray for all the prayers requests posted on this websites. Thank you and God Bless to all.
That the relationship with my daughter improves, and that both my children develop a better relationship with God as they mature into mature adults. That we are guided in our choices as we relocate.
Dear Sister,
I am requesting prayers from the prayer warriors.  I have a rare aggressive cancer of the uterus .  i have had chemotherapy every 2-3 weeks for the last 2 years.The chemo was no longer working and the cancer has spread to my liver.  I have been switched to oral chemo. I pray that this new chemo will help to stop the spread of cancer. My young daughter needs me and I would like to be here to help  her know the Lord.  My 89 year old Mom depends on me.  Please pray for me to have some remission.  I will be going to Lourdes in June and ask for your prayers to help us  have a safe, healing  trip.  Thank you so much for your prayers and those of the prayer warriors.God Bless all of you.  I know God is good and will heal me.  Praise to the Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you,
Please pray for my wife Eleanor. May she open her heart and welcome God into her life. I ask these blessings through Christ our Lord. Amen
Dear Sister Raquel,
Please pray that my work authorization (H-1B visa) be extended so I could continue my job as a teacher in Los Angeles.  My husband and I need to be here in the US to take care of our grandchildren,(ages 9, 11, and 13) while their father works as a nurse in Florida. Thank you for taking time to read my email.  I have high hopes that with the intercessory prayers of the faithful, my request  will be granted in Jesus Name. Yours in Christ,
greetings Sister Raquel,
My sister-law Marilou S.M. is bedridden due to 4th stage cancer. We wish to send her to your Healing Center but, she’s so frail to travel. Please, nagmamakaawa po ang aming pamilya, ipagdasal po niyo siya at mabigyan ng sapat na lakas para maka-punta po sa inyong Healing Center. Maraming-maraming salamat po. Lubos na gumagalang
Please pray for my sister mimi, she had a breast cyst and the dr. recommended her to undergo a surgery and biopsy.As of now we are still waiting for the schedule of the surgery. No exact date yet. Do pray that if she will be schedule for surgery it will be succesful .and the biopsy will be benign. May our LORD help her financilly too. In Jesus name through the intercession of the blessed Virgin Mary all the angels and saints through Mother Ignacia Amen. Jesus we trust in You ,Mama Mary we love you. Thank you so much. God bless us all.
Prayer Request
We pray for the ff in Jesus’ name, with the intercession of Mary, our Mother
1. For the health, mental and physical of our new baby to be born may 25, francesco
2. Kidney problem and cerebral palsy, seizures of our eldest, rafael
3. Continuous health of our 2nd child, Mikaela
4. For healing of papa, who has a heart condition and is suffering from mini strokes and parkinson like disease
5. For the healing of my father in law, whose diabetes is not controlled.
6. For the whole well being and health (stress free) of my husband
7. For my own spiritual growth, strengthening of faith, that I’d worry less, be happy and content with my life, to be able to take care of my family.
    Dear Sister Raquel,
    Please remember to pray for my family in your continued daily prayers. We are continually  getting major attacks on all fronts. May Our Dear Lord Jesus, Come and set things right, that we will ALL make it to Heaven. Thank you, In Jesus, Mary and St Joseph,
    Make your request short and do not post repeatedly as it results in confusion and double entries we cannot monitor.
    English is better so non-Filipinos prayer warriors can understand your prayer requests.
    Put a subject title “prayer request” to avoid being identified as a spam. ‘No subject’ are not read but deleted.
    We protect the privacy of requesters. Email addresses and last names are not published. This does not change the efficacy of the prayers.
    The ministry mainly accepts prayer requests from individuals. We cannot accept a large stream of requests from a single source which has its own prayer grouping and forwards requests to us one by one. We cannot handle this kind of volume. We prefer the requests to first be consolidated into one document and sent to us a single request.
    The Lord sanctifies all who reads this bulletin, prayer requesters, prayer warriors, and readers. When you read this bulletin, you will realize that perhaps your pain is nothing compared to those of others. Pain is an act of prayer if offered to the Lord. Pain sanctifies and may often be the Lord’s instrument to bring us closer to Him.
    Physical healing– cancer and other terminal diseases.
    Spiritual healing– depression, confusion, loss of faith.
    Relationship healing – friends and family quarrels, separations, conflicts.
    Financial rescue– unemployment, exams, businesses, medical expenses.
    For the sick, request for healing oil for free by postal mail. Just give your postal address to But first read about its history, healing oil that appeared miraculously a day before Ondoy-–blogsite-library-links/


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