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HOW ABOUT A PHILIPPINE NO-FLY ZONE? – the power of perspective
eastwind journals 82
eastwind prophecies of doom


By Bernie Lopez – eastwindreplyctr@gmail.com
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The idea of a Philippine no-fly zone in the Spratley may become the catalyst to a future US-China confrontation, but I am sure it has been floating around in the Internet. It is similar to that of China in Senkaku Island near Japan. South Korea recently imposed its own no-fly zone coinciding with China’s. With the mutual defense agreement between the US and the Philippines, there can be a positive response to Chinese incursion, or this can pre-empt Chinese brinkmanship. The way it is going, there may be new no-fly zones in Spratley by Vietnam, South Korea, Thailand, India which all have claims. If this happens, China’s no-fly-zone strategy has become ridiculous and useless, a geopolitical blunder.


Meanwhile a mini-Subic Naval Base may soon rise. The Philippine Navy announced the bidding of a Palawan cove for a naval base in the west facing the Spratley with quick easy access to the capital of Puerto Princesa in the east, a carrot on a stick for the US to move in, if the VFA will permit it. Will Pivot to Asia bite? Most probably. It is a golden opportunity. In fact, it may have been originally an American idea. Everything is moving slowly towards a US-China confrontation.
(Source – http://globalbalita.com/2013/11/21/dnd-to-bid-out-p313-6-m-naval-project-on-oyster-bay-near-spratlys/#comment-55246).


The last known news report on the whereabouts of the statue of Our Lady of Fatima, sent by Pope Francis after the Bohol-Cebu earthquake, was in Dolores near Borongan in Eastern Samar. It was stranded there due to Yolanda, on its way to the Borongan diocese.
(Source – http://www.sisterraquel.com/2013/11/eastwind-journals-80).
I am requesting for field information from anyone who knows its whereabouts so this can be reported to the Vatican via CBCP. I have alerted the Red Cross which has relief operations in Eastern Samar, but there still has no response.


eastwind prophecies of doom
NBC News reports, “An enormous, brutal mass of arctic air is shoving south over most of the U.S. — threatening 32 million people for the rest of the week with snow, ice, wind and extraordinary drops in the temperature. Only the coastal states of the East are expected to be spared.” (Dec 3, www.usnews.nbcnews.com). It is a Yolanda wanna-be, except that its power is brute ice instead of brute wind. The four elements of disaster are air (wind or storm), fire (eruption and forest fire), water (ice storm or storm) and earth (tremors).


Perhaps only in the Philippines can you buy cigarette by the stick, vinegar, sugar and cooking oil by the ounces in short slender plastic bags. Coke got the hint and came up with the 8-ounce bottle. In World War II, the Germans built a super-tank that failed because it was too time consuming to build, hence too few, too heavy to cross bridges, too hard to transport. The Russians, on the other hand, built tens of thousands of cheap intrepid fast ‘tin-can’ tanks which took a lot of beating but eventually overwhelmed the Panzer units, like ants conquering a lizard.


Macro-economics is for the era of growth, inducing monopoly, greedy giant firms gobbling each other, vicious tycoons, the nemesis of the poor, and triggering financial crises. Micro-economics is for the era of decline, inducing the return into basics, dispelling luxury, wastage and materialism, the savior of the poor, triggering the solution to financial crises. When the global economic meltdown rears its ugly face, we all return to the extreme basics to survive. The monolithic will granulate, convergence will evolve to divergence. The era of the cave will ascend.


zen minimalism means
utter simplicity, the return to basics
zen minimalism means
a bare home of paper and wood
a single table for dining
zen minimalism means
total detachment from a material world
so the energy of the spirit
can emerge from a frugal body
and dominate your consciousness
zen minimalism grew
out of continuous wars
and sufferings in medieval japan
they made the zen garden
to lend peace thru its utter simplicity
christiian minimalism
is borrowed from zen buddhism
freedom from embelishment
freedom from worldly desires
freedom from too many worries
the way to the Lord Jesus
is a simple uncluttered life
total spiritual attachment
total material detachment
immersion in peace and prayer






perspective is wisdom
perspective is power
perspective changes us profoundly


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