wings and wanderlust – book reviews by students

Book Reviews of
WINGS AND WANDERLUST – The Art of Discovering Your Inner Self
By philosophy students of Dr. Manny Dy
at the Ateneo de Manila University


“Each page has aroused various thoughts and ideas in my mind. It has been very effective in challenging the things and ideals that I have been holding on for so long.”


“The book serves as an inspiration for people who have somehow lost their way and are trying to find meaning in their lives.”


“As I went through the pages of the book, I realized that I can always find something to do and be able to renew it and re-invent myself, that I am full of possibilities.”


“From one perspective, it can be said that we are doing the author a favor by giving pre-publication comments on his book. But after reading this book, it seems it is the opposite. Mr. Lopez has done me a favor.”


“The poems strengthen the messages of the anecdotes in a very different way.  At times, I want to read faster in anticipation of the next poem.”


“The author has presented another perspective in life, that one should learn to simplify and live with what one really needs.”


“The book is something you can read over and over again.”


“The author makes me feel like I was part of the eastwind experience, and he makes me want to try it myself.”


“His ideas and concepts are so broad and deep, his advice and opinions and the lessons he wants to give.”
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