ancient filipino nature medicine

By Bernie Lopez
The multinational pharmaceuticals fear this type of article going viral in the Internet. Even just oregano leaves, no. 1, if it goes viral worldwide, can cost them billions in losses within weeks. Here are simple cures for simple ailments from ancient Filipino folk medicine.
01 Oregano leaves.
This is a very powerful expectorant for colds and flu, especially if taken as fresh leaves chewed, although a little bit bitter. Wash with warm brine to kill bacteria. Have a glass of sweet tea to wash off the bitter taste. You can add water and blend into a paste, but do not cook. In blended form, one tablespoon three times a day is good.


02 Wood or Coconut Shell Coal.
This is used for instant effective relief of severe diarrhea. Wash wood coal first with plain water to remove dust. Do not use soap. Grind a chunk into fine powder, add warm water, and drink like tea. A chunk the size of a ping-pong ball can make about three half-a-cups. Two to three half cups a day is good. Coal absorbs excess bacteria-laden fluids in the intestine. The best kind of coal is from coconut shell. Take a glass of sweet tea to wash off the taste.


03 Dried squash seeds. (Albanian)
This is for swollen prostate, aside from being an aphrodisiac. Take ¼ to ½ kilo a week, even more. Some may react to too much salt in the seed’s skin. You don’t have to ingest the salt if you know how to bite off the skin. However, wash your mouth after. Also, it has some uric acid.


04 Neem tree leaves.
This is used for skin diseases, especially psoriasis or skin fungi infections. Wash the leaves with warm brine, add water and use a blender. Boil like tea for 30 minutes. Retain only the water, using a sieve. If your psoriasis begins to itch violently, you are getting healed. You can refrigerate and reheat portions to avoid spoiling. Neem leaves are also taken orally, dried and ground into capsule form. But be careful as dosage has not been accurately determined. Also, in capsule form, it may develop fungi within a month or so. Very effective ‘cure-all’, anti-cancer, anti-arthritris, anti-toxin, etc.


05 Gall of chicken.
This is used as a very effective antidote against malaria, better than chemical medicine. It is used by Medical Mission Sisters in remote areas of Mindanao-Sulu where there is no western medicine. The best are the powerful snake or iguana gall, but chicken will do. This is very bitter, so wash it immediately with a sweet drink. Some swallow the open gall bladder itself to avoid tasting the bitterness. It is hard to take but if you have the deadly cerebral type of malaria and you are in a remote area, you have no choice. Chicken gall has saves thousands of lives in malaria endemic areas in the south.


06 Bittermelon leaves.
(Ampalaya in Pilipino). This is very effective in bringing down high fever instantly. Place the leaves on arms, legs, armpits, chest, back, then wrap with linen and or towel, or use a tight long sleeve t-shirt and long pants. The leaves absorbs body heat rapidly. Within half an hour, when the leaves are ‘cooked’, there is no more fever.


07 Fresh coconut juice.
This washes and cleans the kidney. It can melt uric stones if taken massively. Take it at will the whole day. It is a diuretic, so complement with water. Take bananas to regain lost potassium. It is also used as a substitute to intra-venus dextrose in emergency situations. It is also used as a substitute to motor oil in emergency situations (viscosity and temperature tolerance is less), but only if your car is calibrated properly.


08 Virgin coconut oil (VCO).
This is known to be a ‘cure-all’, good for all types of blood and organ ailments. Anti-toxin, anti-cancer, cures arthritis, neutralizes excess uric acid in the blood without damaging the kidneys. Three tablespoons a day before meals. You will feel the effects within two weeks. VCO is processed without heat or any added substances.


09 Kamote tops, or leaves.
Rich in Iron, this cheap leafy vegetable strengthens the blood against dengue. Boil and drink the soup and eat the leaves. It is food for peasants and the poor, being grown abundantly in backyards.


10 Sunflower or eucalyptus leaves.
These are powerful insect repellants. Fresh leaves are placed in closets to ward off cockroaches. Eucalyptus leaves are made by the Chinese into Catol, a slow burning incense that repels mosquitoes. The Ifugao tribes of the Cordillera use fresh sunflower leaves as anti-insect ‘floor wax’.


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Health Tips
01 Therapy for arthritis
02 Unclogging the heart
03 Anti-cancer anti uric diet
04 Moringa magic
as i touch even just
the hem of His tunic
i am healed
matthew 9:20
take nothing for the journey
neither walking stick nor sack
neither food nor money
let no one take a second tunic
for I your Lord provides
for those who work for Me
luke 9:5 / eastwind
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