yolanda village bounces back – tacloban 120 days after

tacloban after 120 days
eastwind journals 99
By Bernie Lopez


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Three months after Hurricane Haiyan (Yolanda, native name), bodies were still being discovered underneath the dozens of ships still stranded on shore. This is the second of a series of documentaries on Tacloban City produced by the World Surgical Foundation (WSF), which is helping in its long-term medical relief.


Part 2. (Tacloban after 120 days).


Part 1. (Tacloban after 30 days).


3-minute Meditation Corner
The Storm Inside Us


When Paul saw the spilt coffee on his desk and some of his documents wet, the first instinct was rage. But he recalled that he was praying just minutes ago while driving. He said to himself, “What for do we pray, if it does not change our lives?” Quietly, he cleaned his desk and worked as if nothing happened.


Martha, his secretary, came up to him in tears and said, “I’m the culprit. I’m sorry. I sit on your chair every morning, pretending to be a manager. If you went into a rage, I would have kept silent. But your serenity is just overpowering. It just got me.”


Paul replied, “No one can hurt us without our consent, Martha. It is a matter of will power. But if our will power is enslaved to knee-jerk rage, then we are the loser. I just did not let my rage take over my will. It’s not easy to do sometimes.”


Martha was notorious for having a chip on her shoulder. Everyone avoided her. She was the cranky witch out to get Snow White. The entire office was shocked how she changed overnight. Instantly, she was all smiles and friendly. She became prettier, for the body reflects the soul. She would bring coffee to Paul the moment he came in. A simple act of kindness has the power to change people. Gentleness is so overpowering, it can change a cold criminal to a lamb, and hurricanes into inner peace.


when you see a storm suddenly appear
and you remain cool
you will discover that the storm
really came from inside you
not from the outside world
Lord, teach us the power of Your inner peace




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Courtesy of National Geographic Archives
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