typhoon ondoy’s message – God’s Mercy and Wrath

Ondoy’s Message – God’s Mercy and Wrath


Part 1
Ondoy’s Mysterious Healing Oil


Part 2
Healing Oil Testimonials


Healing Oil Photos
Part 3
Tsunamis and the Fatima Third Secret
after the days of tribulation
the sun shall be darkened
the moon shall lose its light
stars shall fall from the sky
the powers of the firmament shall be shaken
then shall all see the Son of Man
descend from the clouds in power and glory
with His host of angels
His followers gathering from the four winds
from the ends of the earth to the ends of the heavens
heaven and earth shall pass away
but His Word shall not
of that day or hour no one knows
neither the angels in heaven nor the Son
only the Father
mark 13:24-32
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