Collision of Milky Way and Andromeda Predicted

Collision of Milky Way and Andromeda Predicted
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By Bernie V. Lopez


at the center of every galaxy is a super-blackhole
that holds in its grip billions of stars
spinning and attempting to breakaway
You are the blackhole, Lord, and we are Your stars


EXCERPTS FROM THE BOOK Ten Wisdoms of the Lord’s Prayer
Note. Some photos posted here are not in the book. Courtesy of Hubble, NASA.


Cosmologists predict that our very own galaxy, the Milky Way, is set to collide with a neighboring galaxy, Andromeda. A galaxy, on the average, has about one trillion stars. Andromeda has about 1.2 trillion stars, bigger that our Milky Way, which has about a mere 800 billion stars.




But do not worry because this will occur in about 100 million years, when we are all dead. A galactic collision does not mean the stars will collide. They will simply pass each other, but in the process, the massive electro-magnetic maelstrom will result in the birth and death of millions of stars. The collision will take a few million years.
Central Region of our Milky Way Galaxy. The blackhole controlling the 800 million stars is surrounded by the bright light, an extreme concentation of stars.


Our next door neighbor, the galaxy Andromeda is the nearest to our Milky Way, a mere 20 million light years away.


The observable or known Universe is whatever we can ‘see’ from light coming to Earth. We cannot see beyond because light travelling from great distances has not yet reached us. Beyond that, we do not have an idea or consciousness of this unknown Universe. The known Universe is about 50 billion light years in diameter, where there are about 100 billion galaxies, each having an average of a trillion stars. So there are about 50 billion trillion stars (21 zeroes). That is how small we are, and how vast the Kingdom of God is, at least part of it.


However, because of consciousness, we are just as “big” or even bigger because what we see becomes part of us. What we see becomes what we are. In that sense, the physical Universe is spiritualized in our consciousness. Whenever we pray “Your kingdom come” we are asking God to ‘lend’ us this vast awesome kingdom. The Universe is mirrored in our souls. Our consciousness thus transcends time and space. We are small and big at the same time, small because we are a speck in the vast known Universe, big because the vast Universe is within our consciousness, our minds, our souls, and become part of our existence.


As the Hubble space telescope probes deeper and deeper into space, our consciousness expands with it to the outer limits that it is able to photograph in extreme high resolution. Let us bow down in prayer.


Lord of the Universe
Creator of 50 billion trillion stars
within 100 billion galaxies
what we see is just the tip
of Your creation and power
but it is enough for us
to kneel in humble adoration
of You, our Creator


Our galaxy is part of a “cluster” of 30 galaxies. There are many other clusters around us, and together these many clusters form a “super-cluster”. We are part of the so-called Virgo super-cluster. Super-clusters together form a “filament”. There are hundreds of filaments in the known Universe.

2-dimensional clusters-voids map. Yellow circles are super-clusters, a conglomeration of many galaxies. We are part of the Virgo super-cluster. Blue circles are ‘voids’, mysterious dark areas of the Universe, “dark matter” theorized to have “dark energy” or powerful electro-magnetic storms which inhibit the emission of light. Note that voids are fewer but larger than super-clusters. 

3-dimensional version of the clusters-voids map.

About a hundred billion years ago, there was a super-nova, a massive explosion of all explosions whose light illuminated half of the known Universe. Its remnants now form the Virgo super-cluster, our home. In that explosion, the first heavy metals were formed at millions of degrees Centigrade. Those heavy metals are now in our blood – iron, zinc, and more. It is therefore accurate to say that we came from stardust and to stardust we shall return, that is, billions of years from now – when our sun expands into a red giant, then collapses into a white dwarf, then collapse further into a black hole, then becomes a nova. We return to our roots, the stars. Seemingly, we are of star material, a cosmic brew that developed consciousness.

A nebula is a vast expanse of dust clouds and gases, remnants of a nova, or a star explosion. This is the majestic Trifid Nebula (M20 or NGC 6514) in the constellation Sagittarius. Its hypnotic character is due to its being many types of nebula in one – an open cluster of stars; an emission nebula, a reflection nebula. and a dark nebula


we are dust
and to dust we shall return
in an earthly way
we are stardust
and to stardust we shall return
in a cosmic way
the iron in our blood
was formed a billion years ago
in a blinding super-nova
that was the power of God’s Creation
working through the Universe
to form Man into His image and likeness




at the center of every galaxy is a super-blackhole
that holds in its grip billions of stars
spinning and attempting to breakaway
You are the blackhole, Lord, and we are Your stars
with our puny instruments
that we regard as awesome inventions
we are just beginning to understand
the mysteries of Your universe, Lord
at every turn, at every spectacle newly discovered
we discern a glimmer of Your wisdom and power

and we bow in utter adoration and prayer


Whirlpool Galaxy M51, 30 million light years away, merging with a smaller galaxy, or rather siphoning it in its grip. 


Ten Wisdoms of the Lord’s Prayer
By Victor Cusi and Bernie V. Lopez


The book walks the readers thru the Lord’s Prayer, broken down into ten phrases, hence ten wisdoms. It gives fresh philosophical and theological insights into this Prayer of all prayers, sprinkled with a collection of 50 heart-rending anecdotes, mostly true stories. To order the book, send request to


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