OUR AWESOME UNIVERSE we are stardust

eastwind journals 166


By Bernie Lopez


we are stardust


we are stardust in a cosmic way
and to stardust we shall return
we are dust in an earthly way
and to dust we shall return
trillions of years ago
a massive super-nova occurred
an explosion of a mega-star
the explosion was the size
of billions of light years in diameter
lighting up half of the known universe
it was a ‘mini-big bang’
a microcosm of the primordial first explosion
that created the entire known universe
our sun is a speck among a trillion other stars
within the milky way galaxy
which is in turn a tiny speck within a cluster
of billions of other galaxies
which is in turn a speck within a super-cluster
of millions of other clusters
that is how small we are
that is how big the universe is
the remnants of that super-nova
is what we know today as the virgo super-cluster
that super-nova created intense heat
of billions of degrees fahrenheit
the foundry in which the very first heavy metals
were formed on a molecular level
gold, zinc, iron, manganese, copper
the iron in our blood came from that super-nova
billions of years from now
our milky way will collide
with andromeda, a nearby bigger galaxy
but their stars and our stars will not collide
they will simply pass each other
triggering gravitational mega-storms
the birth new of stars
the death of old stars
the formation of intertwining nebulas and stardusts
harmony within chaos all at once
billions of years from now
our very own sun will collapse
and explode into a nova
a millionth of a millionth
of the size of the the virgo super-nova
a trillionth of trillionth
of the size of the cosmic big-bang
we are stardust
and to stardust we shall return
in a cosmic way
just as we are dust
and to dust we shall return
in an earthly way
our sun is temporal
it will die billions of light years from now
we are temporal
we will die in mere decades
but within the temporal is the eternal
because our spirits are immortal
we are a speck in the universe
yet we are bigger than the universe
because of consciousness
what we see becomes part of our consciousness
contained in our small brain and infinite spirit
what we see becomes what we are
through consciousness, we transcend the physical universe
we transcend cosmic time and space
we are for now and we are forever all at once
like a flower which is for now as it will wilt tomorrow
but which is forever as it gives seeds for the next generation
the harmony and chaos of the universe
are within all of us and each of us
the battle between good and evil
between light and darkness
between building and destroying
within the temporal we must earn the eternal
by fending off the temptation to grab, steal, and hate
and learning to give, share, and love
we attain eternal virtues within our temporal world




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Meditating on the Universe, Fr. James B. Reuter, SJ


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