GLOBAL HUMAN IMPLOSION LOOMS – 60 million refugees worldwide

60 Million Refugees Worldwide and Increasing
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By Bernie Lopez

The UNHCR predicted a swelling of refugees in the EU to 850,000 for 2015. Recently, however, it changed its mind, saying it is more like 1.4 million. That is almost double. There are a staggering 60 million refugees worldwide today, the equivalent of a small nation. And if that doubles in a few years, the planet may start to implode and humanity self-destruct. War among nations may evolve into war within nations, more vicious, more devastating. Social cancer in the form of anarchy may consume affluent nations from within. It is the law of equilibrium. Heat seeks cold. Poverty seeks affluence. We are in an era of tribulations, in a word from the Book of Revelation.
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The sudden asymptotic increase of refugees in a very short time is attributed to two factors. First is the band wagon factor. When people mutilated by war or poverty see other people leave and are accepted in affluent nations like German or Britain, they also want to leave. Even debt-ridden Greece is a target. The effect is mind boggling. Refugees increase exponentially from a handful to an uncontrollable hoard. Second, despair and increasing intolerable conditions force them to take the risk. They become braver, more daring, willing to face hardship, even death, in their suffering and despair.


We are entering an era in human history never seen before – a massive implosion, an uncontrollable unpredictable humanitarian crisis. At the start, rich nations welcome the refugees with open arms. But as the waves become tidal, their sympathies turn into fear of something they can no longer control, from red carpet to rejection. The thought that Syrian refugees are infiltrated by ISIS suicide bombers is scary. The current massive influx of refugees from poor and war torn nations will dramatically change the fiber of society itself in the affluent host countries. When refugees reach a critical mass within a host country, the socio-economic possibilities are unpredictable. Anarchy can sprout quickly in the streets. The war is no longer between nations but within nations.


If it seems Man is ‘self-destructing’, the culprits are obvious – greed, insensitivity, vengeance, hatred, corruption, all the forces of darkness in our hearts overwhelming the forces of light. Perhaps we need a moral revolution, a painful spiritual cleansing, a going back to basics. Yet, it seems we are being drawn into a powerful vortex yet unseen, and we are helpless.
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Return from Diaspora
There is a second facet to the human implosion, the return from diaspora. Diaspora comes from the Greek word for scattering or dispersal. Biblically, it refers to Jews living outside of Israel. After the Babylonian exile, the punishment on the Jews for abandoning God, they were scattered across the earth. To this day, remnants of that diaspora is everywhere. There are Jews in Spain, Iran, France, across all of Eastern Europe and Russia, across North and South America, as far as Ethiopia and North Africa.
Paradoxically, the Jews, who have been persecuted for centuries by both Christians and Muslims, participated in major Christian and Muslim renaissances. Paradoxically, today, Jews influence large portions of businesses in these countries. In the US, they control Hollywood, media, and Wall Street. When a series of bombing rocked France, Netanyahu told the French Jews to come home to Israel. 800 French Jews, mostly rich, went to Israel, triggering a massive capital flight of billions of dollars. French Premier Hollande pleaded with Netanyahu to stop his campaign, for he knew, if this went haywire, the entire economy of France was at stake. Relate this to the entire EU and you may have an EU economic meltdown, making Israel richer and more powerful ten fold.
There are Biblical prophecies which say that the return of the Jews from the diaspora marks the beginning of tribulations, ushering in the ‘end times’, mentioned in the Book of Revelation.


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