can IS be stopped? coalition vs IS won’t work

CAN I.S. BE STOPPED? (Inquirer)
BREAKING NEWS – UN Security Council and Britain Violating International Law?
BREAKING NEWS – Use of Banned Chemical in Basilan by PCA
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By Bernie Lopez
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BREAKING NEWS – UN Security Council and Britain Violating International Law?
Concerned humanitarian groups are set to charge Britain in court over exports to Saudi Arabia of sophisticated bombs which have killed hundreds of innocent civilians in Yemen, a violation of British and International Law. Sunni-dominated Saudi Arabia, conducting regular bombing sorties, has entered the war in Sunni-ruled Yemen to quell a Shiite rebellion gaining ground. Saudi Arabia says it has a go signal from the UN Security Council (still to be verified) to conduct the bombings, implying that the UN Security Council is also in violation of International Law.
BREAKING NEWS – Use of Banned Chemical in Basilan by PCA
Ms. Erlene and Dr. Medina of the PCA say that coconut insects have infested two million trees in Basilan. Save the Coconut Movement (SCM) members say the PCA figure is overstated. Is this to justify once more massive trunk injection using Mitsubishi’s Starkle, derived from the deadly chemical neonicotinoid, which is banned in Europe and America but approved by our FPA? President Aquino had appropriated P700 million to contain the infestation. Due to massive protests, the PCA promised to stop the order of the deadly chemical, but there is still a lot of it around. There is strong pressure to spend the big budget that would benefit Starkle agents and endorsers from PCA-UPLB elements.
PCA suppressed information and use of successful organic and parasitoid solutions in favor of Starkle. In spite of two scientists reporting that there were signs of recovery from parasitization in Basilan, PCA rejected the parasitoid option, claiming there are no such parasitoids yet there.


01. CAN I.S. BE STOPPED? (Philippine Daily Inquirer)
Stopping I.S. would not be easy because the organization has morphed from a geographical entity into a psychological one, from a ragtag regional occupational force into a global omnipresent symbol of a seemingly just cause. I.S. is now a “global culture,” a mindset spreading like wildfire.


Core Issue – Assad Interregnum
The planned coalition between the US and Russia will never work because they both have conflicting geopolitical agenda and goals. US wants Assad out. Russia wants Assad in. They both want IS out but the big question is who will replace Assad. Russia is also fighting against Assad’s enemies, the local Syrian resistance. US views them as allies.
IS beheading.
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Let us talk of motives to understand the situation. The Assad interregnum is the most crucial issue which can trigger a war. Who will replace Shiite Assad if he dies or goes? US wants a Sunni regime to replace him as a stepping stone to invading Shiite Iran. Iran is the final target of the US, its gas and oil. Russia wants a Shiite regime to replace Assad as a buffer against a pro-US Sunni-based invasion of Iran. Russia will go to war to keep Iran from having a pro-US regime because it is the last buffer to its border. Russia is extremely neurotic of US ‘defense’ missiles in Iran facing Moscow, like those in Poland.


Russia is open to the coalition but not to a Sunni replacement to Assad. A coalition is good to prevent war. The coordination of both ground and aerial forces is critical to avoid an accidental encounter escalating to a full blown war.


The motives of the US to neutralize IS is suspect. Social media reported that the CIA-MI5-MOSSAD teamed up to smuggle arms to IS via Turkey when Kaddafi fell. US bombings of IS for a year had less impact than Russian bombings for two weeks. Why? If the US armed IS, or the intelligence community did without the acquiescence of the White House, is it now changing its mind for creating a monster it has to fight after the carnage in San Bernardino and Paris?
Russian bombing in Syria
Source – bomb photo


Finally, the US may finally send troops, impatient that Iraqi and Kurdish ground troops cannot do the job. The conglomeration of foreign forces in Syria is very dangerous – Russian missiles in land bases and warships, US, French, British warplanes, and a mix of ground troops with different agenda. Aerial sorties actually trigger escalation when they kill innocent civilians. They also induce a protracted no-winner war where the ultimate vicitims are Syrian civilians. Syrian refugees has reached 2 million, and increasing.


Can the Syrian situation lead to World War III? It is possible in the short to medium term. Can IS be stopped? Yes perhaps, but it is a tall order that may take years and many innocent lives. It is the greatest challenge that will strain the powers that be.




the people who walked in darkness
have seen a radiant Light
upon those who dwelt in the land of gloom


the Lord is my Light and my salvation
whom should I fear?
He is my refuge
from whom should I flee?


I create Light and darkness, refuge and suffering
I the Lord do all these things


then shall the eyes
of the blind be opened


even as i walk in darkness
i fear no evil for You o Lord are with me
PSALM 23:3




A thanksgiving prayer for divine rescue
from a vastly superior foe.
It is also our song in times of tribulation.


i love you Lord my strength my rock my fortress my deliverer
my God my refuge my shield my saving horn my stronghold
praise be to You Who has delivered me from my enemies
death was all around me, torrential floods inundating me
the noose of Sehol tightening, the snares of death awaited me in ambush
in my distress i cried out to the Lord
and from His celestial abode He heard my plea
the earth trembled, cracking the foundations of mountains
His wrath ignited, smoke billowing from His breath
kindling coals into flame, He then parted the heavens
descending with a dark cloud under His feet
flying atop cherubs, borne by the wings of the wind
the surrounding darkness veiled His majesty
a canopy of violent thunder proclaimed His coming
clouds and hail and lightning were all around Him
the Lord thundered from the heavens, His voice echoing
His arrows and lightning bolts flew, dispersing my enemy
the sea floor surfaced
the world’s foundation was laid bare
at the roar of the Lord, His breath like a storm
He reached down from the skies and cradled me
He drew me out of the deep waters
and rescued me from my mighty foes
too strong for my sword, they attacked on a day of distress
but the Lord came to my aid and set me free
He rescued me because He loves me


Psalm 18:1-20




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