US-RUSSIA-SYRIA ALL GUILTY OF WAR CRIMES * children of war photo awards

All Resorting to Genocide of Syrian People
CHILDREN OF WAR Photo-Journalism Awards 2016 -SEE APPENDIX
Philippine Daily Inquirer Letter to the Editor Oct. 17, 2016
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By Bernie V. Lopez
Philippine Daily Inquirer Opinion Writer
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from sheer shock
some of the children of war are tear-less
their faces have no emotions
but deep inside a hurricane rages
and they ask the wind
why are they killing us?
and the wind has no answer
except a deep long moan


Here are events and maps which prove US-Russia-Syria are committing genocide, which is escalating the Syrian proxy war for their vested geopolitical interests. The US keeps saying Syria and Russia are guilty of ‘war crimes’ in eastern Aleppo, but they are themselves guilty in their airstrikes in Deir-Ezzor.


The US agenda is to dethrone the pro-Russian Shiite regime of Assad and replace it with a pro-US Sunni one in preparation for the invasion of Shiite Iran. The Russian agenda is to keep Syria Shiite as buffer for Shiite Iran, which is in turn a buffer for Russia itself. That is the overall geopolitics.


The Syrian Proxy War is therefore a Sunni-Shiite conflict regionally, and a US-Russia conflict globally. The US is secretly hesitant to neutralize the Sunni-based ISIS because they can potentially help dethrone the Shiites. Once the Shiites are dethroned, then the US can run after ISIS. It is Afghanistan all over again – first a US ally, then a US enemy.


The UN condemns Russia-Syria war crimes but is silent on US-UK war crimes, a double standard that affects its integrity as a fair world organization. The US in fact controls sectors of the UN Security Council through discreet threats against non-pro-US members.


Rapid Escalation of Syrian Proxy War


First, during the ceasefire, the US bombed a Syrian position near Deir-Ezzor, which controls a vital road junction. They killed more than 60 Syrian troops, their real target. ISIS moved in quickly into the vacuum with a rapid ground attack. US said it was friendly fire, but it was obviously deliberate. The propaganda war between East and West is full of conflicting misinformation, leaving the public ignorant. Media is the tool for vested interests, not for truth. Only social media may sometimes bridge the information gap, but it may also full of misinformation.


In retaliation for Deir-Ezzor, Russia sent its carrier Admiral Kuznetsov with 24 strike aircraft and 30 helicopter gunships to the Syrian coast. Iranian media released an unconfirmed report that Russia destroyed a “foreign military operations room, killing over two dozen Israeli and western intelligence officers”. (Source – Russia and Syria also conducted airstrikes on a humanitarian-aid convoy to deny aid for the rebels, which aid was really meant for beleaguered civilians. This vicious war crime was tagged by rebels as a ‘scorched-earth’ campaign.


Both US and Russia went through the motion of a ceasefire for the media, but had no intention of following it, revealing their hypocrisy. Both  are guilty of genocide. The heavens cry out for vengeance for the massacre of innocent Syrians.
it is easy to see that the Lord has abandoned us
and hard to see that we have abandoned Him
it is easy to blame terrorists killing our civilians
and hard to blame ourselves killing their civilians
the Lord permits terrorists
to send His message to us as in 9/11
not to americans alone but to humankind
for our sins of pride and greed
the twin tower of babel
is the same as the twin tower of new york
the message is crystal clear
return to the Lord or face His wrath
CHILDREN OF WAR Photo-Journalism Awards 2016
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