DARK CLOUDS OVER MOSUL * pipeline geopolitics * US hypocrisy

DARK CLOUDS OVER MOSUL * pipeline geopolitics
American Hypocrisy and Double Standards

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By Bernie V. Lopez
Philippine Daily Inquirer opinion writer on Geopolitics
Permission is granted to re-publish with credits and notification.
Disclaimer – the views in this article are the author’s alone.
Pope Francis Supports Trump?
Is Pope Francis really endorsing Trump because of “The Rule of Law”? If so, this is a very strong and historic statement from the Papacy. He hinted that being silent is a sin of omission.
Russia and the UNHRC.
If Russia is excluded from the UN Human Rights Commission (UNHRC) talks because of the Aleppo bombings of civilians, the same should be true for the US for the Mosul bombings of civilians. The same is true for Saudi Arabia in Yemen, Syria,  Iraq, UK, and France. If everybody is guilty and excluded, there will be no more people in the UNHRC talks. The UN is glaringly biased for the US and against Russia. Is the UN a puppet of the US?
Police Protests.
It is an irony that the police in Paris, who are supposed to protect the public, are seeking protection from the angry public. They report that there are ‘no go’ zones which they refuse to enter out of fear, denied vehemently by the government. The root cause of public anger is reportedly policies on overflowing migrants and on anti-terrorism. The ‘no go’ zones are extremely dangerous because total anarchy and lawlessness will prevail. If there are terror attacks, the police may not come. Drugs and criminality can swell in the no-go zones. The public mood may shift from anger to fear.
It’s going to be a free for all at Mosul. The Kurs, Iranian Militia, and Turkish Army are joining the assault of the US-backed Iraqis. If they diviide the territory among Sunnis and Shiites, it will like another Berlin split into many fragments.
The invasion of Mosul by US-Iraqi forces will be the same as that of Eastern Aleppo by Russia-Syria forces, the same carnage, the same war crime. It begins with saturation airstrikes before ground troops move in. Civilians will be denied water and food. Hospitals and humanitarian groups will be collateral damage. Eighty percent of homes and buildings will be turned into rubble. The Mosul invasion is part of an energy war to make oil flow to the West.
The attack will be protracted as ISIL will fight house-to-house to the death. When finally ISIL is driven out, there will be nothing left except a handful of civilian survivors. Mosul is a victory for the EU, as it insures the flow of oil. (See Pipeline Geopolitics below). But it is a defeat for the Syrian people who are mutilated by war, especially since ISIL will regroup elsewhere for the endless war. Rebuilding Mosul to its former glory will take a decade.
The US, the accuser in the Aleppo carnage, will now become the accused in Mosul. Western media will cover it up, but social media will fill the gap. A US-Russia alliance and any cease fire are inherently impossible because of conflicting interests. The US wants the Shiite Assad regime replaced by a pro-US Sunni one in preparation for the invasion of Shiite Iran, which is now being simulated in the Pentagon drawing board. The invasion is partly being orchestrated by Israel via its most powerful US lobby, American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), which pours funds for politicians for vested interests. Russia will risk World War III to defend Iran, the last big buffer to the Russian border, and NATO, through Hillary if she wins, will push for the encirclement strategy against Russia.
Here are the facts about Mosul before the looming air-ground offensive by US-Iraqi forces –
  • Like New York City and the ancient Nineveh of biblical times, Mosul is a melting pot which fed the economy – Arabs, Assyrians Christians, Iraqi Turkmen, Yazidis, Armenians, Shabakis.
  • Mosul has an oil refinery, and is an important commercial center, a modern expansion of the ancient affluent city of Nineveh across the Tigris River.
  • Mosul is predominantly Sunni, and they fear a massacre in the hands of the Shiite-dominated Iraqi army and the Shiite Iranian militia who may join the invasion.
  • Mosul was a strategic airbase for the US after the conquest of Iraq and before ISIL took over. It had an international airport which brought in Muslim pilgrims to Mecca. It became a target of suicide bombings because of US military presence.
  • Half a million of the melting pot which fed the economy fled two days after the ISIL take over. It was a massive brain drain. Its population of 2.5 million was reduced considerably to about 1.8. The exodus of businessmen and professionals has turned this commercial city into one huge refugee camp.
  • ISIL acquired three division’s worth of prime US arms and munitions when they took over Mosul. This is why ISIL has the ability to dig in and resist a US-Iraqi invasion.
  • In the nearby village of Qayyara, ISIL has burned oil wells, which have been burning for two years now since the 2014 ISIL invasion. No one can put out the fire.
  • “Phone lines have been cut by ISIL and cell phone towers and internet access destroyed. The residents of the city have been de facto prisoners, forbidden to leave the city.”
(Source – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mosul)
Pipeline Geopolitics
Pipeline Geopolitics is a complex labyrinth connecting oil-gas fields from sources in the Middle East to buyers in Europe via pipelines. It will take a book to explain this. The pipeline network is a major cause of energy wars in the Middle East. The Syrian conflict began as an authentic internal civil war of the Sunni majority against the oppressive Shiite rule of Assad. It evolved into a vicious proxy energy war when outside Sunni forces, including IS and Al Qaeda, were funded by Qatar in anger over Assad not allowing an oil pipeline to Europe to pass through. Mosul is strategic to protecting the Iraq-Turkey pipeline as shown in the map below. It is crucial to take ISIL out of Mosul in the name of dwindling energy for the West. Bernie V. Lopez – eastwindreplyctr@gmail.com
Pipeline Map of Syria 2005

This 2005 map is incomplete and outdated.
(Source – http://www.fromthewilderness.com/free/ww3/090705_iraqi_partition.shtml).
  • The US accuses Russia and Syria of war crimes in Eastern Aleppo, but they do the same in Deir-Ezzor, Afghanistan, and Yemen.
  • The US accuses Russian and Chinese media of being under regime control, when the US media is under the control of powerful vested-interests, a propaganda tool for Clinton and Trump, who have degraded US election campaign into a childish mud-slinging affair.
  • The US will not allow Russian missiles in Cuba, near their backyard, but they want ‘defense’ missiles in Poland and the Balkans, near the Russian border, which may cause World War III.
  • Conditional aid is a form of hegemony. The US and the US-dominated World Bank-IMF consortium give aid only if the recipient kneels to vested-interest loans, e.g. reform your tax laws so you can pay your debt to us; a blind eye on environmental protests against big-loan infra projects; grants given only if they result in loans to already-heavily-indebted poor nations. The EU does the same – aid to Turkey only if it conforms to its refugee policies.
  • The US will run after people who kill Americans, like Bin Laden, but will protect American killers and rapists in their overseas bases from prosecution by local courts.
  • The US condemns human rights violations but is guilty of torture and rape in Guantanamo and Abu Graibh, which eventually gave birth to ISIS when it gave amnesty to thousands of Baathists it mutilated.
  • The US go into war in the name, not of democracy as it claims, but of vested interests.



the Lord is always on our side
but we  have to will it

He will not come if we do not let Him

God’s will waits for our free will
to make the first move
that  first move is faith and prayer
we often seek the praise of men
instead of the praise of God
we please others but forget to please God
fame is a not a virtue but a vice
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