ME pipeline wars triggered refugee crisis * SSS milking small people

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By Bernie V. Lopez
Opinion Writer on Geopolitics, Philippine Daily Inquirer
Disclaimer – the views in this article are the author’s alone.
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The SSS, recently submitted for Duterte’s approval a P1,000 increase for pensioners this year and another P1,000 in 2022. SSS officials and Budget Secretary Benjamin Diokno however fear that there must be a quid pro quo, an equivalent increase in payments of 1.5% from its 33 million members, so the pension fund would not be depleted dramatically. The 1.5% increase translates into tens of billions of pesos, way above the amount lost to pension hikes. Diokno proposed that such payments can only be increased after a tax break that would enable members to pay the increase. It is like the SSS “stealing” from the BIR. A congressman said the SSS figures justifying increase in payments is questionable.
Before such payment increases are implemented, the SSS has to first wash its dirty linens. SSS Executive Director Emilio Dequeros, Jr. and his Board had bonuses up to a staggering 10M approved by Noynoy. SSS promised to give adjustments to members whenever there were wage hikes passed by law, as in 2000, but such adjustments were never paid. SSS has been accused of mismanaging and diverting funds. For example, do they end up as campaign funds? SSS is reputed to be one of the most corrupt government agencies. The SSS in the US helps people, but in the Philippines it fleeces people. Bernie V. Lopez,


If you see the complex labyrinth of oil-gas pipelines flowing from the Middle East to the EU, you will see that the region is infested with energy wars, which are related to the flow of refugees from war zones. Energy is the ultimate catalyst for wars and refugees. (Sources of pipeline maps – Wikipedia search for “pipeline maps middle east”, click “images”).

It was Qatar which started the Syrian War. Angered by Assad refusing access for its pipeline to the EU, Qatar funded the ISIS to destroy Assad. The wars in Yemen and Nigeria are a product of governments and their oil multinational partners enriching themselves and leaving bread crumbs for the poor populace, triggering the rise of rebels.

These energy wars are causing in the EU-US the rapid flow of refugees and the escalating growth of terrorism. Everything is inter-related. Like water seeking the tiniest crevice, war has a way of spreading across the globe. The refugee crisis is catalyzing internal civil wars in the EU-US host countries between pro- and anti-refugees. Intense counter-terrorism efforts are affecting the lives of ordinary citizens. All these are bad karma spreading out. Only good karma can neutralize bad ones, but there is little around. Bernie V. Lopez,

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