Vol. 2 – 100-year Fatima Anniversary
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By Bernie V. Lopez
Philippine Daily Inquirer Opinion Writer
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BREAKING NEWS – SSS wants to bleed OFWs
In the Bible, Jesus cites the tax collector as a sinner because he bled the poor. Today, SSS is the biblical tax collector out to bleed OFWs. Why is the SSS a symbol of greed and evil? SSS earlier proposed to Duterte an increase of Php1,000 or 1.5% per each of its 33 million pensioners, yielding tens of billions of pesos. Not satisfied, SSS now wants OFWs to pay SSS, yielding a staggering Php7 billion a month, on top of OFW payments to OWWA and DOLE. This is a form of immoral ‘multiple-taxation’ which feeds corruption. SSS says they are running out of funds, when its Board gave itself bonuses of up to Php10 million during Nonoy’s reign. Media has alleged SSS funds manipulated in the past, for elections and for questionable projects. Why should we induce corruption? We ask President Duterte not to approve this evil greedy immoral plan, and leave the OFWs alone to improve their lives.

Our Lady of Fatima established her presence during Yolanda, the so-called millennium storm, in two ways. First was the many miracles of people and places mysteriously saved from the storm, as described below. Second, Pope Francis dispatched a life-size statue of Our Lady of Fatima to the disaster area in response to an earlier deadly earthquake in Cebu and Bohol, where dozens of ancient churches were razed to the ground (read vol. 3).

During and after Yolanda, a handful of brothers walked from village to village through the mud and debris for 3 days, bearing the Papal statue, until they finally reached the doorstep of the residence of Archbishop John Du in Tacloban, the scene of thousands killed by a series of powerful storm surges that went three kilometers inland.

The above photo of the Blue Lady went viral in the Internet after 3 days. Yolanda fulfilled the prophecies of Our Lady of Fatima of future global cataclysms. The messages were both of salvation and of punishment.

Towns Mysteriously Saved from Yolanda.

Mysteriously, some villages had little or no casualties, while neighboring ones a few kilometers away were completely devastated. In Punta Maria, in Borangan Bay, long before Yolanda came, seven elderly women prayed the rosary every day in a makeshift chapel. It was in the direct path of Yolanda, yet there were no casualties and storm surge, although a few houses near shore were destroyed by the wind. The same case happened in Ando Island in Borongan Bay, where women had an active rosary brigade.

The remote coastal village of Sulangan, Eastern Samar, is a pilgrim center for devotees to St. Anthony of Padua. In June, about 10,000 pilgrims converge every year from as far as Cebu, Bohol, Antique, and Bicol to the church, which is noted for miraculous healings of the sick. Also on the direct path of Yolanda, Sulangan had only three casualties, three senior citizens who refused to seek refuge in the church. In nearby towns, including Guiuan, thousands died from the storm surge. Almost all of the roofs of houses in Sulangan were destroyed but precious lives were saved. Samareños attribute the safety of Sulangan and Borongan from Yolanda to devotion to the Blessed Virgin and Saint Anthony. In the capital Tacloban, tens of thousands died, the odor of corpses mixed with street debris lingered for months.

Typhoon Yolanda’s Path


In Borongan, a student, a housewife and a teacher, who had a common story, were interviewed by the author. At the height of Yolanda, they saw a Lady near shore (just like the above photo) as a storm surge was approaching. The student even ran towards the Lady to warn her of the oncoming storm surge. As in the viral photo above, both the Lady and the storm surge vanished. There are many more undocumented stories of how the Lord spared those devout to Him and Our Lady.

The message of Yolanda is the same as that of Fatima, Sodom and Gomorrah, Noah with his ark, and of the entire Old Testament – return to the Lord and receive His mercy, abandon Him and receive His wrath. The Lord of Mercy is the Lord of Wrath. eastwindreplyctr@gmail.com

NOVENA TO OUR LADY OF FATIMA. Simply say a Hail Mary every day for 9 days for the forgiveness of the sins, reparation for sins, conversion of sinners, and the prevention of future disasters. The Lord can change His mind in sending cataclysms if we pray. End the prayer by being aware of Jesus beside you, and saying “Jesus” seven times. Please pass to friends.

Tacloban 30 days after Yolanda – reeling
Tacloban 120 days after Yolanda – bouncing back

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