BREAKING NEWS – SSS wants to bleed OFWs

BREAKING NEWS – SSS wants to bleed OFWs
By Bernie V. Lopez
Philippine Daily Inquirer Opinion Writer


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In the Bible, Jesus cites the tax collector as a sinner because he bled the poor. Today, SSS is the biblical tax collector out to bleed OFWs. Why is the SSS a symbol of greed and evil? SSS earlier proposed to Duterte an increase of Php1,000 or 1.5% per each of its 33 million pensioners, yielding tens of billions of pesos. Not satisfied, SSS now wants OFWs to pay SSS, yielding a staggering Php7 billion a month, on top of OFW payments to OWWA and DOLE. This is a form of immoral ‘multiple-taxation’ which feed corruptions. SSS says they are running out of funds, when its Board gave itself bonuses of up to Php10 million during Nonoy’s reign. Media has alleged SSS funds manipulated in the past, for elections and for questionable projects. Why should we induce corruption? We ask President Duterte not to approve this evil greedy immoral plan, and leave the OFWs alone to improve their lives.
(Sources – Mar Salazar *
Bernie V. Lopez
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