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Based on a true story related by cancer-healer Sr. Raquel Reodica, RVM
A child teaches her mother how to pray the rosary
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By Bernie V. Lopez,
Blogger / retired Inquirer columnist / healing ministry
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Susan is a five-year-old kid. Her mother prays the rosary every evening in front of the home altar. Susan does not pray the rosary with her. She just sits behind her silently. Her mother has advanced stage psoriasis on her scalp. The hair has fallen off, and it is full of pus. She cannot sleep due to extreme itchiness. This has made her very cranky.


MOTHER – How come you never pray the rosary with me?
SUSAN – Of course, I pray the rosary silently behind you.
MOTHER – So let me give you a rosary.
SUSAN – I don’t need one, mommy. This is my rosary. (She puts up her two hands.)
MOTHER – Oh, ten Hail Mary’s, right? That’s nice.
SUSAN – Nope. No Hail Marys.
MOTHER – So, how do you pray then?


SUSAN – (Clasping her hands in prayer.) I just talk to Jesus and Mama Mary. They always listen to me. Let me pray now. (She closes her eyes.) Jesus, through Your Mommy, please take care of my mommy, Jessica, Gloria, and me. Keep us safe, happy, and together. (She opens her eyes.) That’s it. It takes me 30 seconds. (She offers her open hands to her mother.) Kiss my hands. They are full of prayers.


They go to the dining table for dinner.


MOTHER – Jessica, please give me a glass of cold water.
Jessica, the first maid, appears with a glass of water.


MOTHER – What is this? (Screaming.) I told you time and again, when you wash my glass, wipe it dry so there are no spots. Look, look, I can’t drink this? You imbecile. Get out of here. Gloria,
give me a glass of water.


Gloria, the second maid, appears with a glass of water. The mother throws the glass against the wall.


MOTHER – Same thing, Gloria. When will you ever learn?


The two maids retreat to the kitchen, sobbing, as the mother trembles with anger, screaming.


SUSAN – (Undaunted by her anger) Mommy, can you mix good and evil?


MOTHER – (Forgetting her anger for a moment.) Of course not. They are opposed to each other, enemies forever.


SUSAN – So, how come you pray the rosary, then scream at the maids?


The mother is silent. She is jolted. After a full minute of reflection, she embraces Susan. In tears, she goes to the two maids, and embraces them. All are now sobbing, except Susan, watching with a smile.


MOTHER – (To Jessica and Gloria) Here, take these two rosaries. I bought them in Rome. They are expensive. I will stick to this little local wooden rosary.


SUSAN – Mommy, will your prayers be heard more if your rosary is expensive?
MOTHER – No, darling, It does not matter. That’s why I keep the cheaper rosary.


From then on, after her mother prays the rosary, she and Susan go to the kitchen to Jessica and Gloria, and with clasped hands, and closed eyes and ‘pray the rosary’ together again for 30 seconds.


SUSAN leads the prayers, “Jesus, through Your Mother Mary, please take care of my mommy, Jessica, Gloria, and me. Keep us safe, happy, and together.”


She offers her open hands. The mother, Jessica and Gloria kisses them. Then, they embrace each other.


SUSAN – Mommy, I notice your scalp is getting better. No more itch?
MOTHER – Yes, I am surprised myself.


SUSAN – I’m not surprised, mommy. My teacher says ‘forgiveness heals’. I think, when you embraced Jessica and Gloria, your scalp started to heal.


MOTHER – Yes, I believe so, darling.
SUSAN – You better believe it. Mama Mary asked Jesus to heal you because you forgave.
MOTHER – Yes, darling, forgiveness not only heals, it gives inner peace.
SUSAN – And the one who hates is the unfortunate one. Hatred will destroy him.
MOTHER – Yes, darling.


After a month, the scalp of Susan’s mother was completely dry and hair started growing. She slept well and never became cranky again. It was a great feat of the rosary kid to bring inner peace to their tiny simple home.

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