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Free download – Slide Show on Fatima Disaster Prophecies (100 year anniversary)
This year is the 100-year anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima, whose prophecies of global disasters have been fulfilled through the decades, and through whose intercession we pray to the Lord for the healing of Mankind and Mother Earth.
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Prayers and atonement for sins can save people from disasters, as in Hiroshima.

Let us pray for the healing of Mankind and of Mother Earth –
THREE HAIL MARYs right now from our keyboards and keypads.
Let us pray for –
  • Safety from global disasters.
  • Cooperation towards the reversal of climate change and poisoning of the Earth.
  • The reign of sharing over greed in an age of want and dwindling resources.
  • World peace and reconciliation. Safety from wars and terrorism.
  • Healing of war wounds, of hatred and vengeance. The reign of forgiveness.
  • Inner peace and healing for our families in a chaotic and poisoned world.
  • The forgiveness of sins, cause of disasters, wars, and pandemics.
  • Reparations and atonement for sins. Conversion of sinners.
Our Lady of Fatima, whom Jesus could not refuse at the Wedding at Cana, pray for us sinners and guide us towards your Son to heal us and our Earth. Amen. (Please pass.)


Slide Presentation on the Disaster Messages of Our Lady of Fatima


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