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If Pope Francis consecrates China to Our Lady, will it avert an invasion?
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By Bernie V. Lopez, eastwindreplyctr@gmail.com
“Pray hard, for China’s dream is to invade the whole world. The Philippines is one of its favorites.” Our Lady Mediatrix of Grace, Lipa, October 17, 1949.


This prophecy was given by Our Lady to visionary Sister Teresing Castillo of the Carmelite congregation of Lipa, and later announced by Cardinal Vidal, former Archbishop of Lipa. (Inquirer, July 13, 2014). The message was given on the 33rd year anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima, October 17, 1949, establishing the link between Fatima and Lipa.


The Carmelite Sisters have been praying for China ever since that prophecy, for they believe peace can still be attained through prayers. Marian Devotees are asking Pope Francis to consecration China to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, just as St. John Paul II consecrated Russia in 1984, which led to the first-ever visit of a Russian leader (Gorbachev) to the Vatican, to the restoration of religious freedom in Russia, and to the end of the Cold War after the collapse of the Berlin Wall. China’s ‘Nine-Dash’ initiative, claiming 80% of South China Sea, hugging the entire western flank of the Philippine coastline, affirms the prophecy’s statement, “the Philippines (as) one of (China’s) favorites”.




Author’s Note. In spite of the decades-old controversy, the devotion to Our Lady Mediatrix of Grace is permitted by the Church, even before it gives a final declaration of authenticity, which may take a long time. Mediatrix devotion spread like wild fire after the shower of rose petals. It took 20 years for the Fatima Miracle of the Dancing Sun, witnessed by thousands, to be authenticated by the Church. The Lipa Miracle of the Rose Petals (images on the petals) was witnessed by hundreds and hundreds of petals exist today as indisputable evidence of authenticity.


History of Marian Intervention


The consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary in 1984 by Saint John Paul II, requested by Our Lady of Fatima seven decades before in 1917, ushered in a series of events considered to be a ‘Marian Intervention towards Global Peace’.


First, five years after the consecration of Russia in 1989, the 40-year-old Berlin Wall, dividing the capitalist West from the communist East, collapsed, ushering in the end of the Cold War. Second, the reunification of post-war Germany in 1991 after the fall of the Berlin wall was followed by the collapse of the Soviet Empire into 15 separate countries.


The ‘last Emperor’, Mikhail Gorbachev, who instituted Glasnost (openness) and Perestroika (economic reform) which melted the Iron Curtain, visited the ‘Fatima Pope’ Saint John Paul II, a historic first. As a result, religious freedom was restored in the former Iron Curtain. The Kremlin and the Vatican established diplomatic ties. Churches in the former Soviet Union were reopened. The vibrant Ukrainian Catholic Church, driven by Stalin underground, resurfaced. Saint John Paul II gave his Papal blessing to the massive reformation to ensue in Russia. The Virgin ‘conquered’ the vast Soviet Empire in one sweep.


Our Lady in China Today


Enter Our Lady in China. The foothold of Our Lady Mediatrix of Grace in China happened quite by “accident”. Banker-Taipan George Ty was asked by the Chinese Government to develop two villages in Nanjing, scene of the massacre of hundreds of thousands by Japan in World War II. The Government agreed to Ty’s request to build a Catholic church there. It so happened that the architect, Joey Amistoso, assigned to design the church interior, had earlier renovated the Mediatrix apparition site in Lipa. Ty was looking for a statue of the Virgin for the church. Amistoso instinctively suggested the Mediatrix statue. Ty readily agreed. Mrs. Ty and the bank Vice President, Solomon Cua, visited the site in Lipa and talked to the Carmelite sisters. Cua commented, “I feel energy here”.


“The first and last line of defense the Philippines (against China’s invasion, if ever) is ‘the mantle of protection’ provided by the Blessed Virgin.” (Source – “Mary Mediatrix of All Grace”, by Rene C. de Jesus, available at the Lipa Carmelite bookstore.) Only prayer and the return to the Lord can avert China’s invasion, as the Carmelite sisters perceive.


The Link Between Fatima, Lipa, and Pope Francis




There are two ‘Fatima Popes’. First was Saint John Paul II because he finally revealed Fatima’s Third Secret after seven long decades. Previous Popes before him did not, perhaps out of fear of causing panic because of its dire messages of disasters related to sin. But why give a message to humanity if it would remain a ‘secret’? He made three historic pilgrimages to Fatima. The Third Secret prophesied the attempted assassination of ‘a Bishop in white’, who turned out to be St. John Paul II himself. The bullet of the failed assassination is now lodged in the crown of the original statue of Our Lady of Fatima in Rome.


Pope Francis is the “Second Fatima Pope” because, just like St. John Paul II, he visited Fatima in May 2017 to canonize peasant visionaries Francisco and Jacinta Marto. Lucia de los Santos, the third who outlived them, became the author of the three secret Fatima messages, proclaimed by the Vatican to be authentic. The original manuscript of the controversial Third Secret, handwritten in Portuguese by Lucia, can be accessed from the Vatican website.


Perceiving the role of the Virgin in Philippine mega-disasters, Pope Francis dispatched a life-sized replica of the Fatima statue to the Philippines after the deadly 2013 Bohol-Cebu earthquake which completely destroyed 15 ancient churches in Bohol. Like a papal premonition, the day after Yolanda a few months later, the strongest storm ever of human history (so far), the statue was borne on foot by Marian brothers for three days through rubble from Borongan to Tacloban, Samar, where tens of thousands died. Pope Francis made his historic visit to Tacloban and had lunch with children of Yolanda victims. Clearly he saw the role of Fatima in the Philippines.


Fátima and Lipa are powerful messages of love and forgiveness at a time of wars, hatred and vendetta. A Paulinian Sister in a trance in the home of visionary Carmelo Cortez, where rose petals also appeared, said, “I can no longer hold back the hand of my Son. Pray, pray, pray.” Clearly, Fatima is a message from both the God of Mercy and the God of Wrath. (Read more on the 100-year anniversary of Fatima – sisterraquel.com/fatima-centennial)


By Bernie V. Lopez



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