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A True Story
the harvest is abundant
but the workers are fe
I send you out as
lambs among wolves
Luke 10:1 (excerpts)
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By Bernie V. Lopez
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This story was related to me by a friend who was in the inner core of Father Fernando ‘Ido’ Suarez at a crowded party thrown for him. She took me aside to a quiet corner of the big garden, and rattled off this story almost without breathing.
At one time, Fr. Ido visited Filipino workers in Saudi Arabia. They were so hungry to see a priest, hungry to hear Holy Mass. Indeed, Fr. Ido was literally mobbed in Saudi Arabia. He saw how important it was to soothe these tired workers, inspire them, strengthen them, who were subjected to extreme physical hardships and extreme spiritual poverty, like depression and loneliness. (The dialogue has been reconstructed.)
OFW1 – Father, we beg you, please say Holy Mass for us.
FATHER IDO – Are you kidding? You want me to be beheaded? Mere possession of the Bible can warrant being beheaded, what more saying Mass.
OFW2 – We guarantee your safety, Father. We will do it in the basement of our residential building. No one will know about it.
FATHER IDO – Sorry, I am not a martyr.
For a good hour, they hounded Fr. Ido, until finally, his heart softened – Mass at the basement of an unknown building. News spread like wild fire. Everybody wanted to go to Mass, and be healed and consoled by Fr. Suarez. Alas, the basement was full to the brim. Alas, the mob drew the attention of the security. They barged in and arrested Fr. Ido.
They reported the news to the King, who summoned Fr. Ido.
KING – Where do you get your power to heal?
Fr. Ido pointed a finger upwards.
KING – You mean Allah?
Fr. Ido smiled without saying a word.
KING – My mother is very sick. If you can heal her, I will let you go.
Fr. Ido knew the Lord would not let him down. And so the mother was healed and Fr. Ido was set free. But for a moment there, he thought he was a goner.
the wolf shall be the guest of the lamb
and the leopard shall lie down with the young goat
there shall be no harm or ruin on all My holy mountain
for the earth shall be filled with knowledge of the Lord
as water covers the sea
Isaiah 11:1-10, excerpts
A True Story


I met Father Fernando ‘Ido’ Suarez quite by accident. The late Fr. Carl Abesamis, SJ, my former Jesuit teacher in high school, who happened to be Fr. Ido’s counsel and confessor, called me up and asked me to join him in Los Banos so I could meet the famous healer. It was to be a private meeting. Fr. Carl was insistent, but I declined. I had no interests in healers. But he kept on prodding me. Jokingly, he said, if I swam with Fr. Ido in the pool that evening, the healing waters would cure me of any ailment. There were only four of us, and I was the only layman.


I finally gave in to appease Fr. Carl. When he said we would stay overnight in Los Banos and go to the MonteMaria site in the morning, I brought my camera along. The site had a panoramic view of the Verde Strait from about 500 feet above the sea. The place reminded me of the giant statue of Jesus in Rio de Janeiro. Hundreds of ships pass by every day, looking so tiny from our commanding view.


The subsequent healing prayer I shot of Fr. Ido at MonteMaria was also quite an accident. It was not planned. I just had the idea and he readily agree. He said the healing prayer spontaneously beneath the make shift adoration arch. The wind was howling like a wolf, and I had a hard time editing out the wind from his words, my first experience in complex audio editing. Finally it was ready to be posted on Youtube.


I had never posted my video productions on Youtube. I asked a friend if I could borrow his Youtube expert. But he was not available. Again, quite by accident, I learned to post my very first Youtube video. I was guessing. By trial and error, I did it. It was as if the Holy Spirit was pushing on my mouse.


That Youtube healing prayer, my first among about 50 today, had ten thousand viewers in a few days. Then did I realize it was the Lord who did the video. Then did I realize all those ‘accidents’ were God’s hand on me. I felt so privileged. In a few months, the viewers reached a million. My first ever Youtube video had more than a million hits.Now you can watch the video, so you can understand why God made me do it. Later, I did a second healing prayer by Sister Raquel Reodica, RVM, extracted from a live recording of a radio program at Radio Veritas that I anchored. We heard reports of people praying with these two healers on the Internet and they were healed. God heals in cyberspace. Pass these two healing prayers to your friends or relatives who have terminal diseases like cancer, especially now in Holy Week.
View the healing prayer of Father Suarez.
Say a healing prayer with Sister Raquel.


Batch 7
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Batch 1
I might as well give you the whole caboodle, all the Youtube healing docus I did for Fr. Suarez and Sr. Raquel. You don’t have to view them now. And not all of them are that good. Just copy them to your computer for future viewing, especially if you or a friend get really sick.
Jesus heals a hole in the heart of Lyshel through Sister Raquel.
Jesus heals incurable liver ailment through Sister Raquel.
Healing the crowd at Bacnotan church. Father Suarez.
Jesus heals terminal diabetes-cervical cancer through Father Suarez.
Jesus heals terminal leukemia through Sister Raquel.
Jesus heals the terminal ulcer of an ex-rebel through Sister Raquel.
Healing homily at Montemaria. Father Suarez.
Part 1.
Part 2.
The miracle of the healing oil. Sister Raquel.
Part 1. Typhoon Ondoy’s fury related to the miracle of the healing oil.
Part 2. Healing testimonials.
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