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eastwind MINI-EDITORIALS Volume 3
Second Mediatrix Miracle Saves Thousands from Flood
Appeal to Du30 – BBL to Bring War not Peace
Lumads in Deep Crisis
by Bernie V. Lopez, eastwindreplyctr@gmail.com
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Miracle of the Flood in Compostela Valley
On December 4, 2012, 4 days before the Feast of the Immaculate Concepcion, like an angel of death, super-typhoon Pablo ravaged the town of New Bataan, Compostella Valley.

Prior to the flood, a mysterious woman warned the four boys to pray to Our Lady Mediatrix, predicting that a disaster similar to that in Cagayan de Oro would soon take place. The four prayed devoutly together.
Andap ng Liwanag
A second miracle occurred at Barangay Andap, a few kilometers upstream of Kibinuangan. Two giant boulders split the flood, protecting hundreds of evacuees at the San Roque Chapel and at the marketplace downstream. The evacuees punched a hole in the ceiling of the chapel to reach the safety of the roof. A memorial shrine called Andap ng Liwanag (Andap of Light) was built in between the two boulders which parted the raging waters.


The Andap ng Liwanag Memorial Shrine in New Bataan, Compostela Valley.

 Our Lady guards the entrance to the Mary Mediatrix Village. All residents are survivors of the flood. All have a Mediatrix statuette or photo or altar in their homes. Our Lady is in their homes and in their hearts.

Our Lady Mediatrix of Grace Shrine in New Bataan today, now a new pilgram center.

Forged only to Get Moro Votes
We Need a New Peace Plan Based on Integration not Separation
I hope some group members have access to Du30 to warn him about this.
Mr. President, the BBL will create a BANGSAMORO ARMY which may later turn against the government, if hostilities escalate. The government will be arming and funding this army, a potential future ‘enemy’. Grassroots military intelligence will break down because Moro CAFGUs and intel agents will be more loyal to the Moro cause than to the government.
Please ask your generals. The rebels will know every movement of the military, when and where they attack, etc. The SAF 44 massacre was such a case. The rebels knew beforehand the military was coming, so they staged an ambush. BBL may result in bigger and more Marawis and SAF 44s.
The solons who authored the BBL are only after the MORO VOTES. They will give anything to the rebels to get these votes and stay in power. The rebels can ask for anything. BBL is giving too many unreasonable concessions.
Peace can be achieved two ways 1) SEPARATION or Moro autonomy, 2) INTEGRATION or coexistence at the grass-roots level of unarmed ordinary citizens – farmers, fishermen, traders, not armed groups like soldiers and rebels. Muslim and Christian communities are essentially non-belligerent, and depend on each other for trade. ARMM is an example of a failed corrupt autonomy model mirroring government corruption. BBL will simply replicate a new bigger ARMM.
I appeal to the President to please consider peace plans and peace talks dominated by non-government, unarmed grass-roots communities, and unarmed bishops and ulamas, no just power politicians, armed generals, and armed rebels. Moro Christian extremists comprise about 2% of population, yet they dominate peace policies. Mr. President, peace must be people-based, grass-roots based.
The ‘Peace Zone’ Concept is the Only Hope
Duterte warned the Lumads not to join the NPA. He should also warn them not to join the AFP. The key to the survival of the Lumads is NEUTRALITY
In the last two decades, the Lumads are being massacred into extinction. The AFP and their Baganis (Lumad CAFGU) kill Lumads who side with the NPA on mere suspicion. The NPA kill Lumads who are known supporters or informants for the AFP. In the end, Lumads for AFP and for NPA kill each other while the AFP and the NPA drink beer in their camps.
The Lumads are now in deep crisis. They are caught in between. They become the pawns of either side in an never-ending war. It has evolved into a ‘slow genocide’ picking up momentum lately. The massacre of Lumads have quadrupled in the last decade. The only way out is to stay neutral.
Duterte promised the Lumads livelihood. That is not the solution. The Lumads turn to the NPA not because they are hungry, but because they are killed by the AFP on mere suspicion of being NPA supporters. There is no trial or evidence. The same with the NPA who kill Lumad AFP informants on mere suspicion in fear they will be pointed out. 
There have been short-lived but successful civilian-led PEACE ZONES in Lumad territories during the GMA Administration, as in the Arakan Valley, Cotabato, and Sagada, Mountain Province. Armed AFP and NPA are not allowed in these zones. It was undermined by suspicions of violations from both sides. The peace zone concept can be revived, but there must be sincerity on both the AFP and NPA sides, and strict monitoring by residents. This is the only hope for the Lumads in crisis. Now, they are an endangered specie.
The authoritarian Duterte is in a position to impose the Peace Zone concept. He can tell both the AFP and the NPA to stop recruiting Lumads, and to stay away from peace zones. It is worth doing a pilot model. 
Bernie V. Lopez,eastwindreplyctr@gmail.com
Freelance journalist-columnist
Inquirer * Rappler * ex-Bus World * ex-Mla Times * ex-Mla Chronicle
Healing Ministry of Sr. Raquel, RVM * cancer-healer * inquire by email
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