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We Take for Granted the Power of the Human Mind
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Bernie V. Lopez,
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As a teenager, I had dreams that I was flying across valleys and forests. It was a wonderful feeling of freedom and flight. Once, I suddenly woke up and the dream was so clear in my mind. I decided I wanted to go back to that dream, and I succeeded, using sheer concentration before going back to sleep.
This time, I was conscious I was dreaming and I could control my flight. I flew wherever I wanted to. I could see tiny people and cars on the street below. I could soar high for a panoramic view or glide low above treetops. I had total control. This happened about six or seven times in my life. Then it was gone. I met a few people with the same dream experience.
I thought it was something more than just a dream, more transcendental, more cosmic, my spirit trying to break away from my body, testing the limits of time and space, attempting to reach the rim of the galaxy. Indeed our souls are cosmic. Astronomers say the iron and zinc in our blood were formed billions of years ago in a super-nova. The extreme temperature was the foundry where the first heavy metals were formed, and found their way to planet Earth millions of years later, and into our veins eventually.
We came from stars and we have the energy and power of stars if we can harness them – mental telepathy, telekinesis, clairvoyance, mind-reading, third eye. I learned later that my dreams were a shade of Astral Travel. Astral means stars. Astral Travel is the ability to travel instantly to places from sheer act of the will.
Scientists say we normally use only about 10% of our brains. We have to learn to harness the other 90% like intuitive clairvoyants, third-eye people, and astral travelers do. A million years from now, when the sun dies, and the solar system collapses, we will return to the stars, our primordial roots.
Bernie V. Lopez,
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