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Pinaupong Kambing (Sitting Goat)
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by Bernie V. Lopez, eastwindreplyctr@gmail.com
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Pinoys know about Pinaupong Manok (sitting chicken), a popular ethnic dish where a whole chicken is made to sit on top of a bed of salt in a pot as it cooks slowly in its own drippings, resulting in very tender juicy meat, better for some reason than if you pressure cook it. 
In my travels to remote places as a journalist, I immersed myself with the Ivatans, ancient boat people of Batanes, the last northern group of islands in the Philippine archipelago. Batanes is very different from the rest of the country, mimicking the pristine Scottish landscape. Batanes is hit directly by a third to half of the average 20 to 25 typhoons passing every year thru the Philippines, Asia’ typhoon corridor. Since pre-Hispanic days, the Ivatans build their houses like a Romanesque church, with thick 3- to 4-foot walls to withstand the severest storms.
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The Ivatans have an out-of-the-box variation, using a young goat instead of a chicken, a type of pulutan (appetizer for drinkers). It is relatively new and unknown but gaining popularity. It is called Pinaupong Kambing (sitting goat).
After removing the blood, the hair of a whole baby goat is burned out with a burning stick until only the skin is left half-cooked. This is scraped until the skin is white. The shaved goat is made to sit on a large plate in front of the drinkers, who peel off portions of the skin with a knife. They dip the half-cooked skin in vinegar with chili, garlic, and salt, as they drink away. They consume only the skin until it is a skinless goat. Try it, you will like it, including daring non-pinoys. 
When they are finished drinking, the guts of the goat are removed, and it is chopped into pieces for a traditional kaldereta (special pinoy goat stew).
by Bernie V. Lopez, eastwindreplyctr@gmail.com
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