The Intensifying Global War Between Jesus and Satan

When the four-foot bronze statue of St. Michael the Archangel fell from its pedestal in the garden of the Mother Ignacia Healing Ministry, Sr. Rachel Reodica, RVM, the healing nun, was shocked. Not even a hurricane could topple such a heavy statue. It was a calm night when it fell. She said it was anContinue reading “The Intensifying Global War Between Jesus and Satan”

Why the Virgin Looks Up to Filipinos

For unknown reasons, some Vatican Cardinals systematically suppressed the devotion to Our Lady Mediatrix of All Grace, and the entire Philippine clergy for 70 long years. But in the end, the Blessed Virgin triumphed through the help of the Filipino Laity when the clergy was suppressed and silenced. That is why the Virgin looks upContinue reading “Why the Virgin Looks Up to Filipinos”

Testimony – Child’s ‘Hole in the Heart’ Healed

Jesus heals a ’hole in the heart’ of Lyshel through healer Sister Raquel Reodica, RVM. The mother of the child had a nightmare that she was being attacked by some men, but a lady pulled her out to safety. Later, she recognized the lady from a statue at the healing center as Mother Ignacia, foundressContinue reading “Testimony – Child’s ‘Hole in the Heart’ Healed”

Marian Devotion Defies 70-Year Repression

For seven long decades, Cardinals suppressed the devotion to Our Lady Mediatrix of All Grace. They also suppressed Filipino bishops, priests, and nuns who supported it. But, ironically, the devotion spread all the more like wild fire. Our Lady prevailed by a stroke of divine grace. Here is the story of how it happened? eastwindContinue reading “Marian Devotion Defies 70-Year Repression”

The Elderly and the Orderly

John the orderly (74 years old) is pushing the wheelchair of Kirk the elderly (63 years old). John is muscular and fit, a retired football player. He can push three wheelchairs with two fingers. Tycoon Kirk, nine years younger, is a total wreck, just survived a stroke, a stage 4 diabetes on top of stageContinue reading “The Elderly and the Orderly”

The Twins – an Addict and a Banker

Identical twins Roger and Richard have fooled many people by posing as the other to friends. They have the same exact haircut and matching clothes. If one developed a pimple, the other would fake one. They enjoyed the games they played on people. They were the best of brothers. Little did they know, their skillsContinue reading “The Twins – an Addict and a Banker”

The Boy Who Lived Under the Foot Bridge

SOMETIMES THE LORD USES THE POOR TO SANCTIFY THE RICH. (Inspired by a street kid the author met in Blumentritt St.). Seven-year-old Richard, a homeless orphan, lives alone under a mini-bridge in the La Loma – Blumentritt area, the lechon (roast pig) capital of Metro-Manila. During storms, he runs to Fr. Jay at a nearbyContinue reading “The Boy Who Lived Under the Foot Bridge”

Ateneo vs Ateneo

Remember the movie Kramer Vs Kramer? This is similar, a war between schoolmates, a writer and a politician. Let us see who wins. eastwind journals, January 6, 2022 (archive tr194) By Bernie V. Lopez, Share with friends – Larry is taking a bowl of hot noodles inside a Chinese restaurant in Ermita (redContinue reading “Ateneo vs Ateneo”