eastwind journals 75 – HR REPORT RATTLES XSTRATA-SMI

eastwind journals 75   Xstrata-SMI’s Tampakan 10,000-hectare gold-mine project, biggest in Asia 3.5 billion-metric-ton tailings dam, one of the largest-to-be worldwide Sitting at the core of Mindanao’s bread basket atop a seismic fault line Scene of escalating human rights violation. Recently acquired by super-giant Glencore. _______________________________________ HUMAN RIGHTS REPORT RATTLES XSTRATA-SMI Admits funding the militaryContinue reading “eastwind journals 75 – HR REPORT RATTLES XSTRATA-SMI”


eastwind journals 67   The views in these articles are the author’s alone.   ______________________________________ XSTRATA-SMI REJECTS TAMPAKAN ECC Mining agents inside MICC must resign   By Bernie Lopez eastwindreplyctr@gmail.com   Xstrata-SMI’s 10,000-hectare Tampakan gold mine application, largest in Asia, is in limbo.   Irony of ironies, after years of effort and millions of dollars,Continue reading “eastwind journals 67 – XSTRATA-SMI REJECTS TAMPAKAN ECC”