prayer request bulletin 75 – November 11, 2011

prayer request bulletin 75 – November 11, 2011
Lord, say but the word
and my soul shall be healed
as i touch even just
the hem of His tunic
i am healed
matthew 9:20
the moment you compose
your prayer request on the keyboard
you are in reality praying
He hears the click of the keys
and the beat of your heart
the Lord works in strange ways
when you are at peace, He brings chaos
so you do not forget to pray
when you are happy, He makes you sad
so you turn to Him
when you are rich, He makes you poor
so you can seek His wealth
when you are poor, He makes you rich
so you will glorify Him
This prayer request bulletin sanctifies those who ask for prayers and those who pray for them. It sanctifies anyone who reads it. You may be comforted to know that perhaps your pain is nothing compared to those of others, that your pain and their pain are acts of prayer if offered to the Lord.
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Physical healing– cancer and other terminal diseases.
Spiritual healing– depression, confusion, loss of faith.
Relationship healing – friends and family quarrels, separations, conflicts.
Financial rescue– unemployment, exams, businesses, medical expenses.
Say a healing prayer via Youtube with Sister Raquel –
Say a healing prayer via Youtube with Father Suarez –
Read about the healing oil that appeared miraculously a day before Ondoy-–blogsite-library-links/
For the sick, request for healing oil for free by postal mail. Just give your postal address to
Try to write your prayer requests in English so non-Filipino prayer warriors can understand them.
Put a subject title “prayer request” in your email to avoid being falsely identified as a spam. ‘No subject’ may be deleted.
We protect the privacy of requesters. Email addresses and last names are not published. This does not affect the efficacy of the prayers.
Please make your requests short and do not post repeatedly as it results in confusion and duplicates.
Tnx to all prayer warriors and leader sister raquel  that survived my nephew Felino S. of dog rabbies.  And so with my friend who have cancer, Penny C, who is undergoing recovery from other illness of water from lungs successfully removed, to other friends who survived their sickness… Tnx for the prayers of the soul of my relatives/friends…that help me gain peace of mind. and sleep well at night of not dreaming about them…
Prayer request that if ever he had sins with the family circle, friends, and enemies “be forgiven for my uncle, Mr. Florencio C” died last Friday, October 14, 2011.
2nd day request prayer for the friend of our family–FELIX DAVID who got brain hemorrage due to work accident when he fell at a forklift big machine. Doctors extended his life support oxygen for another 24 hours starting 2day. Doctors told the patient family that Felix D. brain is dead, only the heart beats… We left to the will of the Lord what He wanted to be with our friend. Hope our patient will be alleviated from his suffering through my family prayers and the PRAYER WARRIORS…Tnx for whatever spiritual assistance you may extend…More power to you…!
PRAISE THE LORD… !!! God in His mercy has looked upon Vanessa with love. Her parents have requested me to thank you from the bottom of their hearts, for bringing Vanessa into  the presence of God through your prayers to receive His healing grace. This morning her platelet count was picking up and she has been taken off the drip…..She is on the way to recovery. Hallelujah… bless the Lord. God bless you all.  However please continue to pray for the other two intentions…
Dear Sister Raquel and Bro. Bernie,
I am Elly, I’ve sent you some prayer requests months ago for my baby who was born with mosaic down syndrome. She is now 8 months and 3 weeks old. I would like to thank you all prayer warriors for including my baby Mia Asia in your prayers for she is growing very healthy even more than we thought she could. We had her chromosomes tested 3 times and everytime we did it, the percentage of the down syndrome cells are getting lower. I strongly believe that it’s because of God’s grace. Please continue praying for her that she may really grow normally like any other child and my upcoming baby too (I’m pregnant again, almost 6 months). Sometimes, maybe because I’m pregnant, I’m becoming moody and so emotional. I need prayers for more faith and peace of mind because I feel guilty that inspite of God showing me His miracle by giving good health to my babies, I still have some doubts and fears of what kind of future is ahead of us, most of all for my babies. I think this is very normal, most of all, for parents like me but your prayers will be a big help for me to just fully believe and surrender everything to God.  thank you so much again!   God Bless to everyone!
PLease pray for baby Alexander 3-week old now confined in the hospital for infection..JESUS HEALS. my husband died minutes after we had the healing, he had cardiac arrest while we were having the prayover by was so strange..but even with that i still thank God, that he received healing before he went away, i know it was the only thing he had waited, since I’ve been telling him about calling you..he couldn’t talk so he waited till he heard your prayer and let go..IT WAS A HEALING FOR HIS SOUL. the healing oil arrived 3 days after he died..Really God’s will to take his life that moment..i have the oil now and it Is really effectively amazing, i use it every now and then to treat different illnesses, big and daughter, a newborn was confined at NICU, she had labored breathing so she needed an aid of mom wiped the healing oil to my daughter’s chest whispering “JESUS..MARY” and miraculously the doctor announced my daughter can breathe on her own and didn’t need an oxygen aid, minutes after the the oil was wiped..JESUS HEALS..I THANK GOD FOR HIS UNWAVERING LOVE..
For Beths complete healing of cancer and her family’s comfort and healing during this trying time.
Hello fellow prayer warriors;
Please pray for Gina C P who lives in Vancouver, BC now scheduled for surgery due to tumors found in her system. Please guide the surgeons to have a successful Surgery and that it will be benign.
Caloy A
Dear Sr. Raquel and to all Prayer Warriors,
My mother, Lucila O., is in dire need of prayers for her recovery. Please help us bang the heavens with fervent prayers for healing. She has been diagnosed with brain tumor last July and suffered another stroke last month. Our mother’s  medications cost P2000/ 5 days. Our family has already exhausted our finances due to the many instances that we have been in and out of the hospital for the last 9 months. Our dad is already 67 years old and is a diabetic who also needs medication for his maintenance. Nothing is impossible in God’s healing grace. I believe that when one or more are gathered together in the presence of the the Lord, He  will grant our prayers according to His Will. I am putting everything in God’s hands. Please also include us in praying for financial blessings. Thank you Sr. Raquel and to the members of the community. May God continue to use you in bringing hope and healing to everyone in need. God bless us all! 
Dear Lord pls take away all problems from my husband vinods life and pls bless him with plenty and plenty of business work, finances, travel, happiness and prosperity in abundance so that he comes out of the depression he is going through-this i ask in the name of Lord Jesus Christ.  Dear lord, pls bless my family, my home and my finances. pls guide me in all areas of life and bless me with travel, finances, and prosperity in abundance–this i ask in the name of our Saviour Jesus Christ. amen
Hi sis Raquel  and my co prayer warriors.
Good day to every one. I want to ask healing which i know its only a way of healing my  glaucoma as well as my father. Thank you for   helping us. I know through  with the Help of our Almighty Father i will be healed from my glaucoma. Thank You & God Bless
please pray for  “Sheena ” for success in her coming exam in Canada. Even though they are in there for 5 yrs, all they have are debts  thanks
Dear sister Racquel,
Please pray for the complete healing of my husband, he has goiter, hypertension and diabetes.  Kindly pray also for my complete healing, i have bronchitis, gout, psoriasis, diabetes and hypertension.  Thank you very much po.  May you continue to touch and heal more souls.  Respectfully yours,
*We pray for good health and a blissful marriage.  We have no children, please help us save for our senior years, we cannot depend on anyone when we are already old. Please pray for my husband so that he will be able to close big accounts in October, November and December 2011 and help him find a regular job where he will be happy.  Please help me as a new dealer in this MLM company and be able to recruit downlines since I know that this will help my family financially. I want to be successful in this new endeavour. Thank you for the blessings that you have given us.
I pray for good health for myself and my family especially my mother, sister, brother and sister-in-law and nieces and for Al and his family. I pray for success in my career by being able to get new clients. I pray for financial freedom so that I can help others like my family.
J & C / malu
Prayer reqest for “Sheena” from Canada for her exam on the 17th based on the following e-mail from CELINE request your urgent prayers for fancymol, from Houston, TX for successful completion of her PhD!
Please pray for Nancy..See e-mail request below
Please pray for my dear friend Nancy who is in her forties and is dying. She has been battling cystic  ibrosis since she was seventeen. She is now in hospice and is suffering in much pain as her organs are shutting down. Please please pray for her and her fifteen year old daughter Gabriella. Nancy is a beautiful person and is extreme pain. Thank you and God Bless you all. Sincerely,-
ina ent
Patients in our midst requesting your prayer:
1.       Elynn
2.       Nancy – has been battling cystic fibrosis since she was seventeen.
3.       Gabriella – Nancy’s daughter, who is in pain due her Mom’s illness
4.       Rev. Sr. Remya – Kerala, India
5.       Rev. Sr. Purissisma – Kerala, India
6.       Pennamma M (St. Mary’s Catholic Church, NY)
7.       Joy – Bethpage, NY – Recently diagnosed with Lung cancer ss!
8.      Cherian (St. Mary’s Catholic Church, NY)
9.       Melissa (St. Rocco Church, NY)
10.   Joann (St. Rocco Church, NY)
11.  John P.C.  – Yorktown, NY
12.  Rajan – New Rochelle, NY
13.   Jomini (UK) currently in India for treatment
14.  Nirmala – Alabama, USA 
15.  Mini – Ohio, USA
16.  Si. C New York City, NY 
17.  Annakutty – Thodupuzha, Kerala, India – Very Critical
18.  Armand, Franklyn Square, NY
19.    Mrs. Philo, Tharayil – Kerala, India
20.   Aleyamma Thomas – New York
21.   Anitha Sam –  Albany, New York
22.   Joseph Thayil
23.   John Rochford – 12 years old in USA
24.   Lijo – May be suffering from dengue, Hospital in India
25.  Annice (Italy) – Pedestrian Hit by motorbike, went into comma, she is
improving, started to speak and recognize friends and families.
26.  Ashley (NY): Four years old girl who does not speak.
27.  Joann (NY): Nine years old girl who does not speak.
28.  Rachel, Glen Oaks, NY
29.  Mariamma, New Hyde Park, NY
30.  Josmi – Jomy’s wife, Sharjah, Dubai, UAE –  Great News, Josmi is now pregnant.  The couple Praying for a Safe delivery to have a healthy baby!  Thanks for your prayers!
31.  Johnson’s wife, Anna, Germany – Great News. Anna gave birth to beautiful and healthy child.  Thanks for your prayers!
32.  Yacob Paulose – Psychiatric Patient under his brother’s care
33.   Albert Sabhasundar – India, Fr. Ajay Sabhasundar’s father – very sick on respirator due to stroke
34.  Psychiatric Patient under his brother’s care
35.  Rani, Boston, MA –  Recovering from surgery.
36.  Leelamma. F – Houston, Texas – Miraculously alive today from a car accident and is in stable condition. She is currently in a Rehab Center.
37.   Judy Gregor – Houston, Texas – was in a very bad car accident on 7/24/11 and is in grave condition.  Judy, and her husband Joe are praying for a fast recovery. Her body is very badly traumatized with major blood loss, possible loss of one arm, a brain hemotoma, many breakages.   Names of those who requested prayers for their personal intensions:   
38.   Jose & Thankamma, Floral park, NY
39.   Baby & Leela, New Hyde Park, NY
May Jesus Bless You All for all of your prayers. Our Lord and the Blessed Mother has called Nancy and she is no longer suffering. She went into a deep sleep and passed. She is now in Heaven with her mom. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all. May God Bless You All of you, Tina
Joe & Leela
Hi Brother Bernie,
One of my beloved grand nephew Landon is is in Children’s Hospital. He I quite ill with spinal myelitis and pneumonia. He has had two days of medical tests and he is very weak. The Doctor has told us that the long term recovery is good but it may take some time. He will probably be in the hospital for a month. Of course there is always the hope that he will make a more rapid recovery and be home sooner. Please ask Sister Reodica and the Prayer Warriors to pray for his healing for a full & complete recovery.   With Great Gratitude, A.M.D.G.
Dear Sis Racquel, Bro. Bernie and all the prayer warriors,
Please help me pray for the healing of the tumor of pituitary gland of my daughter Angelika, who is just 13 years old. With God’s healing grace and thru the powerful intercession of Mama MARY and Venerable Ignacia del Espiritu Santo hope that she will be spared from undergoing invasive medical surgery. At present she is under going medication for three months hoping to shrink  the tumor. Thank you for your prayers. God Bless Us All.
Dear Sister Raquel and your warriors
Please pray for my aunt Nena who is suffering of a tumor in the liver..I know our GOD the Almighty Father is the best doctor. She is 72 years old now and was diagnosed of this kind of illness only last month. Thank you very much.
Dear Sister Raquel and Prayer Warriors,
Peace be with you all.  May I humbly request you, brothers and sisters, to ask God to render me His wisdom and strength so I will discern what I need to do to solve current life and work problems; and to be able to focus on doing it without hesitation or ‘sickly’ procrastination.  I’ve been suffering from manic-depressive swings with headaches, nausea and crying spells for the last 3-4 months.  Because of this, I feel stunned and blocked in pursuing my daily tasks; and most of all caring for my unica hija Angelica (13 yr old) as a solo dad.  I need help in removing my mental-emotional blocks to pursue my life’s mission: to raise my Angelica with qualities of St Therese of Lisieux, France and perform enterprise development work to help our Filipino marginalized to “learn how to fish” with good Christian moral values in tow.  I also need to sustain our basic needs specially schooling for my Angelica.  I forgive those who have hurt me in the past months, those who have humiliated me and those who have deprived me of my monthly wages.  I ask God for forgiveness for any bitterness caused by the past months events which was my reactions to accumulated persecutions.  I wish to resume living in peace and harmony with all together with my Angelica.  Thank you very much Sister Raquel and all.  God be with you always as I also pray for continued divine interventions through your ministry as well.  In Christ,
Dear Sister Raguel,
Please pray for my health. I have a liver problem. I believe that Jesus heals!
Dear Sisster Raquel,
Ako po si Rodalyn T Taga Bataan Humihingi po ako ng tulong na ipag pray nyo aming MAHAL na NANAY na si LOURDES 64 mag 65 sa Nov 5. halos 1 month na kami sa hospital 1 week na po ang nanay namin sa ICU meron po syang sakit sa kidney yung mga doktor po ay sumusuko na kasi halos malalakas na daw ang gamot na binibigay na nila. pero kaming mga anak nya ay nanalig na gagaling sa TULONG NA PANGINOONG HESUKRISTO gusto po pa po namin syang makasama ng matagal aalagaan pa po namin sya pagsisilbihan at pakamamahalin. ipagpray over nyo sya.Maraming Salamat po!
For all sick people, apiritual, physical and phychological, esp. to me nd for all my love onces
Dear Sister Raquel,
Please help me pray that my mother would be healed from her bone, brain and breast cancer.. that God would remove the pain she is feeling right now in her body. shes in stage 4 cancer right now, I pray that the cancer cell wont spread a lot to the other organs in her body. Thank u sisters.
May God give u more strength in healing many people.
Can you please include my brother, Pedrito “Sonny” O, Jr in prayers for a quick recovery from his lung surgery last week and a successful chemotherapy that he will have to undergo for 3 months.  Please also pray from his spouse, Nikki, to give her more strength and stronger faith and trust in the Lord during these testing times.  Thank you very much,  Prayer Warrior
Dear Sister Raquel and Prayer Warriors,
I have been reading your blogs po. Me and my wife believes that Jesus cares and cures all illnesses. I am requesting po, LORD PLEASE HELP US! My wife is 6 weeks pregnant nagpunta po kami sa OB to have her undergo TRansvaginal ultrasound, kaso they say wala raw po heart beat ang fetus. Ayon naman po sa Doctor namin may mga case daw po na hindi pa na dedetect agad ang heart beat. We are so worried po kasi we have been waiting for 4 years na magkababy napo after her last miscarriage. Isinusuko ko po lahat sa panginoon at humihingi po ako ng tawad sa lahat ng kasalanan ko at sa mga nasaktan ko. Please help us. We have been longing to have a baby. Schedule po uli sya ng ultrasound this weekend LORD PLEASE HELP US ISINUSUKO KO PO LAHAT SA INYO. ALAM NAMIN PO NA WALANG IMPOSIBLE SA INYO. TULUNGAN MO PO KAMI PANGINOON NA MATULOY PO ANG PAGBUBUNTIS NG MISIS KO, SI BLESILDA, AT SA GANAP NA KAGALIGAN NG MOTHER KO NA NA STROKE GANUN DIN PO AND BYENAN KO NA MAY ENLARGE PROSTATE AND ARTHRITIS (BYENAN LALAKI AT BABAE). THIS WE ASK IN THE NAME OF JESUS OUR LORD AND SAVIOUR. AMEN. MARAMING SALAMAT PO. NAKAPUNTA NA PO AKO DYAN AND MASAYA PO ANG AKING NAGING PAKIRAMDAM. KUNG KAYA NGA LANG NG WIFE KO ISASAMA KO SYA KAYA LANG PO SENSITIVE ANG PAGBUBUNTIS NYA. GOD BLESS PO. PAKI SAMA PO SA DASAL NA MAAYOS PO ANG ULTRASOUND NG MISIS KO. SALAMAT PO ULI SA NGALAN NI HESUS.
If possible would also like you to pray some healing and miracle prayers for my daughter Andrea, she is battling obesity and has some kidney pains. I am so worried about her and am praying for  a miracle in her life. I feel she needs a second chance and I know it is only possible through prayer. I am expecting a miracle to happen in her life and I know God won’t let her down. Please do let me know if it is possible for you to prayer for a miracle in her life. I would be always grateful and humble to you. God bless.
Dear Prayer Warriors
Please pray for the healing of Cherie U as she is suffering from a malignant tumor in her liver.  Thank you very much.  God bless!
Carmina C
Dear Sister Raquel,
I am Gemma Teresa J.  I am 46 years old.   From May 2011 to October 2011, my menstruation did not stop (i.e. I was bleeding).   Last October 4, 2011, I have undergone an operation for the removal of my reproductive organs – my uterus, my 2 ovaries and my fallopian tube since there is a tumor in my ovaries and my uterus. Two weeks after the operation, I have received the results of the tumor tests, and I was diagnosed with Stage 2 Cancer for uterus and ovary which is a rare case according to the doctor. The test results showed that there is no spread of the cancer to my body (it was only seen in my ovary and my uterus) and according to the doctor, the cancer was not aggressive. The doctor recommended that I undergo chemotherapy treatment, however, I refused to undergo such treatment since I know a lot of people who underwent the same treatment and has further shortened their lives. I would like to request for prayer for the complete healing of cancer so that I would be completely free from cancer. Thank you very much. God bless! Truly yours,
Gemma J
Dear Bernie,
Something terrible has just happened and I’m in desperate need of prayer. Please pray for a miracle, that God would immediately dissolve and stop all action coming against me. This could negatively affect my entire life. Please ask the prayer team to pray that this situation is dissolved without delay. Thank you with all my heart
Good Evening, Reverend Monsignor/Fathers/Brothers and Sisters in Christ!  Please pray for the speedy recovery of my Auntie Bening L who suffered a heart attack last night and is now at the ICU of Polymedic.  Thanks you very much. God bless us all. broDuffy
Urgent prayer request for Joseph F, for his health, please in  the
name of Jesus!
Please pray for Margaret W who is in critical surgery  today, Nov 11.  Pray that she makes it and is protected from  all harm.  Thank you dear  prayer family. Please pray for Ray B. for good  health.
St rapahel community
very very ill
Please pray for my husband, Rudolph & my son John to be converted & to get a job. Pray also for Rudolph to stop drinking.  Pray for me to have a good & holy marriage.  Pray that I wil be healed of my anger, selfishness & lack of love.  Thank You.
Prayers are requested for the special intention of Isabelle. thank you
Please pray for the speedy recovery of my Auntie Bening Lomuntad who suffered a heart attack last night and is now at the ICU of Polymedic.
Bro duffy
Sanibdasal community
To Sr. Raquel, RVM:
Please pray for the healing of my godfather, Gerald M who has his both legs aching like it’s rheumatism. For Gary M who is fond of gambling, may he be converted. May they both find stable jobs. Please also in include the elders in my family: Normita and Gaudencio M, Liduvina P, for their financial difficulties and for protection form harm and good health. For Ponciana M who for many years still suffers from rheumatism, I pray to see her next time walking using her legs.  Thank you dear sister in Christ!
Dear Mother Ignacia Prayer Warriors,
I would like to request for healing prayer for my niece, Rocel R. She has multiple cysts on her ovary and was given 5 years to live. She is only 25 years old and the bread winner of the family. She still tries to work in the midst of her condition. Please help her with your prayers.  Please also prayer for my godchild, Alex A, 4 years old. She has weak lungs and immune system and she’s often confined in the hospital.  Thank you very much and God bless you kind-hearted people!
Dear Sis Raquel, Bro Bernie and Co Prayer Warriors,
Please help me pray for the following: Eli, Pen and family for harmonious relationship Kate – undergoing gall bladder surgery Pete =- financial recovery Bro. Rick – prostate cancer Thank you and may God Bless us all.
please pray for me the following request:
1.  May God forgive Ronaldo and his family of their sins.
2.  May God give spiritual healing to Ronaldo and his family.
3.  May God give physical healing to Ronaldo and his family.
4.  May God fix the relationship of Ronaldo and Kurt.
5.  May God provide Ronaldo a buyer for their lot in Deparo.
6.  May God grant Ronaldo and his family peace and prosperity.
7.  May God reunite the family of Ronaldo, and be brought to a better and
peaceful place to live in.
I ask these in the Name of the Lord Jesus-Christ, with the help of Mother
Mary, and the prayer warriors of Mother Ignacia Healing Ministry.  Amen.
Dear Prayer Warriors,
Please pray for the physical healing of my brother in-law, Joel A.  He was diagnosed of pancreatic tumor.  Please include also in your prayers the emotional depression of my sister, Carmela as a result of her husband’s ailment. Thanks and GODBLESS to everyone..
Dear brother and Sis..
Pls help to pray for my strenght to all the trials come in to my life, sobrang nhihirapan n po ako sa situation ko regarding to my family.. specially on financial problem so pls. pray for me.. May the good lord always bless me. Thank you very much po.
Dear Sister Raquel/Bro.Bernie and Prayer warriors,
I wrote a prayer request for my sister Mila who was diagnosed with Lung CA 4 sometime in April 2011.. She finished her chemotherphy session last July 2011 and continue a follow up check up with her doctor.The cancer cell still there but according to her recent CT scan there was no significant changes.  Sister Raquel.bro bernie and co-prayer warriors, may i continually request prayers that her cancel cell will totally disappear IN JESUS NAME AND THROUGH THE INTERCESSION OF MAMA MARY. Another request po is for my sister Elsa who has many illness  that bothers her .  she has a heart problem, and then back pain that won’t disappear. and now the latest is that she has lung fibrosis. Sana po matulungan ninyo siya Sister Raquel para ipagpray na malapatan ng lunas ang kanyan lung fibrosis.I’m praying to ALMIGHTY GOD that all her  sicknesses na meron siya ay gumaling, alam ko sa KANYA ay walang impossible basta tumawag ka lang at hindi bibitaw. Maraming  marami pong salamat…
sister noami
Dear Sister,
Please pray for the healing of my uterine fibroid and successful result of my biopsy (uterine polyp). Also, for the healing of my husband Marcelino’s hepatitis B and sleep apnea. For our son Benedict’s good health and healing of his speech and attention problems and that he will have normal growth and development. For successful Catholic homeschooling of Benedict. For my father Jose’s healing and mother Marietta. For the eternal repose of my aunt Mercy and grandmother Leonora. For spiritual healing of my brother Richard.  Thank you and God bless,
Good evening Sister Raquel, Bro Bernie and to all Prayer Warriors,
Here I am again asking for all your prayers. There’s a mass found in the tonsil of my mother, Helen L. She undergone biopsy yesterday and we hope to get the result by Tuesday next week. Please pray that the mass found is just a simple one and can be cured by medicine alone and that no surgery is needed. She is already 61 years old and now suffering for other diseases like asthma and hypertension and addition of this mass might be hard for her. Please pray for my mother, in Jesus name.  Thank  very much.
Could you please pray for my little grandaughter Cerys (2 months old) who has gastro intestinal tract problems
The Lord Heals in Cyberspace
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