eastwind journals 08 – ISRAELI NUKES IN FOCUS

eastwind journals 08
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The Law of Equilibrium
By Bernie Lopez
‘eastwind journals’ column
Opinyon Magazine, advance copy
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This is a follow up from the previous article.
The Law of Equilibrium says heat seeks cold, and vice versa, until they equalize each other, achieving a common temperature. It is a law of physics. The Law of Equilibrium, which permeates the universe, applies also to nuclear proliferation.
Israel has to give up its nukes if it does not want the Arabs and Persians to get nukes. So far, there are none that the world knows of. But sooner or later they will, as long as they know the Israelis have nukes. “You have a gun, I will get a gun.” It is the principle of both survival and escalation to neutralize the advantage of the enemy. It is the Law of Equilibrium.
The Israelis got nukes in the presumption and fear that their foes will eventually get nukes. This is why they launched a pre-emptive strike against an Iraqi nuclear fuel depot. Irony or ironies, Israel does not want their enemies to have nukes, but they are inducing them to get nukes by having nukes. Their dilemma can be solved very simply – relinquish their nukes. The Israelis will never agree. For them, the notion is ridiculous, implying that a future nuclear war is inevitable based on the Law of Equilibrium.
Correcting statements in the previous article, it was France, not the US, which gave nuclear reactor and fuel processing technology to Israel in Dimona, deep in the Negev Desert. The project was kept secret to avoid IAEA inspection. The US gave tacit approval by turning a blind eye and doing nothing about it, in spite of a declassified CIA report which “determined by the mid-1960s that the Israeli nuclear weapons program was an established and irreversible fact.” Was it irreversible because the US did noting about it? With nukes in Israel, the chances for peace in the Middle East shrank to zero. America, the purported peacemaker in the Middle East, was in truth, by the sin of omission the ‘warmaker’. Israel is the lone nuclear-armed nation in the Middle East, and had about 75 to 130 nuclear weapons by the late 1990s, according to US intelligence. Fearing defeat in the Yum Kippur War in October 1973, Israel assembled 13 20-kiloton (the size at Hiroshima) atomic bombs. If the Arabs or Persians have nukes, Israel will think twice before using nukes. http://www.fas.org/nuke/guide/israel/nuke/
The greatest blunder of the Iranians was to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, which makes it subject to IAEA inspection. Israel will never be inspected because it was wise enough not to join the treaty. The IAEA has not found evidence of nuclear weapons manufacture in Iran. Yet its reports somehow sow panic among the Israelis, the US and the West to brew pre-emptive strikes.
The IAEA predominantly represents US, EU, and Western interests, not Arab or Persian. It is not neutral and was created to insure that the balance of power is not achieved, that the West will retain its dominance. It is an attempt to negate the Law of Equilibrium, which is impossible. The US has utter influence over both the IAEA and the UN Security Council. We have in truth a United Nations which is pro-Western in many ways and protects Western interests.
Until Israel relinquishes its nukes, a ridiculous notion to them, the Law of Equilibrium applies, making a future nuclear confrontation inevitable.

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