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Some basic facts about Alzheimer and brain health will help us get a proper perspective and dispel myths and false expectations. Here are some of the latest research data on Alzheimer –


  • Todate, Alzheimer is still essentially a mystery to medical science.
  • The known root causes for Alzheimer are old age, where brain cells start to deteriorate; and heredity, namely, genes that are passed on, both of which are beyond our control.
  • There are no known clinical cures yet, only approaches towards prevention.
  • In theory, the causes of Alzheimer, which begin 20 to 30 years before its occurrence, include, on the physical side, drug and alcohol abuse; side-effects from medicine; lack of brain food; and on the spiritual or psychosomatic side, depression, loneliness, anxiety, anger, deep-seated desire for vengeance, idleness, quarrels and bad relationships.
  • But the greatest catalyst to Alzheimer according to medical circles is chronic pain, whether physical or spiritual, namely continued depression or extreme continuous physical pain. There are however exceptions where Alzheimer sets in early even for people who did not experience such chronic pain.
  • New findings reveal that the brain and heart are closely interconnected. A healthy heart enhances a healthy brain, and vice versa. Food for the heart are also food for the brain.
The known approaches to being ‘brain healthy’ and preventing or delaying Alzheimer are simply the exact opposite of its causes, as mentioned above, plus other new findings from research institutions, namely –
  • yes to brain-enhancing food; no to brain-damaging food; whatever they are based on your research;
  • no to negative spirituality as mentioned above;
  • yes to positive spirituality, the exact opposite, namely – peace of mind, happiness, patience, calmness, forgiveness, sincerity, and believe it or not, love;
  • yes to socially active; good friends, good relationships, laughter and good humor, no to idleness, loneliness, introspection, and bad moods;
  • yes to physical exercise, no to laziness, lethargy, and to an imbalance of mental and physical activities;
  • yes to mental exercise and activities, crossword puzzles, continuous non-stop reading of books, research activity on topics that interests you (learn internet research, where data is magically at the tip of your finger);
  • activities that enhance spirituality – helping others, teaching, yoga, meditation and prayer, learning new things and searching for new discoveries, travel, leadership, team activities;
  • lifestyle plays a major role in brain health and heart health;
  • protection from head injuries, helmets in sports and on motorbikes.
These recommendations are condensed nutshell items you need to expand and realize in your lives. You do not need a book to be brain healthy. You do not need detailed primers. In our age, there is an obsession for detailed primers which give pointers one by one. The pointers are so basic and few. Everything you need to know is so simple and obvious, and is given above. These things have been staring you in the face all your life. You just are somehow blind to them or have avoided them for some reasons.


The most important and basic thing to remember is –


brain health, heart health, spiritual health
and the food we take
are all inextricably intertwined
and forever hopelessly inter-related
food for the heart, food for the brain
are also foodforthesoul
destroy one and we destroy the others
strengthen one and we strengthen the others


That is the essential. Everything else is peripheral. All you have to do is internalize the items mentioned above, and apply to your daily lives, in everything you do and think about every minute of your day. Start today, and be a man of the world physically and spiritually in an age on a tailspin, an age of conflicts, chaos, self-survival, and scams. You can do it.


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