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This document is for the sick who may want to request for healing oil from the Mother Ignacia Healing Ministry. To understand fully the healing power of the oil, and to avoid the superstition that the oil itself heals, one must first read its history. Jesus alone heals. Sister Raquel and the oil she uses on the sick are mere bridges to the Lord. Jesus will heal you only if you have the faith, only if you pray hard and ask Him, and only if He feels it will be for your good. The oil is a mere sacramental, meaning, a physical object through which Jesus heals you.


One day before the deadly typhoon Ondoy, the worst flood in Manila’s history, as Sister Raquel Reodica, RVM, opened the locked gate of the adoration chapel at 6 a.m. at the Mother Ignacia Healing Center in Novaliches, she saw oil scattered all over the floor. No one else has the key to the chapel, so no one could have entered. Strangely, the oil was scattered not randomly but in an orderly fashion. The oil appeared in nine straight lines following the center of the rows of marble tiles from the back to the altar. Sister Raquel says this represents nine years that the Lord has given Mankind to return to His fold. The tabernacle lamp at the altar area overflowed and formed a small lake on the floor (see photos). The oil appeared several times several times in the year 2009.


Sister Raquel collected the oil on the floor with a towel, and used it for healing the sick during the healing sessions on Wednesdays and Saturdays, with amazing results. Many were healed instantly, one from brain tumor, another from cancer of the breast, and many others. That is why it is now called ‘healing oil’, even if it does not really heal. Jesus heals those who use the oil in prayer. Since the original oil has dried up, Sister Raquel replenishes the lamp from which she gets the oil, blesses it, and gives it to the sick who ask for it for healing.


The oil is available for free if you go to the healing center or if you request by email. Send your email requests to or Give your postal address and it is sent to you by postal mail, any place you are in the world. You will get a woolen cloth saturated with about 25 drops of the oil in a small zip lock. Sister Raquel suggests you place the oil cloth in a bottle and add some more oil to it, perhaps baby oil, so it becomes more plentiful for you to share it with others, especially the sick. The first thing you do upon receiving the oil is to pray to Jesus to put His grace and mercy into oil so you will be healed. Say a Hail Mary and invoke the intercession of Our Lady and Mother Ignacia del Espiritu Santo, the founder of the RVM order, to which healings at the center are attribute. If you give oil to a sick friend, first pray with her in the same way before you give the oil. So it is Jesus you are passing around, not just the oil. If you share the oil with the sick, you participate in and become part of the healing ministry, and God will bless you for that, and heal you.


So like the five loaves of bread and two pieces of fish, you can multiply the oil and share with others who are hungry for His healing. Buy or cut up woolen cloth, a dropper, and small zip lock bags to give to others. You can also use small bottles but make sure they are sealed tight so the oil does not leak out. Give only to people who ask for it. Never initiate the giving. Let it come from them to ask for it once you have told them the story of the oil. Give them a photo copy of this document for their guideline. Always pray before rubbing the oil on the part of your body which ails you. You can dip a finger or a cloth to apply the oil, continuing to pray as you rub.


Subscribe as member at Sister Raquel’s blog site to automatically receive inspirational and prayer materials the ministry sends out regularly to its members. You can also request for prayers from the Mother Ignacia Prayer Warriors through the same email given above. Sister Raquel believes the healing oil is a message from the God of Wrath (disasters like Ondoy) for our sins, and from the God of Mercy (healing of the sick) for repentance from our sins. All He wants is for us to return to His fold with prayer, good works, patience, forgiveness, love for others. You are encouraged to make a pilgrimage to the center for healing. Schedules, directions are in the blog site.

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