eastwind journals 12 – ENTER THE DRAGON, EXIT THE EAGLE

eastwind journals 12
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While the US squanders precious dollars on useless wars, China waits in the shadows and, when the smoke clears, enters the rubble-filled scene to fill the vacuum. This is precisely what is happening in Afghanistan. After the Americans spent billions to kill one man, ready to withdraw under anti-war pressure back home, enter the dragon. China invested in the biggest ever mining venture in resource-rich Afghanistan recently in anticipation of the American exodus. A second venture is being negotiated.


The Chinese are welcome, The Afghans are tired of war and hungry for economic initiatives. The Americans are not welcome, after they mutilated Afghan society, and killed civilians with drones. Before they can sink a spade, they will be dead. The best thing they can do is get out.


The Chinese strategy is simple. Knowing the dollar will eventually implode, knowing it possesses trillions of dollars, China is quietly converting its sick dollars into precious hard assets. China is in a frenzy to invest in precious commodities in mining, gas, oil, and coal, while the US wallows in expensive wars, generating a lot of anti-American sentiments. The Eagle goes on a deep dive while the Dragon takes wings, quietly sucking up the last resources of the planet.


During the US-China confrontation over Taiwan in the 80s, the Americans resorted to a show of force by sending seven aircraft carriers near the shores of China’s mainland. They wanted to prove that Taiwan is the Cuba of the east, a bastion of American interest near the heart of the Dragon. The Chinese panicked. It was a blessing in disguise. They suddenly realized their military weaknesses right at their very shores. So they started doing their homework quietly. They began a massive defense program unequalled in its entire history.


The first Achilles Heel of the Chinese was the dreaded invisible American nuclear submarine with its deadly cargo of Tomahawks and Poseidons pointed right at the belly of the Dragon. They had to be urgently neutralized. The Chinese came up with sensitive ocean detectors and sprinkled them across the entire South China sea. Next, they developed a new anti-submarine missile. The Americans now know they have suddenly lost two vital assets in ocean warfare – stealth and invincibility. They have no more business in the China Sea. In addition, China built a hardened underground submarine base in Hainan.


For the almost-but-not-quite invincible US aircraft carriers, China developed the long-range (3,000 km.) anti-carrier DF-21D missile, which is changing US carrier defense technology. Its speed is a staggering Mach 10. There are no known US defense systems for this, not even its lasers. The invincibility of US carriers is based on advanced knowledge of incoming missiles thousands of miles away. It can deploy anti-missiles for many incoming missiles long before they get near. Before the DF-21D, the only way to hit a carrier was to overwhelm it from all sides. That way, even one out of ten missiles may make it. Because of its speed, the Americans do not know if they can take out even just one DF-21D.


Next, China has built 200 underground hardened air bases, 13 of which are ‘super-hardened’ capable of accommodating 1,500 warplanes. In a confrontation, Chinese medium-range missiles can hit the above-ground US air bases in Korea, Japan and Guam in a matter of hours. Also, China’s new stealth aircraft J20, is bigger and have longer range than the US and Russian versions, capable of more weapons payload and fuel. Finally, China has matched America’s Star Wars capability in destroying satellites. China has rapidly equalized the American edge in weaponry in one short decade.


Who knows what other dish the Chinese is cooking in their underground restaurant. China would perhaps be developing their own version of the deadly Predator, the unmanned drone that has been the most celebrated for killing Al Queda leaders and the most controversial for killing civilians. This will equalize the balance in remote-control assassination. If the Americans can send a drone to Beijing, the Chinese can send one to Washington DC. So, no one will dare send a drone to the other side. This is the essence of balance of power, sending fear to the enemy that one can retaliate.


Recently, a frenzy of gold buying sent its price skyrocketing to $1,754 an ounce. Clearly the American dollar is in grave danger. The Americans have been over-spending and over-printing dollars for wars – Korea, Vietnam, Gulf 1 and 2, Iraq, and now Afghanistan. The total bill is in the trillions, and increasing. As of this writing, the US has an obligation of $200 trillion to all dollar holders. There is no way the Federal Reserve can honor such a galactic figure. The result will be a super-nova never before seen. It is no longer whether it will occur, but when.


The Americans are hungry for cheap oil for its sagging economy. Major energy sources of gas and oil are concentrated in the China-Russia-Iran triumvirate, beyond the reach of America. The U.S. will not dare attack Iran not so much because it has formidable defenses, but more because China and Russia will not sit idle in such a war.


But the U.S. might change its mind in extreme despair for oil sooner. The U.S. will use Israel as the pawn against Iran. Recently, Israel started rattling its saber, threatening to make a pre-emptive strike against Iran’s plutonium plants. Clearly, the beginnings of World War III hover in the Middle East like the Sword of Damocles.


This article is co-authored with Victor Corpus, whose book “—“ has been sold out. He is now writing Volume 2 on geopolitics, because he feels global scenarios have changed radically since he wrote Volume 1.

By Bernie Lopez and Victor Corpus

“eastwind journals”
Opinyon Magazine, Nov. 14, 2011


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