Library of the ministry’s ANECDOTES to warm the heart.
Mostly based on true stories.
This will be published into a book when we achieve 40 anecdotes.
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Anecdote 28
When your wife burns the toast for breakfast, what do you do?
Anecdote 27
Inspired by a true story. A French adventurer buys a pristine island only to find out buying an island does not buy happiness.
Anecdote 26
SUNSET GIRL – a whiz kid teaches a hardened tycoon a lesson
Anecdote 25
Healing stories as told by Sister Raquel.
Anecdote 24
What happens when a career woman goes to a strip joint?
Anecdote 23
When two academic arch-rivals meet head on,
how do you determine who is better than whom?
Anecdote 22
Inspired by a movie. Visiting a famine area where thousands die everyday.
Anecdote 21
Classical versus jazz musicians, the best of friends, at war.
Anecdote 20
A cancer patient discovers the key to healing.
Anecdote 19
Instant healings by Sister Raquel.
Anecdote 18
The old man and the child. Thoughts on life and death.
Anecdote 17
Based on a true story. Challenge the Champion. A basketball game
between the Ateneo high school varsity and a squatter team.
Anecdote 16
Ego is the enemy. Managing a creative team of an ad agency.–-ego-is-the-enemy/
Anecdote 15
Finding love in a soup kitchen for drifters.–-a-candle-in-the-dark/
Anecdote 14
Inspired by a John Wayne movie. A gunman resorts to bullets, a farmer to prayer.–-the-gunman-and-the-farmer/
Anecdote 13
Based on a true story. What do you do if someone slaps a million pesos on your lap?–-christmas-trilogy-3-–-josephine’s-temptation/
Anecdote 12
A shabu addict is instantly healed.–-christmas-trilogy-2-–-shabu-addict/
Anecdote 11
Santa Kulas in Pilipino is Santa Claus in English. A touching Christmas story.
Anecdote 10
Two brilliant child grandmasters battle it out.
Anecdote 9
A true story. A gypsy girls hopping jeepneys to beg.–-the-essential-filipino-take-two-the-gypsy-girl/
Anecdote 8
The story of the two wolves.
Anecdote 7
A letter from an orphanage doctor.
Anecdote 6
A true story of a rape victim in an orphanage.
Anecdote 5
A true story made into a movie by Cristopher de Leon. Forgiveness heals the deepest wounds.
Anecdote 4
Based on a true story. A nun caught in a Christian-Muslim war.
Anecdote 3
God healed my father.
Anecdote 2
Inspired by a true story. The Essential Filipino. A fish ball vendor inspires a British journalist.
Anecdote 1
A true story. A famous concert violinist plays anonymously in the subway.–-the-violinist-a-true-story/
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