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51 youtubes in the last 12 years, as of May 2013.


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Categories –
  • A. Healing documentaries
  • B. Prayer and meditation
  • C. Advocacy
  • D. Filipino and miscellaneous
  • E. Ateneo events


Say a healing prayer with Sister Raquel.
Say a healing prayer with Father Suarez.


Jesus heals a hole in the heart of Lyshel through Sister Raquel.


Jesus heals incurable liver ailment through Sister Raquel.


Father Suarez healing the crowd at Bacnotan church.


Jesus heals terminal diabetes-cervical cancer through Father Suarez.


Jesus heals terminal leukemia through Sister Raquel.


Jesus heals the terminal ulcer of an ex-rebel through Sister Raquel.


Father Suarez’s healing homily at Montemaria.
Part 1.
Part 2


The miracle of the healing oil. Sister Raquel.
Part 1. Typhoon Ondoy’s fury related to the miracle of the healing oil.
Part 2. Healing testimonials.
Phivolcs’ tsunami earthquake warnings and the Third Secret of Fatima.
Prayer of Sister Raquel against Satan’s forces in the ‘final war’.


Vatican under siege. How can Pope Francis respond?


Cosmos Series. Meditating on the universe – a tour of galaxies. Dramatic Hubble and APOD space photos set to prayer and meditation music. Narration by Fr. James Reuter, SJ.


Cosmos Series. New space discoveries – neutrinos, SDSS and Hubble space telescopes,  cosmic void, big bang theory, blackholes, galactic superclusters.


Cosmos Series. Cosmology 101. Basics – galaxies, nebulas, Dramatic Hubble space photos.
Powerpoint-to-Youtube Series. 01 Violinist ARTURO DELMONI’s bible concierto


Powerpoint-to-Youtube Series. 04 archaeological evidence on EXODUS from Egypt


Powerpoint-to-Youtube Series. 05 The Art of Discovering Yourself. Volume 2 with cello music.


Powerpoint-to-Youtube Series. 06 The Art of Discovering Yourself. Volume 1. The darkness within.


Gold dust in Sister Raquel’s bedroom.
KILLER DAM Glencore-Xstrata-SMI gold mine in Tampakan
Part 1. Environment impact.
Part 2. Socio-economic impact.


Killer Dam (other versions)
Part 1 with pilipino subtitles
Part 2 long version
The Tampakan Massacre and Glencore-Xstrata-SMI’s blood gold.


Refuting false arguments of Mining Chamber’s Gerry Brimo.
D. FILIPINO and miscellaneous


Ethnic Series. Hudhud, Ifugao rice harvest song, Lagawe, Mt. Province, Philippines.


UNESCO Heritage Award. Underground river, Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines.


Environment Series. Recycling billboards to school bags. Sagada, Mt. Province, Philippines.
 (alternate account
Environment Series. Solar Energy for the Poor. Palawan, Philippines.
(alternate account


Environment Series. Dawn mass wedding and tree planting. Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines.
third party
(alternate account


Ethnic Series. Tribal songs, gongs, and dances. Mindanao, Philippines.
Ethnic Series. Tribal blood compact, 39 tries. Mindanao, Philippines.


Ethnic Series. Street dance festival. Malaybalay, Bukidnon, Philippines.


Ethnic Series. Tribal barefoot doctors’ conference 2009. Manila, Philippines.


Environment Series. Environment consciousness building for students. Los Banos, Philippines.
Lone Filipino student wins gold medal in all-male all-hotel-chef culinary contest. Bangkok, Thailand.
Celebration of sister cities Puerto Princesa and Makati. Mayors Hagedorn and Binay. Palawan, Philippines.
Tallest Christmas Tree celebration. Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines.


MTV Series. ‘Smile’ by Nat King Cole, Carol Kidd


MTV Series. ‘On a Clear Day’ by Cloadland Blue Quartet
MTV Series. Theme from the movie ‘The Cardinal’
MTV Series. ‘The time of my life’ by Black Eyed Pears. Mothers above 40. St. Scholastica High School 1987


Ateneo High School 1962 2012 Golden Jubilee. Volume 1. Wreath laying at Luneta, campus visit, etc..


Ateneo High School 1962 2012 Golden Jubilee. Volume 2. Golf, billiards, expat dinner, etc.


Ateneo High School 1962 2012 Golden Jubilee. Volume 3. The dinner-dance affair.


Ateneo High School 1962 2012 Golden Jubilee. Volume 4. The alumni homecoming.


Ateneo High School 1962 2012 Golden Jubilee. Starbucks with Profs. Estrera and Casas.
Powerpoints, articles, prayers, e-book, posters, songs, etc.
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