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eastwind YOUTUBE archives complete library   My obras maestras, my life’s works, my legacy Dedicated to my Lord, my family and my mentors, amdg http://www.sisterraquel.com/2013/07/eastwind-youtu   Documentaries produced by eastwind, Bernie V. Lopez Starting Year 2001, 56 documentaries as of July 2015, in 15 years Available for media broadcast or limited audience presentation upon requestContinue reading “obras maestras – my life’s works – my legacy – eastwind docus”

archive 02 – UPDATED LIST OF eastwind youtubes

ARCHIVE 02   eastwind YOUTUBES by category   Produced by Bernie V. Lopez 51 youtubes in the last 12 years, as of May 2013.   To browse quickly, click youtube links to read selected entries. Save for future reference and reading. Pass the one’s you like to friends.   Categories – A. Healing documentaries B.Continue reading “archive 02 – UPDATED LIST OF eastwind youtubes”

eastwind7 YOUTUBES – recently posted

eastwind7 PILIPINO YOUTUBES   recently posted   _______________ ETNIKO PILIPINO 01 HISTORIC BLOOD COMPACT, 39 TRIBES Mindanao-wide tribal conference http://youtu.be/tDzNvEY0q3g 02 TRIBAL CONCERT gongs-songs-dances Mindanao-wide tribal conference http://youtu.be/QRhS9hrxNGc 03 TRIBAL STREET FESTIVAL Malaybalay, Bukidnon http://youtu.be/TFmupasLYYw   _______________________________ PALAWAN – THE LAST FRONTIER 01 UNDERGROUND RIVER, WINNER HERITAGE AWARD Puerto Princesa http://youtu.be/8xHPXPAsunc 02 DAWN BEACH WEDDINGContinue reading “eastwind7 YOUTUBES – recently posted”