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eastwind YOUTUBE archives complete library   My obras maestras, my life’s works, my legacy Dedicated to my Lord, my family and my mentors, amdg http://www.sisterraquel.com/2013/07/eastwind-youtu   Documentaries produced by eastwind, Bernie V. Lopez Starting Year 2001, 56 documentaries as of July 2015, in 15 years Available for media broadcast or limited audience presentation upon requestContinue reading “obras maestras – my life’s works – my legacy – eastwind docus”

announcement – library of anecdotes-youtubes-powerpoints

BROWSE QUICKLY THRU THE MINISTRY’S MINI-LIBRARY OF INSPIRATIONAL MATERIALS anecdotes – youtubes – powerpoints   Dear Prayer Warriors and Prayer requesters,   The ministry, in its campaign to reach out more to as many people who need prayers, wish to announce this LIBRARY TOUR GUIDE #1 sept 30 2012, so people can easily browse quicklyContinue reading “announcement – library of anecdotes-youtubes-powerpoints”