announcement – library of anecdotes-youtubes-powerpoints

BROWSE QUICKLY THRU THE MINISTRY’S MINI-LIBRARY OF INSPIRATIONAL MATERIALS anecdotes – youtubes – powerpoints   Dear Prayer Warriors and Prayer requesters,   The ministry, in its campaign to reach out more to as many people who need prayers, wish to announce this LIBRARY TOUR GUIDE #1 sept 30 2012, so people can easily browse quicklyContinue reading “announcement – library of anecdotes-youtubes-powerpoints”

eastwind journals 32 – e-bombs / inspiring anecdotes

eastwind journals 1 A silent bomb that can paralyze a city 2 A gift of inner peace – a true story 3 Vicky’s terminal diabetes – a true story   ________________________________________ A SILENT BOMB THAT CAN PARALYZE A CITY New emerging WMDs – microwave and electro-magnetic bombs   The University of Michigan is conducting researchContinue reading “eastwind journals 32 – e-bombs / inspiring anecdotes”

archive09 – foodforthesoul ANECDOTES

*************************************** ARCHIVE 09 foodforthesoul ANECDOTES *************************************** – BECAUSE OF INCREASING POSITIVE RESPONSES WE MADE THIS MINI-LIBRARY OF INSPIRING STORIES, MOST OF THEM TRUE FOR BROWSING AND EASY ACCESS – JUST CLICK ON ANY TITLE AT RANDOM Send the link of your choiced anecdotes to friends – anecdote 26 – SUNSET GIRL a whiz kid teachesContinue reading “archive09 – foodforthesoul ANECDOTES”