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A silent bomb that can paralyze a city
A gift of inner peace – a true story
Vicky’s terminal diabetes – a true story
New emerging WMDs – microwave and electro-magnetic bombs
The University of Michigan is conducting research on the creation of a ‘microwave bomb’ with intensity half a million times that of your home microwave oven. If blasted over a city, it will neutralize every electronic device in that city, from cellphones, computers, trains, cars, escalators, elevators, any device, as long as it has digital controls. Although this will be an invisible almost silent bomb which will not kill anyone directly, it will kill on a massive scale by causing train collisions, massive car accidents, inoperable ICU equipment, to name a few.


An electro-magnetic bomb will have the same effect now being developed by the US military. In a war zone, aircrafts and their bombs operated digitally will be neutralized, radars, sonars, satellite links, communication systems, remote control devices, etc. It can paralyze an entire aircraft carrier, a nuclear submarine, nuclear siloes with their missiles. It is the absolute weapon of the future. In the hands of terrorists, it will make 9-11 look like a firecracker affair in terms of effects. It does not have to have a missile delivery system. If the design is compact and portable, it can easily be smuggled in parts to New York City and detonated from a hotel room. If detonated at rush hour, its effects are unimaginable. And no one will know what hit them. Time will literally stand still on all electronic wall clocks, cellphones, and computers. The electronic revolution will self-destruct.


It is amazing how the prestigious American academe is becoming a mercenary agent for sophisticated weapons of war.
Verse 064, a true story
As told to the author first hand.


Josephine works at the Department of Energy as a member of the council that evaluates public bids for big energy projects, which run into millions of dollars. A Japanese executive from a big multinational came up to her and gave her a thick envelope and told her to open it later when she was alone. When she got home, she opened the envelope, and immediately tears flowed. For she found five hundred thousand pesos, money she needed so desperately for her daughter’s college tuition. She asked for strength from the Lord. The whole night she was in agony, not knowing what to do, until she fell asleep, her tears un-dried in her cheeks.


In the morning, her daughter woke her up and asked what was the matter. Josephine looked hard at her, the youth and beauty of her only child, and embraced her tighter than ever before. Josephine left immediately, hurrying to return the envelope to the secretary of the Japanese, before she changed her mind. Going back to work, she felt a deep sense of peace she had never felt before, a sense of well being very rare in her life of tensions and endless tasks. It was the gift of inner peace from the Lord.


At the bidding awards ceremony, the Japanese suddenly appeared. Josephine turned around quickly, not wanting to talk to him. But he hurried and called out to her. He smiled and gave a very low curtsy, all the way to the waist. In Japanese culture, the lower the bow, the greater the admiration. It was a bow for an empress, a bow of deep respect. No word was spoken and the two smiled at each other. Josephine smiled back. The Japanese left and it is almost the end of the story.


Two months later, out of the blue, the money Josephine wanted so desperately, fell on her lap almost like an accident. But she knew it was not an accident. It was a gift from the Lord, the second one, although it was nothing compared to her first gift. It was not a hundred thousand, much smaller, but it was enough and her daughter went to college.


She asked only for a little strength and the Lord made her invincible. She asked for a little drizzle for her garden, and He gave her a downpour. In her moment of despair, a tiny streak of light smashed the darkness, blinding her. It also blinded the Japanese into awe. He never saw such valor. For valor it was, for one to defy such a tsunami.


in our darkest moments He is there
if only we grope for Him
in our despair and want He is there
if only we want Him to be
in our illness He heals
if only we ask Him


how can you get lost
when all the roads lead to Him
who is everywhere for everyone



Verse 057 – a true story


Vicky has advanced-stage diabetes. Her immunity system has so degenerated that a small wound on her foot becomes gangrene beyond medication. The doctors say they have to amputate


Four hours after being prayed over by Sister Raquel Reodica, RVM, Vicky’s gangrene dries up completely. The pus vanishes into thin air like darkness vanishes into dawn. The next day, the doctors check on Vicky and are shocked to see that even the inside of her wound are dry, when no medicine was administered.


After interviewing Vicky and her doctors, a team of doctors from the Vatican, who visit to look into the beatification of Mother Ignacia, founder of the Religious of the Virgin Mary (RVM), declare that this is a ‘first class miracle’, attributed to Mother Ignacia, whom Sister Raquel invokes in her healing prayers.


The Lord loves Vicky as He loves each of us. We who ask Him for help in the darkness of our lives shall receive His bounty. To Him be glory and honor, Who heals not so much our bodies but more our spirits. For our bodies are but dust but our spirits are forever.
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