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eastwind journals 66


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The Alliance of FDA and food MNCs
By Bernie V. Lopez


This is an alert to all consumers and importers of US chicken and/or chicken feed. A study done by the John Hopkins Center for a Livable Future, which took chicken samples from grocers in ten major US cities in 2010 to 2011, reports that inorganic arsenic and traces of roxarsone were found in some of the samples.




The samples included conventional chicken, some anti-biotic-free, some the more expensive USDA Certified Organic chicken. Chicken samples with residual roxarsone had levels of inorganic arsenic four times higher than those in the USDA organic chicken.


The article which cited the Hopkins study wrote, “Industry representatives note that, in 2010, almost 90% of all chicken eaten in America were treated with arsenic drugs.” Arsenic, which is mixed into chicken feed, acts as a growth catalyst, and enhances pigmentation, making the chicken more appealing visually.


Roxarsone is manufactured by Pfizer, which was forced to withdraw it from the market, replacing it with nitrasone, which had a similar chemical composition. It is not known if nitrasone has similar toxicity or harmful effects.


Presently, Pfizer exports roxarsone to other countries, according to the article. The dumping in other countries by American firms of food and chemicals banned in the US has been going on in the last few decades.


The article further reports, “Such life-threatening conditions as type 2 diabetes, bladder, lung and skin cancer, as well as heart disease and cognitive deficiencies have been linked to the dangerous compound.”


In the absence of Federal intervention, Maryland was the first to ban arsenic-laced chicken feed. It is expected that other states will follow, which would pressure the Federal Government to finally take action. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has been constantly accused of supporting chemical food of big firms and suppressing organic food of small firms. Three cases confirm the unholy alliance between the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) and FDA with food multinationals, threatening the health of all Americans.
The Unholy Alliance of FDA and food MNCs


Case 1. At gun point, federal agents stormed a small community-based farm in Maryland, terrorizing innocent children, to seize milk and yogurt produce. ‘Raw milk’ produced by small farmers is rapidly gaining popularity, threatening big dairies, which has launched a massive propaganda saying raw milk is ‘dangerous’, when studies report it actually strengthens the immunity system. The unholy alliance of corporations and government is being blamed for causing the cancer epidemic sweeping America today. Cancer casualties exceed that of both world wars combined by far.


Case 2. Sheep imported from the Netherlands and New Zealand were seized by USDA federal agents in a small Vermont farm on the pretext of Metcalf disease. The farm sued USDA for the cover-up of the results of a study reporting that imported sheep did not have Metcalf disease. USDA lost the case and paid the farm $1,300 per head. When the farm complained that others were paid P5,000 per head, the USDA said that was their penalty for suing.


Imported farm animals are a direct threat to big agro-industrial firms which control the huge meat and milk markets in the US. They have the power to covertly tell the USDA to do things for them. USDA inspectors admitted that there were ‘political pressures’, and that they issued threats that if it came out in the media, the farms will go out of business.


Case 3. Steve Smith, a former NASA climate change scientist, had a small 150-acre farm in Lodi, New York. He organized a town consumer cooperative to buy organic produce from a farmer’s market he set up. The Department of Agricultural Markets of the State of New York, which was mandated to protect and support farmers, swooped down on the market, and closed it down on the pretext of no permits.


The irony is unhealthy chemical food is produced by the biggies and healthy organic food by the small ones. A farmer says they are now being forced by the government to produce the same chemical food, use pesticide, chemical fertilizers, anti-biotics, irradiation, cloning, and other expensive processes meant for big agribusiness. These are the ‘orders’ of the big firms on government agencies. They say the regulations are for ‘food safety’ when it is the exact opposite. The emerging American food crisis is not a crisis of abundance but of contamination.


This trend is forcing the small farmers to close down. They are vanishing quickly, these sources of health food. Since 1970, America has lost a staggering 88% of its small dairies. America is going for cancer food all because of the greed of a group monopoly of food giants. Enhancing the cancer epidemic, it is a form of suicide condoned by the Federal Government. eastwindreplyctr@gmail.com


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The US, the most powerful nation on earth, is becoming Godless. This sin of pride is the same as in –
Lucifer (meaning, the bearer of light) who refused to kneel in front of the Son of God, thinking he was superior, was banished into darkness forever, together with his fallen angels.
The people of the twin towers of Babel believed they did not need God anymore in their affluence. Their twin towers were destroyed. The question is asked. Did the Lord, in the same way, allow the destruction of the twin towers of Manhattan by their enemies, for the same sin of pride and Godlessness?
The chosen people rejected Yahweh, triggering the Egyptian and Babylonian exiles, where they were conquered, massacred, and oppressed by their enemies for centuries.


Will God spare the U.S. for its sin of pride and Godlessness? Children in schools are not allowed to read the Bible when convicts in jail are encouraged to do so, contradicting the Preamble of the US Constitution invoking God. Muslims are allowed to pray openly, but football players are not. The federal government funds abortion clinics. In certain states, hospitals are compelled to perform abortions, if requested, under threat of loss of license and closure. Some Catholic hospitals threatened to close, rather than perform abortion. Finally, the USAID-World Bank consortium funds on a massive global scale the promulgation of population control laws in the Third World, in fear the resources it wants will vanish rapidly.


There are many more. Slowly, prayers, adoration, the Bible are being systematically banned or suppressed in American society, contradicting its advocacy to freedom of religion. Is there a difference between the US today from the chosen people adoring the god Baal, or from Sodom and Gomorrah, triggering the wrath of God?


fallen is babylon the great (Iraq?)
for all nations (US and industrialized countries?)
have drunk the wine (oil?)
of her licentious passion


depart from her My people
so as not to take part in her sins
and receive a share in her plagues
for her sins are piled up to the skies


her plagues will come in one day
pestilence, grief, famine
she will be consumed by fire
for mighty is the Lord that judges her


the kings of the earth
who had intercourse with her
the merchants of the earth
who grew rich from her luxury


will all weep and mourn over her
for in a single hour (nuclear holocaust?)
the markets for their cargoes will vanish
this great wealth will be ruined

revelations 18:2-17

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